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  1. Honestly, if medicine is what you want to practice, you will likely not be satisfied with anything else. Believe me, I've tried! I quit my $100K+ job, started a new degree and have just been accepted to medicine. It's been quite a journey. However....I am fortunate to have the support of my husband who earns a good salary, which makes all the difference. FYI - I am considerably older than you too Feel free to PM me if I can help in any way.
  2. I'd be inclined to comment to the receptionist about the amount of information she was passing on in a public setting.
  3. I've done a couple of courses with them and I've never known it to take 6 weeks. A week at most perhaps. I suppose it depends on the course though.
  4. I think it's a fantastic idea! If you have the energy to study and are willing to sacrifice the money, enjoy the journey! You never know unless you try, and the worst that can happen is that they say no...which is the answer to many twenty-somethings too. You might try contacting your local university and chat with an advisor to find our more about what it all entails. Best of luck! Tracy
  5. Hi Magari I tend to mind map just about everything - try X-Mind for free. It helps to identify patterns and find similarities between drugs at a glance. I find it easier to remember larger chunks of information using this approach. Best of luck Tracy
  6. There are of course inefficiencies and difficulties, just trying to suggest a balance exists. It's certainly not all bad. Lots of negativity on this thread hence my tongue-in-cheek response.
  7. Orcamute, if/when you have a kid one day, think about this discussion as you stare in disgust at the sheer imperfection of him/her I suppose it's a "glass half full/half empty" kind of discussion.
  8. Oops, forgot to add... I can't really understand how one can study the human body and not appreciate that there must have been some divine intervention. Agree with Stryke22 - it totally fits with my beliefs.
  9. God KNOWING when someone will die and God DETERMINING when someone will die are two different concepts. If God determines when we die, we essentially are victims of fate, which I, as a Christian, do not believe. We have free will. We are subject to the world we live in - much of which we had a hand in forming. Step out in front of a moving bus, and you'll suffer the consequences. I will say that I don't believe death is a big deal to God. Life on Earth to Christians is such a small part of the puzzle. Death is not the end.
  10. Totally agree with you TJM! I had holes in my walls from where my 6 year old son kicked them in. Not to mention the bruises on my shins... Thankfully, a different kid today!
  11. Is it definitely sinusitis? I have similar symptoms a few times a year - feels like really bad sinusitis, but it seems to be allergy related although really not sure. I should add that absolutely nothing helps it! It takes a few days to disappear. Particularly bad when I go running. Runner's rhinitis or something similar?
  12. Wow! You certainly have a lot to deal with right now! Life must seem very overwhelming. Deep breaths, this too shall pass. Look after yourself!
  13. I get the same thing, particularly if I go for a run! Seems better lately but was just awful there for a while. I've never had allergies either. It may not technically be an allergy, but still a real nuisance. Not much in the way of good news. No meds seem to help but I do find saline spray seems to clear it up a bit faster...and I never run in the mornings! Kills my day! Good luck!
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