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  1. The Ace of Spades

    What is everybody using at med school?

    what is this I dont even
  2. The Ace of Spades

    Accountants and missing tax deductions

    That was one of my thoughts. But that doesn't exactly inspire confidence in me to pay for their service after fellowship. I'm paying for someone to catch things I miss, or else I could easily just do this myself.
  3. The Ace of Spades

    Accountants and missing tax deductions

    Thanks for the advice. I may have to look for a different firm next year then...
  4. I've signed up with a national accounting firm that does resident taxes for free. Was having no issues for the past few years when I realized that we get T2202A forms in residency, with 12 months of full time education per year. I filed this during med school but never realized we got them during residency (it's not obvious online, nor did I ever receive them in the mail). I will be refiling my taxes retroactively to make use of this deduction. Now, while I admit this was mostly my fault for being ignorant, shouldn't a good accountant (especially one who was sold to me as being an accountant for medical professionals) be looking out for things like this? Or do they basically just input exactly what I provide them with and not add much value?
  5. Would they make you pass the RC exams again? Cause that thing is a pain...
  6. The Ace of Spades

    Moving towards 8 week cap?

    Probably because cardiology and hematology/oncology are vastly different when compared to some eye thing vs some other eye thing.
  7. The Ace of Spades

    Taxes 2018 return question

    I still don't understand how you guys are claiming cell phone and vehicle expenses. I've spoken to two different accountants about this (that specialize in medical residents!) and have been told both times it would not hold up to CRA scrutiny!
  8. The Ace of Spades

    Taxes 2018 return question

    Yeah, from speaking to my accountant you would need to have your employer (health authority or hospital) sign off on a T2200 listing a cell phone as a required expense. This is very rare to get as a resident. Even then, unless you had a dedicated work cell phone, you would need to somehow figure out what proportion of your cell phone fees are work-related vs personal use. I've also looked into deducting vehicle expenses during residency for when you're on call, and unfortunately this is not really possible or advised during residency. I've seen some residents do this, but my accountant tells me it wouldn't stand up to an audit and they don't advise making that deduction. In fact, it seems like deductions are where most people get into trouble on their taxes. That being said, does anyone know of any other important deductions during residency that might not be obvious? I understand Royal College exam fees are deductible as a tuition expense.
  9. The Ace of Spades

    Insight on residency & matching?

    I agree with the above poster that people from any medical school can theoretically match into any residency program, with the caveat that there is often a slight home-school advantage.
  10. The Ace of Spades


    Conversely, I think it demonstrates interest in the field, especially if you don't have presentations or publications to list. I wouldn't attend just for the point of adding it, but if you've already been to some conferences there is little harm in adding them in.
  11. The Ace of Spades

    Residency based on University Location?

    Hey now... I'm actually quite fond of the prairies...
  12. The Ace of Spades

    Finding a job

    I would like to know this too...
  13. The Ace of Spades

    BA vs BS

    I really wouldn't concern yourself with CaRMS prior to admission to medical school.
  14. The Ace of Spades

    Program Descriptions

    It is for the short-term... but it's not until you're in the thick of it that you realize it's bad for the long-term...
  15. The Ace of Spades

    LOC increase above standard limit

    With the recent purchase of MD Management by Scotiabank, do you see Scotiabank LOC have a more competitive advantage for residents/fellows? Will National Bank of Canada no longer be the preferred institution with MD Management?