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  1. I've done them all and you'll be fine with any one of them if you practice. I've specialized in electron microscopy now...because it's rare for an undergrad (or grad) to get their hands on this machine Scary though, it's tedious and very technical working with very expensive equipment all on my own.
  2. I met mine on here (seriously). He's a GP and I'm a researcher. Scrubs do turn me on...not the reason why either of us came on here though...
  3. I will quickly look over concepts I feel 'iffy' with and pee. I make sure I pee.
  4. Lying under the tree in my parent's living room reading a book from my grandmother--great expectations--while my family lazed around the room. So calm, so pretty, so perfect. What do you do with leftovers?
  5. Chicken, don't be ridiculous. Where'd I put my keys?
  6. Dear god, if I were an insect I'd commit suicide. Going home for the holidays?
  7. It was down? Surprise, surprise. I was getting my windshield smashed in while driving along the highway. Maternal behaviour (neuroscience) is the broad topic of my thesis...wanna toss me some neat ideas to propose?
  8. Without a doubt I would do both: letting them come and visit gives the children the comfort to explore and ask questions without the stress of being there for a visit/being sick. Great teaching moment. But trips are less frequent--you should also do health talks, you can focus on so many different subjects and perform many more (given the amount of time you wish to volunteer and the school wants to give you) than having them visit. Thanks for words above, Muse. Waiting for a seizure...climbing stairs, taking a shower, driving, holding a baby, being in public, etc. is nerve-wracking. When do you put your tree up? (If you have one...)
  9. I don't like eggs. Wow, you have no sense of humour. Seriously, how many of you would fight to have a prescription changed, not take it at all, or take your chances if given something you aren't supposed to take?
  10. Mother****er better not. So...when you tell a doctor you're not supposed to take any drugs that can lower seizure thresholds and he gives you an antibiotic that is clearly marked that it does...***** slap him?
  11. My daughter's b-day cake--she's not allowed to use the Easy Bake Oven until her cake is all gone. Lol. (Bourbon chicken for supper....omg) Weekend plans?
  12. Cry "**** **** **** **** ****"....and then laugh and eat a bunch of calories that will inevitably give me cancer. I changed MC question from the right answer to the wrong one on my stats final and received a 97 instead of 100. I almost had 100% in that entire course. Mother ****er. Lol. How do you expel frustration?
  13. I'm burned out of burning out. I want to go to someplace hot and curl up and sleep in the corner for a week. How depressing do you find it that there is snow on the forecast for tonight?
  14. Penis. How would you respond to overhearing this conversation between your (my) children? J: R, where's your penis? R: It's on the inside.
  15. I am always the bug. :| Do wipers annoy you?
  16. Very happy with their new crew and boat. Been in a real lockdown? (Our university just had one that wasn't a drill at 5pm...I can honestly say, I was frozen with a "wtf is going on" face since NL does not have this)
  17. Maternal: Lillian Paternal: Theresa I was named after my great grandmothers...thankfully.... What do you think about smoking?
  18. Kids woke before 8. I stayed in bed til 10 and tried to convince them they should too...oi. Favourite holiday?
  19. Ew. I don't like Apple anything. Favourite fiction?
  20. First off: Congrats on the answer with a question. Second: *Faint* Third: Kessel is a Leafs player...hockey. Fourth: Caramel apples or candy apples?
  21. Lightbulb is dying. I hate dogs...including puppies. Do you love Kessel? Cuz I love Kessel.
  22. Pasta! Mmmmm... Foot massage or back rub?
  23. Let's not get too excited, I'm chapters and chapters behind deadline. Lol.
  24. Took a seizure and broke my maxillary antrum...just screams "graceful", dontcha think? How on earth do you clean up after 20 6-year-olds?
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