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  1. orangebubbles

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    I had a 9VR (34 MCAT overall), a 3.89 OMSAS GPA, and I also didn't take a full course load in my 2nd year (no weighting for UofT). I got into Toronto and Dal, so it is completely possible . I was in 2nd year of my MSc when I applied however. Out of undergrad (2011), I received interviews to UofT, Mac, and Dal with the same GPA and MCAT score. My interview skills definitely held me back then though. With that said, definitely apply!!!
  2. orangebubbles

    2014-15 Applicant Thread

    Given that you haven't done any work for either over the past year and the LORs were originally strong enough to get you to the interview stage, I'd say go for it!
  3. orangebubbles

    2014-15 Applicant Thread

    Same as chanman - PM me if you would like some feedback on sketches or UofT's short essays
  4. orangebubbles

    The Great 2014 Backpack Colour debate

    Haha, they made a trailer for the reveal of the backpack - AMAZING! With that said, one more week!
  5. Accepted to Dal in March as OOP with a 34. I'm pretty sure Dal gives full MCAT points for 35/36 scores
  6. orangebubbles

    The Great 2014 Backpack Colour debate

    I just let out a (quiet) squeal...c'mon turquoise
  7. Hi everyone! I started my OSAP application this afternoon and ran across an unexpected bump. Since it is well known that owning a car is considered an asset for OSAP, I was hoping to transfer my car under my father's name this month as suggested by a few peers and PM101 posters. However, OSAP asks for your assets as of May 5, 2014...thus my question: is there even a point to transfer the car to my father's name now since I would still have to declare it to OSAP given the May date? It's no luxury car by any means, but it is still valued at $13K according to the Black Book... Any help would be great since this is my first time filling out an application for OSAP !!
  8. orangebubbles

    waitlist thread

    I just declined my offer of admission to UofT - hopefully someone on PM101 will get this seat!!
  9. I'm in the same boat, but I will be handing in my thesis this Friday. However, my department is notoriously slow for scheduling thesis defenses so I am 99% certain that my assigned defense date will be after June 30th. I emailed someone in the admissions department to figure out how to contact Dr. Hanson with the letter, so we'll see.
  10. TIME STAMP: 10:26AM Result: Accepted MAM Campus (first choice) Interview Date: March 2 wGPA: ~3.89 MCAT: 11PS/9VR/14BS ECs: Varied (research, medically-related employments, sports, scholarships, pubs, many oral/poster presentations) Essays: Worked on them quite a bit; felt well-rounded Interview: I thought that the first 3 went really well and the 4th was questionable, haha Year: Finishing up my MSc This definitely threw me for a loop since I was 95% certain that I wanted Dal. I think that I need a few days to think about my choice now. Congrats to everyone!!
  11. orangebubbles

    May 13th countdown thread

    I can't believe that we're only a few hours away! I keep jumping every time my phone buzzes Good luck to everyone!!
  12. orangebubbles

    2014 Backpack Colour

    I agree - turquoise would be amazing!!
  13. Thanks - the early acceptance from Dal is certainly making this wait a lot less stressful, but I have been in your shoes in previous years . You're almost there!! Just a few more days I only interviewed at one other school (UofT) but I'm 95% certain that I'm choosing Dal regardless of Tuesday's news. I'm still excited though!
  14. I'm just really interested to see if Queen's manages to screw up again and decisions are released early like last year. I didn't even apply to Queen's this year but that was crazy I hope that everyone hears great news on Tuesday!!
  15. http://www.medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/about/class-profile-2016.html Class statistics for the 2013 entering class are posted on the Dal website and I'm pretty sure that the page is updated every year in Sept-Oct. The site shows that 540 OOP students applied for the 2013 entering class, approximately 60 were interviewed, and 9 were offered a seat in March. So I guess that this would imply a 1.67% acceptance rate based on initial offers. This obviously doesn't take waitlist movement into account, so the acceptance rate is definitely a little bit higher .