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  1. I've been in school and still feel weird lol
  2. Interesting, I didn't have this with RBC despite having more than one card, though I only really use one and the balance is always paid each month. My student debt (OSAP) is what held me back from the full loan amount. It does in some ways feel scary/ridiculous to have access to so much money despite not being trained and working yet
  3. Experience Extra x-rays Perry? Erica really insulted exuberant, needless corroborative evidence
  4. Hold on to those highs! I was definitely where you are now (many times, it took me more than two post-MMI rejections lol) and understand how you're feeling about all that you're saying. I say keep at it for as long as you can 29 isn't old
  5. Hahah definitely a lot to work with here thanks!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any French language courses, programs, techniques, etc. that can help anglos strengthen their French. I know that McGill med/dent has those Saturday French courses, but beyond (and before) that, what do people find the most effective (and fastest) way to get their French up to and above par?
  7. Selling stuff on kijiji is addictive, EVERYTHING MUST GO
  8. The potential (and actual) debt appears intimidating, but we're looking at a future where we'll be able to pay it back effectively and reasonably. Life is long, enjoy it Pretty sure with what I owe OSAP they have a protective detail on me, so you're not alone.
  9. Saw Civil War, love new Spiderman!
  10. Spaghetti Some people ate George's Hollandaise eggs, that's too insensitive.
  11. A big factor to consider when answering these questions is the school the MMI is at. Some schools rely heavily on 'acting' scenarios; you're observed while dealing and responding to a scenario with actors (or an evaluator). Some MMIs include these 'acting' scenarios, but also other kinds- for instance, you're presented with a scenario, or asked a question (about health care, etc.) and you discuss it with an evaluator. Other MMI stations still could be task based, where you have some time to 'do something' and then explain your reasoning to an evaluator. These may include you siting behind a desk, at a table, or walking around. Your best bet it to look up how each school you hope to interview at does the MMI, and read about people's prep for them and experiences with them on here (as a start).
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