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  1. Hi, I'm graduating from the Niagara campus this year. I ranked it last 3 years ago because I didn't know anything about it, no connections. I'm originally from Toronto, only knew the city life. If I were to go back in time, I would be happy to do it all over again in Niagara... I got an appreciation for life in the community that I otherwise would not have. As ppl have said, there are pros and cons... here are a couple of things I liked though: I do think you'll probably have more research opportunities in Hamilton, but it would be incorrect to say you won't have good or any research opportunities at the regional campus. The staff (and there's dedicated research staff) are incredibly supportive and want you to succeed (ie publish) because it helps their research program too. I found I got the support I needed to publish and present in time for carms. I was and still am planning on being involved in academics in my career and successfully matched to a program in a big city, so I didn't feel held back in that regard. Anytime I had electives, I did them outside of Niagara since all my cores were in Niagara. I would say what I really liked about Niagara is the 1-on-1 relationship/teaching you have with staff... there's basically no hierachy you find at other institutions where you're at the "bottom", then the junior residents, senior residents, fellows, then staff.... it's just you the student and the staff. I personally found this really helpful when asking them to write me reference letters since we spent so much face-time together. For what it's worth, the last two years Niagara had a 100% match rate for residency. It was slightly annoying to have to move after MF1, but after settling in a month later, it was great. I'm paying $900/mo for 900 square feet, which I'm going to miss. I think having a car is pretty necessary in Niagara. I'll leave it there for now.
  2. Hi Daegan!! I can also offer my perspective from the NRC. Again, just personal opinions: How did you feel after your interview? Felt good for the most part, some shaky stations, but there's no use thinking about it afterwards, so I learned to let it go and go about my life as normal Did you find you left the MMIs confident? Yes for the most part (some of it was probably feigned confidence), but this really has no bearing on the outcome in my opinion. I had done several MMIs in the past (previous cycles, other schools) and felt confident from those too and have been waitlisted or outright rejected. What made you choose Mac? It was my only option having said that, if I could choose, I still would've picked Mac. I like the autonomy of studying at my own pace and learning through discussing with other ppl as opposed to having a lecturer talk at me for hours (though that is available too). I also like the idea of finishing one year earlier as an older student. You still have plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in shadowing/elective experiences if you wish to explore different types of medicine. Did you rank Niagara first? Nope, ranked it last. Happy for once I didn't get what I wanted though because I do like it here very much now. I ranked it last simply because I didn't know much about it and admittedly didn't put in the time to find out. I think I'm the odd one out though, as most of my classmates here did rank it first if not second.
  3. You cannot get transponders for other lots like A because those are reserved for staff/professors. I believe you can only get M N O P and stadium, which are far.
  4. For what it's worth, my OMSAS GPA was 3.60 (VR 11) and I was able to get in this year. CASPer/Interview are huge it would seem.
  5. Quite the opposite actually lol, the supervisor does very little "work" on the actual project and mostly serves as an adviser to the researcher (can also provide the funding/infrastructure to do the research). Then when the researcher publishes/presents the work, the supervisor will get credit as well (for advising, etc.). Research projects can (should?) be very specific so the author may know a lot about that particular topic but not necessarily much else. In the example you mentioned, maybe the project was on epigenetics, or the function of a specific gene, and not so much DNA replication. That being said, DNA replication is taught in highschool, so maybe s/he just has a bad foundation/forgot.
  6. Accepted off Waitlist to Niagara Campus on May 27th cGPA: 3.60 VR Score:11 Geography: IP Current Year: Post-masters Interview: Felt I did really well compared to the last few years I interviewed--practice does help Will be accepting, which will mean leaving the Queen's and Western waitlist.
  7. I was just accepted off the waitlist today into Niagara as well.
  8. Me too... that's three waitlists for me now
  9. Waitlisted >< cGPA: 3.8ish MCAT: 12/11/12 Interview: Thought it went well
  10. I'm trying not to think about May 12 as it does seemingly make time pass by faster for me, but admittedly it's much easier said than done. As a fifth time applicant, I really would like to avoid playing the admissions game again in pursuing this career path.
  11. Just thought I'd put it out there that research work is still work. Perhaps you meant that grad school life may be different from "professional" life, but you get out what you put in. To go back on topic though, I think masters will help, but it won't save an application. Ask yourself if you'd want to do a masters even if it wouldn't help your medschool applications.
  12. Yes I like family_med's advice a lot. This is my fifth time applying and year after year I seem to do better (e.x. more interview invites) but I still haven't gotten in. Despite that though, I'm happy with the alternate career I've built so far, and saved up quite a bit. Whether it will be for a down payment on a home or for medschool tuition remains to be seen but definitely don't stop the rest of your life for this!
  13. Result: Invite GPA: 3.81 and 3.93 best two MCAT( PS/VR/BS): 12/11/12 ECs: Research-heavy, working full-time since 2011 Year: Finished masters SWOMEN? : No
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