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  1. I'm taking this exam in the fall and am curious as to what happens is one portion of this exam is failed. I know it's an overall failure but do you have to redo them both? Are the results shared with anyone other than the candidate, like our FM Program and Site Directors? I feel like I know a lot of people who have failed either the SOOs or the SAMPs.
  2. I was just looking back at my application and noticed I somehow forgot to update the 'Experience' tab on the carms 'My Information' tab. No idea how this happened, and I'm obviously upset about it. I didn't have a ton to add to the tab beyond what was already there from my original carms app, but I did have a publication and some significant research activity to add. All of my research and publications are in my formal CV which was sent to all of the schools I applied to, but I'm looking for some advice as to whether I should update the activities and resubmit, drawing attention to the fact that my application was initially incomplete and giving it a late time stamp, or leave things the way they are and hope they see those important items in my CV and don't penalize me for not having them all in the carms CV sections.
  3. I too am very interested to learn more about this route. Is gaining admission to the PGY3 year highly competitive (eg. similar to the EM program)? Also interested in what income is like for FM physicians practicing hospital medicine in Ontario, specifically GTA versus more rural locations (eg. Uxbridge, Barrie, etc).
  4. Bumping this thread as I'm seriously considering applying for a +1 in EM next year, but don't have a great MCCQE Part 1 score and was discouraged to find out it's part of the application. I'm assuming we submit our scores as part of the core carms application, so all the programs we're applying to would see it. Can anyone else comment on how they feel their scores were used in the selection process? Thanks for your above input, The Bunny!
  5. Interesting. Can anyone confirm that Canadian fellowship programs ask for it? Also curious as to whether someone looking to get a competitive fellowship position might rewrite the MCCQE to boost their score, and if so, is it the most recent score that would be used in that case?
  6. Does anyone know if our residency Program Directors or anyone else receives notification of our scores on this exam? Curious as to whether anyone other than the exam writer gets a report of his or her score.
  7. Thanks very much for the responses! rmorelan - I can definitely see why it'd be important to have a handle on how the grading works, given the difference in required prep time for those of us who don't already have all the internal med material memorized (!). Was looking around on the MCCQE website, including the FAQ section and couldn't find the breakdown of how the different sections are weighted. Anyone know where I can find this? Apologies if this info is more obvious than I thought and I missed it during my search.
  8. I realize this isn't likely at the top of everyone's list of concerns at the moment with match day just days away now, but I've been thinking about dates to pick for my MCCQE P1 exam and I'm wondering if people who have been through this process could provide some insight in terms of how much time they felt was adequate for preparing for the exam, and whether the extra time you took to prepare was worth it (or whether you wished you had written on an earlier date). I realize exam prep is highly variable depending on the person, but am interested in hearing what people who have written it thought!
  9. Does anyone know whether there are socials planned for the week of Jan 26th?
  10. Does anyone know if this was a mass invite, or are there a limited number of invites that go out?
  11. Can anyone from a med school outside of Quebec confirm whether they have heard anything as of yet?
  12. So, assuming that this year is similar to last year in that invites are sent out in waves, is the assumption that if we haven't heard from McGill by the end of the week then we should assume rejection?
  13. Hi everyone! Congrats to all the 1T5s who will be starting O-week soon – I hope you’ve all been having an epic summer and I’m really looking forward to meeting you! I have a parking spot that is available for rent in the Bay and College area (at the Murano condo parking lot at Bay & Grenville St) – literally right across the street from Women’s College Hospital and just a few minutes walk from the Med Sci Building/U of T campus, Toronto General, Sick Kids, etc ! It’d also be convenient for those in the PB academy who will be getting on/off the shuttle to Sunnybrook at the Women’s College stop. I’m asking $150/month and it’s available immediately, so you’d be able to use it during O-week! Please contact me at lstrathmore1986@gmail.com if interested!
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