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  1. I'm in first year at U of T; I did not submit my grad package last year as the documents were essentially required after 6 weeks of beginning my European MSc.
  2. I'm currently completing a one-year MSc in the UK. The benefit I have from this degree depended on the school. For most of the universities, I would have needed to apply in this upcoming cycle to earn the advantage. Toronto, however, considered it completely and even though I had no marks to show for it, it played a significant role during some parts of the application process (read between the lines) and, arguably, my eventual acceptance. I believe the school and Masters itself play a role as well; I don't think all Masters are the same... If you're thinking of a one-year, why not look into the UK? It may be slightly more expensive but if you choose right, some of the world's best universities are here. The system here caters to one-years and the UK has been an amazing place to study. My institution, LSE, is still accepting applications. PM me if you have any questions.
  3. If it's a lottery system, this may be the first time I've won anything...
  4. Would it not make more sense that the rankings that would have been used to send out offers be the same used to allot academies?
  5. I'm currently a taught MSc student in the UK beginning medical studies at U of T in the Fall. I did not submit a grad package this year and will be finishing up my exams next week (so before June 30th) but am undertaking a program placement/'long essay' submission due before the end of August. I've approved everything with U of T.
  6. Accepted at U of T (re-applicant) and quite surprised. - Undergrad cGPA/wGPA: 3.54/3.85 (Extenuating circumstances: mildly serious hand injury in 4th year that may have resulted in special consideration by the ADCOM) - Economist by training (at LSE doing MSc in Health Policy/Economics) - MCAT: 29S (9BS/9PS/11VR) (Economist ...?) - Significant work and volunteer experience in healthcare settings, good awards (Ontario Junior Citizen 2002), some different ECs (Olympic Torchbearer, junior trade mission to South East Asia) - Admission Essay: I think this is what made it for me. I took a fairly different approach and tried to dig into something more philosophical in explaining my attraction. (Discussion points include Beethoven, architecture, CBC Radio (super nerd!), Pascal, and literature). This caused trouble in the interview (I can't go into details obviously) but I had to defend my ownership of some of the ideas and walked out of the interview completely unsure of the interviewing physician's assessment. ("You're an enigma" are the words he used.) Add me to the list of shocked and accepting 1T4s....
  7. The pomp-and-circumstance residence is Massey College. Applications closed in early May and its seemingly quite the great place to reside. All grads/professionals with a community that seems to bring together some of the brightest people on U of T campus. The college also is host to something called 'Grand Rounds' which seems to approach medicine in a refreshing out-of-class way. Massey lectures? That's them. I'm crossing my fingers that I get a 'yes' from them in the next few weeks.
  8. Wow ... you have by far the worst situation. +14 essentially locks you into a full extra day of waiting. After a rather long evening full of cost-estimations and a surprise Canadiens win, I've decided to avoid checking my account for the rest of the day until I know that all of the schools I interviewed at have released their full results. I think that constant vigilance is going to ruin my day and I need to be productive ...
  9. It's midnight in London and I'm furiously putting together a final project worth 100% that is due Friday morning for one of my Masters classes here at LSE. I still have a buffer of at least a day but I'm doubting my ability to concentrate tomorrow regardless of the outcome. Somewhere in the furiousness (okay, admittedly without much fury), I'm going to be watching the game and thinking how I have to live through an extra five hours of waiting time over you other Canadians ...
  10. By my count, all medical school results should be sitting in our inboxes in no more than 180,000 seconds. And somewhere in that count we have a nail-biting Game 7 Pens/Habs showdown ... oh, the suspense! (I'm calling it 3-2 Habs, no OT) The med app process can be exacting (but worth repeating) and so it feels so good to be getting to the end of it all finally ... Without cliché or emptiness, I sincerely wish all the best to everyone on Thursday morning!
  11. Has anybody had their verifiers contacted? With only 9 working days left until *the* day, I'm assuming they must have done this by now or are in the process of finishing up...
  12. I live in a different time zone (London - GMT 0) and have to go through that much more wait on May 13th .... Countdown plus 1,800 more second. (Actually, that doesn't make it seem as long)
  13. I feel like we should put something on this wager... Dinner to the winner paid for by all those who enter in Fall 2010?
  14. It did at the time as I waited for weeks fully expecting to get in ... you create a scenario in your mind when the phone rings that perhaps its a medical school saying, "So someone died/was arrested..." or whatever other reason the waitlist moves. Ha ... I had an offer to do grad studies in Europe (which I've pursued) so I took that instead and have to say that the past few months have been irreplaceable. I'm glad I didn't get accepted, actually, and it has only sharpened my approach to medical studies and resolve to complete the degree. (Interestingly, I think there's a good study that could be done on the motivation behind the re-application of rejected candidates. I'd say that in some senses med school is the ultimate challenge and that for some peole the acceptance process turns into a game that the uber-competitive must win.) I'm still sticking with 29.
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