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  1. Does "drowning" count as death by homeopathy? Or does overdosing not count?
  2. Like everyone else has said, no med school (in Canada at least) will care where you did your UG. However, Ryerson probably lacks in terms of life sci related research opportunities when compared to the other schools. But hey, research isn't everything and there are some and you could always try to get into somewhere else downtown. I'm willing to bet that if you took the class averages at Ryerson for something like 1st year bio that they are probably around the same as other schools (ie ~60%).
  3. I've been away from premed101 for some time now due to school and life in general but wow.. some of the posts here are freaking hilarious!! XD Others make me throw up a little in my mouth tho... :/ I clearly have some part in the creation of this thread as does someone else. I'm over it and I wish after like 2 months that they'd get over it too and stop trying to play the victim. In other news, respect to the non-trad legend!
  4. Um hi. Sorry to everyone for derailing this thread for just a moment but what.. the.. hell...... is with your sig, f_d? Is this crap really allowed? If you're going to maliciously attack me when you know I've been away for more than 2 weeks then really I think most ppl can agree that you're the spineless "mad attack dog" here. "Little" maggot? Is that suppose to be a penis joke or something? Ha.. ha..? Inept academic dimwit..? If i am such, then i wonder what that makes you since this "dimwit" publicly crushed you in every debate we've ever had. Catching hotties? Could you possibly be referencing the joke I made about harassing a cute nurse? Or are you just pretending to be an idiot? When did I ever even talk about your dad let alone call him a scumbag. I'm pretty sure you have your stories mixed up because as I recall it was you who told someone else here on the forums that their dad was a scumbag because they were in the scumbag profession of being a lawyer and that they didn't raise them right. Funny how your mind works, because of my 2 week absence suddenly in your twisted mind I'm taking the rap for the crap you said. When did I attack someone's sexuality here? ...And I really don't know why you would even bring up my parents or gf and I wish that you would leave them out. You really are petty and immature. edit: ps Although I'm sureee you'll never see this post since I'm on your selectively imaginary blocklist (so mature btw), I'm just wondering, does adding a link to a charity under all that hate really give you any sense of balance? Spiritually cleansing? Your ying and yang? So you can say whatever contrived bull **** you can think of and just balance that with a charity link? Really? I get it, you have this obsessive need to be liked or at least appear to be liked, so you'll kiss and suck up to whoever. You'll even help some ppl with their WS which clearlyyy has no benefit to you what so ever. But you're also a very hateful and immature person and I wish you'd just grow up. I don't care for it anymore.
  5. lol! Yea man. I totally forgot that the majority is always right. And wow, 3 people disagree with me. It's definitely the end of the world. Well, at least my world. x_x God forbid if an atheist gets dragged into sunday service. Just like how the med school of Antiga needs to provide information to applicants in troll-form on premed101.com right? Are all med schools in Canada that well-known? Honestly? I don't think so. I had to do my research to learn about each school, their requirements, their cutoffs and/or special cutoffs, their class size, their location,.. etc. Geez, lets not even get into how little most of us know about the many, many American med schools out there. If you don't know the obvious reason why SGU needs to spend so much on advertising (for the most part, how beautiful their island is and how they're actually not a scam) then I really think you ought to spend less time trying to insult little ol'me online.
  6. Agreed. But at the same time you have to realize that SGU and other Carib schools often admit many students that are underqualified and thus probably the leading reason for their high attrition rates. And like someone else here has already said that these schools aren't overly lacking applicants since they're spending thousands and thousands on mailing out thousands of glossy admission packs. Although Ontario students get the most shafted I really doubt ALL Canadian students in the Caribbean are explicitly Ontario students who couldn't get in. Most Canadians who apply to the Carib probably have a GPA of less than 3.6 which would make even IP med schools a challenge. So it's wrong to think that the American applying to the Carib are simply stupider than the Canadian applying to the Carib. Thanks. lol
  7. You obviously do care. Don't flatter yourself. If you can't comprehend what I've said then I doubt you have any right to actually say anything. I'm not trolling if that's what you're implying. Are you going to a Carib school? Is that why you're getting so worked up? Because the only real points I've made were that Carib schools tend to admit way more applicants than they should (which is pretty much common knowledge), Carib schools tend to have a high attrition rate (also common knowledge), and that it was funny that these schools would actually state that Canadians do better but this turned out to be some sort of miscommunication between 1234, someone else, and myself. You sure have to reiterate how much you don't care... you sure you're not just hiding that you do care? <3 And why is your question always the following..? o.O? Seems kind of confronting to always be asking everyone you meet if they're in med school and where they go. "One pack of gum? That'll be $1.13 please." "Whoa whoa. Hold up. Are you even in med school?" lol anyways, if you want to know more about me then you're going to have to start caring, mkay? Geez, with your attitude, even if I did tell you you'd just reply that you don't care.
  8. OP you're not alone in this. I don't know how it got so bad. Sometimes it's so crazy that nothing can save me but it's the only thing that I have (premed101.com that is). But honestly, sometimes I wonder what really is happiness and what the expiry date is. Will we be happy once we get into medicine? Probably not. Will we be happy once we find (what we think is) true love..? I don't know.. I'm afraid to actually reach my dreams because I don't know what's left after that. Sometimes I think I'm so tempted to give into my temptations and live the hedonistic life.
  9. While all schools offer "bird" courses which are generally a lot lighter in reading or assignments, it still has a lot to do with you as the student. You might find something hard that I might find easy enough to call a bird course... so just make sure you do more research than just hearsay cause sometimes that can really backfire on ya. About the time it takes to complete a course, if you're just doing 3 courses then I don't see why you couldn't be done in 2 months tops if you really pushed yourself which I think is a really great thing about Athabasca.
  10. The hardest part I think for most people is determining what's a good undergrad degree that is easy to get that 3.8-4.0 in but still have job prospects should med school not work out. A BA in Psych or a BSc really doesn't have any good job prospects on their own. 4 years later you'll be just serving coffee at Starbucks if you're lucky for most ppl... Seriously though, even most lab techie jobs require a 1 year cert so after your 4 years and $40k in debt you just might end up doing a job you could've gotten right out of high school. lol There's also the problem of pre-reqs which can often take up an entire year worth of electives if you're not in a science degree.
  11. NYC...... aka someone who made a new account to lash out (at me ) while complimenting him/herself. >_>
  12. Anyone.. besides you just now.. on the forums. lol Anyways, you can't really saw something is "low" or for the fact "high" without comparing it to something. But anywaysss, i think we beat this dead horse into glue and then some already. Lets just say that most of us aren't receiving big glossy coloured booklets (not just pamphlets but actual real booklets) in their mail every year from UofT or McGill and lets leave it at that. The original thread could've been answered in like a line like: Line of credit, co-signer, SGU coupons for Canadian discount and possibly some Canadian student loans (ie OSAP but not 100% sure).
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