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  1. I don't think it would have changed my mind about my career choice. There are many things that i could do to make things better such as going to the gym, stretching, playing sports etc to balance out the muscles that I overuse. Dentists probably have it worse off compared to many professions because we have to contort ourselves to in ways to ensure patient comfort and to visualize and access our tiny work space.
  2. McMarauder

    Undergraduate degree problem

    It's always a good idea to have a back up plan, but I don't think your back up plan should be something that greatly hinders you from achieving your main goal. I picked a difficult program that had co-op, but it was so challenging that I was not even competitive to study in Canada. In hindsight, i would have been better off in another (easier) program, and not focused so much on "what if I don't get in?".
  3. As with any repetitive job or activity, there will be wear and tear. The longer that you do it, the worse it will be. With that said i can think of several dentists working past the age of 65. Personally, I experience upper body muscle stiffness and soreness all the time. Sometimes following extremely long and difficult procedures i can't even turn my head without being in pain for days afterwards. I get pain shooting down my left leg from sitting too long. i have to see a physiotherapist once a month. If it's affecting my quality of life now (3 years after graduating), I can only imagine how bad it is later.
  4. McMarauder

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    people get into medical school with all sorts of degrees and majors/minors etc. So long as you meet pre-requesites, GPA and MCAT cut offs, it doesn't matter what you take.
  5. McMarauder

    Mental Health and Licensing

    I assume that you're registering with the Ontario college. I know someone who had ticked "yes" to the question that follows the question that you need to answer: "Have you at any time during the previous ten years suffered from a physical or mental condition or disorder which has impaired your ability to practise dentistry safely and competently or which, if left untreated, would have impaired your ability to practise dentistry safely and competently?" The person I knew had contracted a respiratory disease that was successfully treated. However, the registrar, who is a lawyer by trade, kept requesting more information. The registrar finally contacted the registrant's doctor with very specific questions regarding the condition and how it would impact their ability to practice dentistry - something he could have done with Toronto Public Health. The registrant's application was delayed by over a month because of the registrar's ignorance.
  6. McMarauder

    6th year, wondering if I should even bother

    What's the year by year breakdown of your GPA along with your courseload.
  7. McMarauder

    Third Year Clinical Experience

    despite being trained to be "perfect", everyone will have misadventures in dental school and in private practice. You learn the most from your mistakes.
  8. McMarauder

    The slow decay of dentistry

    In theory I agree.. but the countless number of UK dentists that I have met and worked with in Australia have indicated to me that being an NHS dentist was much more difficult than being a dentist in private practice in Australia (which is essentially the same as it is in Canada). Their main complaints were being limited to specific treatment options they could offer, short appointment times, and being overbooked/overworked.
  9. McMarauder

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Perfect examples of other ways of making over 6 figures. My parents didn't even finish high school or have a proficient grasp of the English language but managed to make over 6 figures a year running their own restaurant. But that involved long working 16 hour days, everyday of the week. This was the late 90s to mid 2000s. Good money, really shit lifestyle.
  10. McMarauder

    The slow decay of dentistry

    the same can be said about opening a new practice. you're not guaranteed any income for quite some time. With that thought process, you're better off working at mcdonalds with your DDS/DMD - but you're not going to do that because you're betting off trying to build up your patient base and hope in the long run that your earning potential will be 10X more or higher. Doing dentistry isn't a short term investment. Edit: nothing wrong with working at mcdonald's. After dealing with difficult patients, I sometimes wish I was working in fastfood again.
  11. McMarauder

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Feels fine. just have to prioritize your budgeting. I didn't even make 100K in my first year as I was on a fixed salary in Australia and only paid the interest on my LOC and minimum on my Ontario loans. Finally put a big dent on my debt at the end of my second year working on commission. Now that I'm back in Canada in a smaller city with lower cost of living, debt repayment has become even easier. I'm simultaneously supporting my elderly parents, my daughter and wife who is on maternity leave. I usually put in 3-5K/month, depending on billings. Once my wife, who is also a dentist, goes back to work, our cash flow will be even better. Everyone's situation is different. Just because there's a huge debt doesn't mean it's not manageable or that I have to live in substandard lifestyle.
  12. McMarauder

    Western Dent Shadowing Experience

    I am assuming that they mean shadowing a dentist. Showing that you have shadowed a dentist gives some sort of indication that you are interested and aware of what a dentist does. Even if it wasn't required for dental applications, I strongly recommend shadowing. You may not know what is going on 100% of the time, but you will have a better idea as to whether this career is right for you.
  13. McMarauder

    Sydney DMD vs. Melbourne DDS for 2019

    there was job postings that said "Canadian grads only". but generally, I didin't have any trouble getting interviews and getting hired. In fact, some practices who have hired Australian grads in the past were happy to take me on after having a positive experience with them. Some even preferred US/Aus grads over local grads. Me and graduates from Australia/US working in Canada can echo what z3u2 has said regarding our learning experiences abroad. In the long run, I doubt that this matters.
  14. McMarauder

    Sydney DMD vs. Melbourne DDS for 2019

  15. McMarauder

    Sydney DMD vs. Melbourne DDS for 2019

    i'm back. it was a pretty straight forward process.