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  1. Hi Grobz, Do you know anything about the mcgill program? Do you know if a letter from Mcgill can be useful to someone applying to the states vs doing an elective in the states
  2. What kind of salaries do urologists look for??
  3. I replied you in a pm Cs. Also, can anyone advise about the best time to an elective? Is it better to do it as an audition during interview month or early in order to get recommendation letters?
  4. I am a student at a US school and I would like to do few electives (gen surg) in Canada. My choices are Mcgill, Queens, Ottawa and U of T. I am wondering if anyone can be kind enough and share their experiences and recommendation. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. I don't know. I know for a fact that many program directors in the northeast are Canadian themselves and this definitely helps a lot. But you see fellows from canada all over when you look fellowships up... I think it's more dependent on how strong an applicant is.
  6. It depends on what fellowship you are interested in, some are easy (trauma, vascular) others are hard (Peds, plastics) Most programs are canadian friendly
  7. Is it worth is to do an elective there, just for the sake of a good recommendation letter though?
  8. Are you willing to spend one year in the states for a prelim surgery or research position?
  9. Wondering if any of those who matched in Canada this year can share their stories.
  10. Another attempt by leeches-dr-wannabes to shortcut the need to go to medical school in order to become a physician. Contact your MP now!
  11. You'd hope for a higher level of maturity from the PROFESSIONALS who are one day expected to save and improve other people's lives.....
  12. Do you know more details about it. Case load? Trauma exposure....
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