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  1. Wow, time flies. Can't believe this thread is 7 years old... I hope it continues to give future applicants lots of reasons to consider making UWO their future med school. G
  2. Interesting post. Thanks for the feedback and your interesting opinions. Re: clerkship. UWO does all core rotations in 3rd year. TO only recently has shifted to this. When I matched ('back in the day') TO clerks were doing core rotations in 4th year... which was counterproductive when trying to decide on a career. This is probably why they decided to copy the UWO program I disagree that the TO clerkship is as hands-on as the UWO one. I spent a month in TO in electives, at multiple hospitals, and I have quite a few friends who go there as well. Comparing my clerkship to theirs is not even a comparison. Re: CaRMS As pointed out by numerous other posters, all I was saying is we have a high match rate to competitive specialties. I'm not sure how that can be debated...? When you look at the CaRMS stats from 2011, you can see that UWO had 15 (!) gen surg matches, 4 ENTs, 6 ophtho, etc etc etc etc... Re: LMCC Nobody said high LMCC scores mean you are a good doctor, but if you want to write Part II of the LMCC and be able to practice medicine, it is advised that you pass... Western can help you with this... Re: Surgery You are right, there is no formal evaluation of surgical training. However, I would argue that taking down a gall-bag, performing tonsillectomies, and doing chest tubes is a considerably better way to learn how to operate than standing in the corner behind a staff, a fellow, and 2 residents, hoping you get to scrub in for the next case. (And yes, these experiences have been accrued during clerkship/electives at 2 schools in Ontario, approximately 2 hours apart from each other, but I won't name names ) Anyways, at the end of the day, ALL schools in Canada are excellent, I was just highlighting some of the reasons why I think UWO is a solid choice for future applicants.
  3. I have full confidence the 2011s will be able to repeat...... as long as there are some questions about Journey lyrics on the exam.
  4. In case anybody is interested... SCHULICH MEDICAL GRADUATES RANKED BEST IN CANADA
  5. Thanks for the response. Yes, which clerkship program is 'the best' is subjective. I simply meant to communicate the fact that while I was on my electives, it was mentioned to me multiple times that people who come from Western are often very well-trained and have a strong reputation The match-rate statistics are tricky. Certain schools have the majority of their students end up in family medicine, which I think is fair to say is an easy specialty to match to (based on the large amount of unmatched family medicine spots every year). Their match rates will therefore be extremely high. All I meant to say was that my class had a very high match rate while matching to very competitive specialties. Does this make us better than every other school? Obviously not. But I thought it was an interesting point to communicate to people in case they are considering applying for one of the 'competitive specialties'.
  6. Yes, it was a very good year for competitive specialties at Western. Just remember that in a few years when you are taking a beating in clerkship... it's all for your benefit
  7. Since admission offers are out, I thought this thread might be useful for some. Hope it helps!
  8. The channel is not official, I remember one of my colleagues promoting it in class, it is something he decided to create. PM me if you want info on it.
  9. It will be making it's way to YouTube... eventually... Unfortunately, my class is a little busy with this "LMCC" thing
  10. Hello all, For those who don't know, our med school puts on a variety show each year called 'Tachycardia'. Each class has a skit, as well as some entertainment by some of the class bands. Turnout is usually pretty good, and the proceeds go to the AIDS Committee of London (over 15000 last year alone). The first show is 1 week today! For more info: Tachy! Video from the skit last year...
  11. If you were conducting interviews, you are in my class or a 2011. If so, you never had an opportunity to choose Windsor as your "school of choice". True, there were clerkship rotations there, but no pre-clinical time there yet
  12. Well, like every medical school, a large chunk (30-40%) of the class will do family medicine. Then there are the internists, the anaesthetists, the rad oncs, etc. My point was really that when you look at the traditional "competitive specialties" we did very, very well. Edit: Just a note- when looking at CaRMS stats it's important to not only look at what the match rate was, but also what people matched TO. For instance, a school with 100% match rate looks good, but if they all matched to Fam Medicine (not that that's a bad thing, but fam med is considerably less competitive than the other specialties usually) then that is less impressive (IMO) than a school that matches 98% but has a high percentage of very competitive matches. Hope this is useful for you guys when deciding where to go....
  13. Maybe I wasn't quite clear with my post... the benefits of the clerkship program at UWO aren't JUST that there is a structure that makes sense: it's the hands-on environment. Case in point: I spoke recently to a friend of mine who attends U of T and told me how on medicine, they do call till midnight and then go home. My question was: what happens when an admission comes in at 2am? What happens when Mrs Smith is in Thyroid Storm and her temperature is through the roof? What happens when Mr. Tylenol OD's blood glucose levels are continuing to sky-rocket? Because these are all things that I have had to manage acutely on my 6 weeks of CTU. Different friend, also U of T: "On general surgery I didn't suture once". Me: To me, that's the difference. (I am not trying to pick on U of T, but I simply know the most about their program since I have a bunch of friends who go there.)
  14. There are 3 Rad matches, you're right, I should have mentioned that.
  15. The match only happened 3 days ago, and I think they usually wait till the results from the 2nd iteration are done before posting (though don't quote me on this). When they ARE up they are found on the CaRMS website under "Operations --> Reports and Statistics". Hope it helps. GOB
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