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  1. Well said. As a multi-cycle (and I MEAN multi) applicant, I'm a big believer in try, try again. It's an automatic rejection if you don't even apply. You never know who will be reading your application, and who will be interviewing you. So if you can, if you have the means available and can will yourself to create a strong application, go for it! Yeah, it's hard (time consuming, you need to ask for LORs, all those essays....) and maybe at times it can feel disheartening. BUT, you've got what it takes, you know what you want, so keep at it. Never stop never stopping
  2. Intensive Indeed, new teacher's endeavors need substantial intelligence, very erudite.
  3. Shouting Such heavy opinions undo Ted's interpersonal networks greatly.
  4. Usually what happens is your advisor/rep applies for the max (so 275K), and then they come back telling you what the bank is willing to give you to start (depends on your bank whether this is a specific amount/yr or all available upfront). You can then later decide to apply for more.
  5. Yes, you have to redo everything after the 8 year expiry date for prereqs, which includes labs.
  6. Have you checked out Dawson? I'm not sure if these have labs though https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/physics/course-list/ http://www.mcgill.ca/students/transfercredit/prospective/cegep/
  7. On the preliminary med orientation schedule it says on Aug 24th there is a CMA presentation (and we get the backpacks WOO), is that when we should/would be joining the CMA, or can we do that earlier (I guess through QMA's website?) Just wondering what the timeline for membership QMA/CMA is
  8. Seriously Sometimes everyone really irritates Olivia, understandably since lifeguarding yesterday.
  9. Schoolchildren Some children have oreos, only Laura can't handle it... lets demand raisin, especially nasty.
  10. I think the pink totttaallllyyyy could have worked... but teal/black accents looks pretty nice ...actually loving it the more I look at it lol
  11. They want to go to orientation too Hope you feel better soon! Just remember that you are imminently finding out the backpack colour
  12. It's 60 credits because it's only looking at the grades of credits taken during the 2nd undergrad. So 2 years of second undergrad = 60 credits. If it's a three year 2nd undergrad, you could apply during the 3rd year, or as someone mentioned previously you could apply during the second year of you overloaded semesters.
  13. Situations Such interesting times understandably alter thoughts, it's only natural, surely.
  14. <3 summer sale on Steam, woooo
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