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  1. Two months out from becoming a Senior Assistant Resident. The inquires have trickled down. I will still work to check in every 3 months or so. Please feel free to continue messaging me if you have any questions about matching residency in the US as a Canadian citizen only. Good luck in your medical careers!
  2. 6 months into PGY-2, halfway through residency. Keep the inbox questions coming. Happy 2017 everyone.
  3. 3 months into PGY-2 bump. Good luck everyone as you interview across the US!
  4. Good luck to all for the upcoming cycle! As promised I'll try to check in every 2-3 months or so. Internship was a challenge and a blast. On to PGY2.
  5. I am assuming this is BU. Great medical school. Great clinical experience. Agree with everyone else above, absolutely don't wait and make plans for Boston (fantastic that your SO is there!!). As someone who went through the IM match here in the US last year I had the privilege of seeing the best of what IM training has to offer and am living it every day as a rising PGY 2. If you do well at BU, you will be tempted to stay in the US for IM once you explore your options in both matches. Congratulations on your acceptances. You have a beautiful future ahead of you.
  6. ++ another 3 month or so bump from my last post. Keep the questions coming guys.
  7. Hi bearpuppy, Fascinating question given you will be choosing between Case Western (fantastic school) and potentially Calgary/Alberta. Please do me a small favor if you don't mind, and clarify specifically what you are referring to regarding the restrictions and how that impacts your future plans? I need to know your longer term goals (and you can PM me here) to give a full answer. With this said, without knowing more about you, just a few thoughts: -You can match neurosurgery in the US coming from a Canadian medical school as the above poster pointed out -There are a handful of US medical schools that anyone should take above anything in Canada...Harvard, Yale, Hopkins, Stanford...no argument to be had -Case Western is right on the cusp of making this a conversation -More so, the opportunities to rotate through the neurosurgery department at the Cleveland Clinic (easily in the second echelon of the elite neurosurgery programs in the country...not just quite there as the Barrow and UCSF but close) as a medical student at Case is fantastic -You have to realize that the risk/reward game is higher stakes in the US and if your goal is to be a neurosurgeon period then staying in Canada is the way to go...if your goal is to be an academic heavyweight (this applies to very few doctors in any specialty!) in the field of neurosurgery then beyond Toronto Neurosurgery you should be looking at the Hopkins, UCSF's of the world (very few Canadian residencies match up at the very top to the top in the US, but in fact Toronto Neurosurgery is one of the few exceptions and rightfully so) -Going to the US means understanding that you absolutely will need to be close to the top of your class, rock the boards, publish, and secure at least senior AOA to match at a *top* neurosurgery residency (the Case Western name as a medical student won't force doors open but neither will it close them and that's more than you can ask of most schools for this purpose)...doing all of the above is no easy feat but several Canadians do it in the US every year across the country We can discuss things further by PM if you don't want to share your goals/details. Thanks for posting this excellent and interesting question. So without further details from you my answer is stay in Canada if you have the Alberta or Calgary options.
  8. 2/3 through internship, another possibly timely bump. Hope everyone is having a beautiful 2016 thus far.
  9. Precisely. Typically these institutions have the resources and want the best. So yes indeed, H1B will not be a problem at *almost* all of them. Absolutely JellyBones. Glad to be able to do so.
  10. s/p 3 months into internship, bumping. Again seeing unnecessary uncertainty on this board with regards to matching and visa issues (which at the elite level are almost non-existent). Read through this thread and message me with any questions. Internship has been exhausting but also a blast. I'll try to respond in a decent amount of time.
  11. Silly discourse re: Mayo. Absolutely apply. Your GPA/MCAT have been accepted at Mayo more than you think. Let them make the decision of whether you are a fit for them.
  12. A better (and balanced) MCAT score can make a huge difference for someone like you. Right now you are batting for low tier schools. A 34/35-ish type MCAT (on the new MCAT) with your GPA and solid ECs (great work at BWH) will have you knocking on the doorstep of top tier schools.
  13. Matching in US coming from a Caribbean medical school is getting more and more challenging. Number of American Med Grads is going up owing to new allopathic medical schools opening up over the past 3-5 years and of course osteopathic students also get priority over IMGs (which you would be if you went to the Caribbean). This is the rate limiting step. Coming back to Canada after becoming boarded in the US should be a much easier step than jumping into the US for residency from the islands. In any case, you will have to kill the boards and then be alright with "settling" for a lesser competitive specialty, quite possibly in an undesirable location. Absolutely agree with above posters, take your acceptance and enjoy the rest of your life or keep trying for medicine in the US or Canada.
  14. Fantastic that you have an idea of what you are interested in (neurology). My take is that class rank (=> eligibility for AOA, knowledge to do well on boards) all go hand in hand and, generally speaking, trump research productivity. For this reason, take the first few months of your school year to really get going mastering the material at your medical school. Figure out your study method and stick to it, do not listen to or be affected by what everyone else is doing if something is working well for you. You can be looking for interesting projects during this time...simply don't overextend and jump into one until you figure out how to do very well with the material. Once you figure that out, the answer is pretty straightforward. Don't be shy to send e-mails and meet with attendings/residents who have ongoing neuro projects. In some departments (typically at the more elite medical schools) there will be gateway keepers (so to speak) who handle all departmental research matters. Find a project you love and get going with it by halfway through M1 or by end of M1. Keep it clinical (unless you are a wet lab superstar...and even then the benefits of being able to publish quickly in the clinical realm outweight the process of basic science publications...in the real world basic science >> clinical research but in the world of residency apps it is often the # of publications you carry that matters...keep all of this in mind). Simply do what you are interested in and bust your ass. If the research doesn't work out in terms of publications then at least you have your academic qualifications to rely on if you follow the above priority. You do not need a bona fide research resume to match at the best places...but you need to be clinically competent and at the very least rank in the top half of your class (ideally more) to have a shot. Congratulations on starting medical school! ps: neurology is one of the least competitive specialties in the US overall so a great track record should make it that much easier to make it to the Partners, UCSF cream of the crop type programs
  15. Correct, you do not need a physical visa in your passport. The I-94 is electronic as of at least 1 year ago so all you need is your passport + I20 to cross (have school acceptance letter as well for the first time you go across).
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