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  1. I suggested adding a psyc forum when they were adding in the other health care profession forums. This was the reply I got from Ian:
  2. http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/8-psychology/
  3. lol this is actually from your own thread: http://premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74247&page=2 And the psych grade distribution rules at uwo >> http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/pdfs/course-instructor-manual.pdf Our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and most of 4th year courses at york bio have an average in the 60's! unlike uwo where 4th year courses have an average of 80%
  4. Same can be said about any other university. It's funny how someone mentioned uwo biomed that had class averages of 75-80% even in first and second year courses. York and UofT and many other universities have first and second year class averages in the 60's... so stop complaining!
  5. You only need 7 credits of 3rd/4th year courses with a lab component. Look into course timetables and choose your bio courses... there is a pretty good chance that you might end up taking a lab course just because there aren't that many upper year bio courses without a lab component plus some of those non-lab courses are offered at terrible times!
  6. I'd recommend re-writing the MCAT this summer and reapplying next year to queens and western. Your gpa is competitive for both queens and western (they look at the last/best 2 years), so if you meet their mcat cutoffs, your chances of getting an interview at both schools would be great. A second undergrad will only help you for ottawa and you'll need to get a 3.9 to meet their cutoff. This is on the assumption that you had taken a full course load in your last two years.
  7. He actually gives students lots of opportunities where they can speak to him and provide him with their opinions but it is the student that choose not to take advantage of these opportunities. I voted for him! I've got to speak to him once and he was very open when it came to issues concerning york... I even spoke to him about the possible medschool at york but unfortunately, due to the strike in 2008, that might not be a possibility anymore, atleast for now (they shifted their focus to the new school of engineering instead). If he hadn't sent the e-mail, people who would like to vote for him wouldn't have even known! And what about all those students that harass you in the hallway to vote for them for their silly executive positions. At least he sent a polite e-mail and he clearly is "requesting".... he said "Thank you for considering this request and your continued commitment to York University!"... Therefore, if you don't want to vote, then DON'T. I can't believe someone even went through the trouble to make this thread.
  8. Well I actually kind of slightly agree to his point. But I think the problem is in the selection process of these professional programs. It is worse for dental schools where the cutoffs are as high as ~3.9 and even though there are just 2 dental schools and only 60ish seats at each school in ontario, the waiting lists for both those schools move 30-40 spots. This is probably because they got into both medschool and dental school and chose meds at the end. They really need to do something about it because clearly their process is unsuccessful in choosing the right candidates for the program (since half of those accepted end up rejecting their offer). McGill Dentistry has a better process.... they ask their applicant whether they applied to meds and if yes, why? If they have any interest in that profession, they should be able to have a good answer for that. But I don't think ontario professional schools care, so people should stop complaining... if pt is what you wanted all your life, then work harder and get a 3.8+ gpa!
  9. I agree but is there anything he can do? He doesn't really have any proof. I think professional schools should record all their interviews "for quality assurance purposes". But at this point, the only thing that an interviewee can do is choose not to answer the question.
  10. But the interviewee can choose not to answer that question even if the interviewer asked.
  11. Restriction of title “doctor” 33. (1) Except as allowed in the regulations under this Act, no person shall use the title “doctor”, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language in the course of providing or offering to provide, in Ontario, health care to individuals. 1991, c. 18, s. 33 (1). Note: On a day to be named by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor, section 33 is amended by the Statutes of Ontario, 2007, chapter 10, Schedule P, subsection 20 (1) by adding the following subsections: Same (1.1) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who is a member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. 2007, c. 10, Sched. P, s. 20 (1). Naturopathic doctor (1.2) A member referred to in subsection (1.1) shall not use the title “doctor” in written format without using the phrase, “naturopathic doctor”, immediately following his or her name. 2007, c. 10, Sched. P, s. 20 (1). See: 2007, c. 10, Sched. P, ss. 20 (1), 21 (2). Idem (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who is a member of, (a) the College of Chiropractors of Ontario; ( the College of Optometrists of Ontario; © the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario; (d) the College of Psychologists of Ontario; or (e) the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. 1991, c. 18, s. 33 (2). For more information, refer to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 >>> http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statutes/english/elaws_statutes_91r18_e.htm#BK30 So, the title "Doctor" is restricted to chiro's, optometrists, medical doctors (physicians and surgeons), psychologists and dentists. A nurse can NOT call herself a doctor when providing health care.
  12. A PhD can call themselves doctors only in academic settings... they can't do so in clinical settings. A chiro can!
  13. Actually, under the regulated health professions acts, chiropractors are entitled to use the title "Doctor" (at least in Ontario).
  14. The practicums are 0 credit courses so the grades you get in these practicums will not be used in your gpa calculation. You can take these practicums on a pass/fail basis.
  15. Def don't drop. Since you're not a full time student, most schools won't count it in your gpa.
  16. Its first year calc and psyc... you don't need more than a night to study for both of them (you had the reading week so you should (i) have caught up with your readings for psyc (ii) have done practice problems for calc). You're going to have a really hard time for the rest of your undergrad if you can't even handle this. Its VERY likely that you'll have multiple FINAL exams that are CUMULATIVE within a few days. Good luck with that.
  17. Go to UTSG. No point in taking 3 more credits of physics and risking your gpa unless you're good at physics and are confident you'll get an A (even then its a risk).
  18. LOL you can't just assume a high DAT will balance a slightly low gpa... you MUST meet both the gpa and DAT cutoff inorder to get an interview.
  19. thats actually low (atleast for this cycle)... since uoft average gpa for the interviewers was a 3.87, I'm expecting westerns cutoff to be high too plus the strong applicants that got rejected from uoft are now aiming for western
  20. If a medical student were to apply to law or dental school, his medical school grades will also be treated as "ordinary undergraduate grades".
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