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  1. Yes it is possible. the Canadian College of Family Physicians (CCFP) recognizes the American board of family medicine (ABFM) and gives you full reciprocity. Since the training is longer, there is no additional training required. all you have to do is pass the MCCQE1 and 2 during your residency. when you finish your residency, as long as you pass the ABFM and stay in good standing, apply for certification through CCFP. and yes, you would qualify to do a fellowship. for ER without the +1, I can’t answer that.
  2. Ce n’est rien de nouveau et c’est comme ça depuis les 10 dernières années. Pourquoi s’en fait-on avec ça? Le CMQ ne veut pas rendre la vie plus facile aux étudiants en médecine à l’extérieur du Canada (qui compte beaucoup de canadiens et québécois) et continue d’avoir les règles les plus strictes pour les postes de résidence parmi toutes les provinces. Ceci aiderait grandement à combler ces postes de médecine familiale
  3. Not a requirement but a huge plus. i have rotated in Ottawa back in Med school and a significant number of patients were French speaking. Of course, most are bilingual but they prefer to speak their mother tongue while seeing the doctor.
  4. Spend the money. the amount is nothing compared to another 2400$ to retake it
  5. Honestly, I thought MCCQE 2 was much harder than Step 2 CS. QE2 is not all realistic compared to reality. A few stations had " difficult patients" where you get no history from them. After 6 years of practice doing FM, mostly outpatient with hospitalist work, urgent care, and ER, I have not encountered similar situations. And having the examiner in the same room makes it ackward. I used canadaqbank to prep for both QEs. the Step 2 CS is more straight forward. And it's you and the patient only in the room. No ambiguity. I used first aid for Step 2 CS and studied for 2 weeks before the exam.
  6. If that article is accurate (which I find hard to believe), it is sad and disgusting that they are not trying any harder to get their own IMGs back to their province. Makes no sense to recruit doctors from France while many Quebecers who studied abroad and now practice in USA have decided not to return due to all the hurdles of 1. getting a licence in Quebec and 2. those ridiculous PREMs
  7. Yes, it's absolutely possible. When you obtain the J1 waiver, you'll be employed under the H1B visa and usually once you finish your waiver ( 3 years), your employer can start the green card process
  8. I agree with Leviathan on this one. You may want to review also the curriculum requirements for ACGME FM requirements. http://www.acgme.org/acgmeweb/Portals/0/PFAssets/ProgramRequirements/120pr07012007.pdf As long as your 2 years program + 1 year (approved by CCFP) meets the requirements for this long pdf, you should be fine. I know a guy at U of Ottawa who did a third year, completely filled with electives of his choice to fulfill this third year (meeting the requirements of course) in order to be board eligible for ABFM.
  9. Je crois que tes chances demeurent faibles dû à ton statut de cégepien, mais continue comme ça et tu seras un candidat très compétitif l'An prochain! Ne lâche surtout pas!!!
  10. C'est quoi ton but final? Ca aiderait pour orienter ta décision.
  11. AUA (American University of Antigua) has 50 state approval also, as of 2011. That would be my 5th choice.
  12. Canada ou ailleurs... un médecin est un médecin.J'ai atteint mon but, d'autres peuvent le faire aussi, peu importe la route que tu choisis.
  13. Claudie, il ne faut pas baisser les bras si vite!!. J'ai fini le CEGEP avec 27.8 de Côte R et sans surprise j'ai été refusé partout. J'ai entré en biochimie à l'UdeM et j'ai appliqué à chaque année en médecine. Après 4 années de refus, j'ai rentré de medecine. Aujourd'hui, je suis un résident en médecine familiale. J'ai toujours refusé de baisser les bras et j'Ai toujours gardé mon rêve en tête
  14. Ou encore a motiver lers etudiants d'aller s'installer ailleurs. Je trouve ces reglements contradictoires. On devrait pas plutot permettre aux medecins de famille de travailler en cabinets, ainsi augmenter l'acces a un medecin pour la population?.. et de cette maniere reduire l'engorgement aux urgences.
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