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  1. It's a little earlier than it was for me two years ago. I well remember the intense anxiety and the perception that time truly can appear to slow down. This is a massive moment for everyone, the fruit of years of effort. Best of luck to all candidates and I hope your outcomes meet your expectations. To those of you who match to Toronto psychiatry I look forward to working with you in the future. It is an unbelievably intense moment with outcomes that may send you over the moon or shatter your hopes of any future happiness. In my experience the vast majority of applicants end up satisfied even if they don't get their first choice. There is probably little anyone can say in this moment that will assist with alleviating the anxiety around this often life changing outcome. Best of luck!
  2. I'm in psych so this may not apply to all specialties. When I dismiss a student it's because there is nothing more they can do that day to help me and I would rather maximize their time off to do their own thing rather than hang around. As a clerk I was led to believe the same.
  3. Looks like there will be some increases due to the recent PARO negotiations: POSITION/CLASSIFICATION EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 PGY1 $57,967.29 $59,068.67 $60,397.72 PGY2 $64,088.23 $65,081.60 $66,318.15 PGY3 $69,032.97 $69,999.43 $71,224.42 PGY4 $74,205.21 $75,540.91 $77,165.04 PGY5 $79,523.73 $80,637.06 $82,048.21 PGY6 $84,042.16 $85,218.75 $86,710.08 PGY7 $87,268.84 $88,490.61 $90,039.20 PGY8 $92,075.63 $93,364.69 $94,998.57 PGY9 $96,882.43 $98,238.78 $99,957.96 TYPE CURRENT CALL STIPEND EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 WEEKEND CALL EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 In-hospital $116.00 $127.60 $140.36 Home Call $58.00 $63.80 $70.18 Qualifying Stipend $58.00 $63.80 $70.18 Source
  4. Thanks rmorelan! That makes a change to my budget for the better hah.
  5. So the Paro agreement for Ontario states : POSITION/CLASSIFICATION EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019 PGY1 $57,967.29 $59,068.67 $60,190.98 PGY2 $64,088.23 $65,081.60 $66,090.36 PGY3 $69,032.97 $69,999.43 So my question is, does this scale apply to when you enter residency? Eg for current pgy1s like myself, does next year amount to the 2017 amount or the 2018 amount? If the latter then we would be gaining about 1K each year as we go through residency whereas if it's the former we make a one time gain of 1K ish until the next negotiation. Does anyone know the answer? Thanks! http://www.myparo.ca/your-contract/#annual-salary-scale
  6. I agree with everything people have said. I was advised to always be on time and I recall being shocked anyone would dare be late without a good reason but I've unfortunately seen it many times. I've also worked with students who are very clearly disinterested and on their phone while the rest of the team is working which doesn't paint a good picture. I've also worked with students going for an entirely different specialty but quite hard working and actually making it easier for me to run the day despite their primary interest being in a different specialty and I highly valued their work ethic in that situation. I would say, as much as possible try to work and care and emulate residents and things will be well. Even if you're interested in specialty x you're not a resident in specialty x yet and have a duty to perform to fulfill your role as a junior trainee who is meant to be a part of a team in different services over your clerkship year. Professionalism, interest, taking on work and not being obviously work averse are all strong components of being a well perceived CC3.
  7. I was told that ECs carry limited weight. I think it's definitely speciality specific. That said I did some work in areas that were of interest to me as well as some advocacy type roles and the strength was being able to speak about these in interviews. I don't think they necessarily mattered on paper but they allowed me to talk more about non medical experiences in interviews that I think were helpful.
  8. Yup I took one week off and spent 14 of 15 weeks total in electives though in retrospect I would have taken the couple weeks off that we're allowed to.
  9. I am a PGY1 and I had 14 weeks of electives, 10 of which were pre carms and I spent all 14 on various psychiatry electives. 10 were at my home school and 4 away as I applied too late through the portal to land more non home school ones. Based on my experience, I can say that the commitment was well received. I know of someone who split their electives between psych and something else half half and didn't match to either but it's hard to say if that split was the deciding factor in this person not matching. I think carms is becoming increasingly competitive and even for former safe specialities like psychiatry, commitment is helpful. I did meet a Pgy 4 who matched despite having done nothing in psych but they are Pgy 4 so I'm not sure if that would work now. My electives gave me lots to talk about as I did General psych, child, emerg psych, forensics etc
  10. I'm on neurology right now as an off service resident. I make my specialty and level of training clear to my staff before call starts and have thus far been quite well supported. My priority is the patient and if there is something I can't manage I usually ask my seniors if it's not past 11pm and later, I just page the staff. The staff is responsible for what happens on call and given my limited expertise I have a pretty low threshold to call if I'm concerned.
  11. Much of this is anecdotal and based on personal experience. I think psychiatry is more competitive than it used to be, at least at the programs that are in geographically desirable locations. When I applied last year I opted to go all in without backup and did all my electives in various disciplines within psych to make it quite obvious I'm committed and to also explore the specialty. I think this was definitely an asset on my application (I know some people who split their electives and were not successful with the match). I was warned though by residents that this would be an all in effort and that it was upto me to decide whether to take that risk or consider backing up and splitting my electives. So I would offer the same advice now : it is a personal decision for each applicant. At carms in Toronto they specifically said something like 'don't say you like research if you don't.' It was meant to convey that the Toronto psychiatry program does not expect its entire class to be dedicated to research. One of the advantages of the program is that there is a lot of diversity in what you can do and they seem to respect individuals who have a variety of interests and not necessarily research alone. I had very little research on my app and I didn't bring it up at all during my carms tour and it doesn't seem to have counted against me. I would say the best thing you can do to make yourself a desirable candidate is this : read, gain knowledge, perform well on core and electives, be a team player and someone who helps the team run, be reliable and dependable. Volunteer to help out, go the extra mile to get collateral. Do a variety of electives in different psych areas so you get a wide breadth of experience you can write and talk about. Reflect on your experiences in the field and think of how it helped you grow and how it impacted your career choice. I did a bit of a rural elective where I was 1 on 1 with a staff for two weeks with no residents. I got so much out of that experience, including a strong letter where someone can actually comment on you in a personal way as you worked with them directly every day with no other learners. Not everyone does this of course, I just think it coincidentally worked out for me. If you have a specific interest within the field I encourage exploring that. Do an elective and if that strengthens your interest then build an application platform around it and present yourself in a logical reflective way to showcase how you developed your interests, how you pursued them and came to your platform. Psychiatry is a field with a variety of opportunities and a lot of potential so use your fourth year to your advantage! Good luck
  12. Program and specialty specific as others have said. For psychiatry, I did only 2 weeks in a difference province (UBC) and 2 weeks away from my home school and I still received interviews from most places including the Atlantic provinces. I've been told Calgary and Alberta are difficult to get interviews at for psych as an OOP unless you've done an elective there.
  13. I'll post my experience today for what it's worth to future students. I spent about a month reviewing lectures by my school and focusing on the usmle step 2 ck bank. I did a little review with toronto notes as well but didn't read all the sections relevant to the exam. I abandoned IM and surgery with the exception of a brief review of the Gen surg section in pestanas yesterday. I think it was mildly helpful. I definitely don't regret ditching internal. Short of redoing clerkship I'm not sure what form of studying would have really helped with this exam. It felt like 7 hours of educated guessing haha. Some answers I knew only due to random comments by staff and residents during clerkship, I probably wouldn't have encountered that information in my routine cc3 or cc4 studying. I'll update this post once I get my score next month. Good luck to those of you yet to write!
  14. When I got my loc four years ago they required a letter of enrollment which the university doesn't provide until August. I found a Scotiabank rep in Hamilton who was fine with releasing the funds with just the offer letter and drove over to set up my loc there. I transferred to a rep in Toronto last month just because I'm going to be here for residency and it's more convenient to have someone I can easily meet face to face with.
  15. The trend seems to be that studying itself has subjective minimal benefit and the exam tends to test some random facts. I have a couple days left so let's see!
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