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  1. Hey, I dont know much but just to give you my opinion, the letter from the patient sounds much better than a letter from your collegue. I say this because the admin might think your collegue can be biased more than anyone else although I'm sure he'll keep it professional. I think the admin would rather want to read a letter that was composed by an impartial party who has nothing to lose by giving you a bad letter... but just my thought!!
  2. Hey guys I appreciate you're taking time to answer my question it means a lot to me I'm an OOP going to Uofcalgary and will be graduating this year(fianlly!) with Bsc in biology I didnt apply to UBC this cycle (only applied to UofC,UofA) and I havent received any news so I'm anticipating a second try at med school this year my gpa at calgary is around 3.88 (the entire academic record) I got pretty common EC's (hospital volunteer, a part time job, some travelling, research, etc) my mcat is 11,12,11,Q so I guess its not too bad Sorry I dont know how to convert my gpa at calgary to a percentage,but I just wanted to know how are my chances at UBC medical school with my stats if I apply in the next cycle? Thanks a lot I appreciate it:)
  3. besides the divorce issues, what do you guys think about the work-life balance that doctors try to strive for?? Is medicine really that consuming of a person..?
  4. Hi folks I just wanted to bring this up since I didnt see any old thread on this http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/doctors/lives.html this is a film documentary done by NOVA that closely follows the lives of 7 doctors starting from their first year medical school in 1987 to 2008 (for 21 years... ) After watching this documentary, I feel overwhelmed by how each peson turned out and changed although they seemed to start at the same starting line If you have time, please watch them and post your thoughts also I wanted to ask a question to current medical students/doctors, whether the medical education has changed significantly from what is portrayed in the film...I felt somewhat intimiated by how vigorous and strenuous the medical training was depicted in the film and how difficult it is to maintain a work-life balance as a doctor. I actually thought doctor's lives werent all that bad seeing how cma stats say the average # of hours doctors work in Canada were about 52~55 hrs per week. Am I naive to believe this fact or is the medical training pretty much the same today as it was in 1987 as depicted in the film? Thanks for your thoughts i appreciate them!
  5. hey guys, I'm wondering about the academic requirement of UofA medical school. Do I need to take 10 courses during at least one regular academic sessions (ie. fall to winter) in order to apply to UofA medical school??? Thank you!!
  6. wow, thanks for the great replies, especially many thanks to moo for sharing his personal insight. I'm glad to see doctors getting financially compensated for the work and effort they put into their careers. anyways, thanks again everyone for replying !
  7. hey guys If a thread already exists on this topic, please post that link for me... otherwise, I wanted to ask this question about how much doctors make in Canada. I'm not asking this question because I'm crazy about money, but I think it is a topic that should be explored for those interested in medicine..since MD is a career after all... What got me thinking about it started from a chat I had with a couple of my pre-dent buddies and they thought doctors made basically nothing...Is it true GPs only make $15 per patient in BC and they must spend 15 minutes or more on each patient as required by law? I understand there's a lot of variability depending on the specialty, where, how long and for whom they work, but I didnt know doctors made so little for all the hard work and dedication they put into their careers... I'd still pursue medicine even if doctors were paid peanuts, but I'd also definitely give a second thought since financial stability is a major factor in deciding a career for me... Please write your thoughts and provide any facts if you know any... thanks a lot!!!
  8. thanks for understanding my situation... my geog class only has 1 midterm(worth 40%), 2 assignments (10%) and the final. I quite literally bombed the midterm and right now i'm sitting at a C+ although i got 100 on both of the assignments... i'm not sure how well i'll do in the final so withdrawing was an option i was exploring..anyways thanks a lot for the wise words!! and this is not to mean that what TeaHatingBrit said is any less... thanks you guys!! ill just have to get my study on and do better:)
  9. hey guys i got one withdrawn course and just wondering how it will impact my chances at medical school?? how bad does it look to the admission staff?? its a first yr geog class and i wasnt doing too swell so had to drop it... thanks!!!
  10. hey guys how bad does a withdrawn course look to the admission staff if its a first year course? Im doing really crappy in my geog class and considering dropping it...i know its a geog class and should be easy, but im doing bad...so how much impact would this one withdrawn course have on my chances if the rest of my application is pretty standard? 3.84 gpa, common ECs, soso letters and 34Q mcat is what i have.... any reply is very much appreciated !!!!
  11. hey does this mean the U of C wont care/look at the withdrawn courses??? thanks!
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