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  1. Scandalous Sam's candy and nacho Doritos always leave our urubu stuffed.
  2. What about this? https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Notebooks/ASUS-ZenBook-Pro-UX501VW/
  3. I'm also interested to hear about this. Based on what others have said in another thread, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4 are interesting options- personally I like to write my notes by hand so having a way to digitize them would be great. ​But it would be great to hear about other options as well!
  4. Yay great! Loved my experience there
  5. I know I certainly plan too Happy summer to you as well
  6. Marchmellows Many anxious relayers can have many exciting laps, likely only winners succeed.
  7. This is why the rep matters a lot, since they are your connection to the bank. Their availability and expertise with the med/dent LOC plan (and knowledge of realities of being a student) makes the difference.
  8. I got the VIP fees waived (which includes the Avion fee) for the first year.
  9. I personally went with RBC (though mine is in Quebec, and I think it's slightly different from Ontario). Scotia and RBC are pretty close- seems like iit's the representative you talk to and the bank you may have had the most exposure to that are the deciding factor. So, for me, I've already been with RBC for a long while and have done well, plus the rep I have been dealing with from RBC (ioan jurjan) has been great, plus the perks of the LOC I was able to have set up. All this made RBC the clear choice for me personally. But again, it depends on the rep you speak with, and your own experience.
  10. I recently finalized an LOC with RBC, and wanted to say I highly recommend going with them. RBC in Quebec has a VIP banking account available for med/dent students (comparable to other banks but comes with some great perks). Something to keep in mind: many institutions have similar, if not identical, plans/accounts for med/dent students, so it is the individual banker whom you will be managing your LOC with that matters. So for me, what made RBC stand apart was the representative I spoke with. I had a great experience with ioan Jurjan from the Peel and Sherbrooke branch, he's highly knowledgeable, has/does manage countless med/dent LOCs, and answers questions promptly. He definitely made the difference in me choosing RBC. Feel free to PM me with any questions!
  11. I've interviewed in past cycles, and I never liked the process, I thought people were bs-ing about the 'having fun' part haha. This last cycle I made an effort to be more calm about the whole thing, and by 'more calm' I mean less obsessive and overthinking the whole thing lol, which seems to be a hangup for some people. Someone on here gave me great advise, and what particularly helped me was treating my MMI like a practise session- it took the performance anxiety/pressure off and I just rolled with everything. I found myself feeling more comfortable at each station, being myself, and also I was able to move on from a station without carrying the omigodwhydidIsaythat baggage to the next one. And I actually did have fun
  12. Everywhere Each roving elephant really yells wildly, help Ester rally 'em!
  13. Very thoughtful for you to post this, a great resource. And can I say as a multi-cycle interviewer, this ^^^ makes all the difference.
  14. I get that haha. If you're into mad scientists, Rick & Morty is great lol
  15. Binge watch every medical drama/tv show out there.
  16. Click on the arrow next to your user name (upper right), and click on 'My Settings.' Then scroll down to 'profile information' and change the Member Title to whatever you want (Hopefully that is what you're asking about haha)
  17. Something to keep in mind is that, at the interview level, everyone is very close. Like very, hair-line close. In all honesty, you could do everything the same next year, same application and interview, and get a flat out acceptance, no waitlist. It can feel unfair, but, as hard as it is, try not to take it personally. This is coming from someone who has gone through too many app cycle so believe me I know what you're going through. You're asking questions I asked myself last year. The answer is, imo, that you just need to keep doing what you did, because it got you to the interview, and that in some ways is the biggest hurdle. The fact that you got to the interview stage means you have what it takes. Also you're waitlisted, so fingers crossed! But if you end up having to apply again, just keep going and it will happen eventually. Good luck
  18. "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" Really? You'd think today could be an exception Congrats to everyone who received great news today! And to wait-listers and those who did not get great news, hugs to you. I really (really) know that feeling, please don't give up because it means so much that you made it to an interview, and you've got it in you. It's just a matter of time.
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