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  1. I’m sorry to hear that. I have no knowledge of how best to proceed in this circumstance, but you may also increase your audience and chance of someone having a thoughtful solution by posting on SDN or r/medicalschool or r/premed as well, which tend to have a much more US focused audience.
  2. None of them I would say. Or at least, none of them which come to mind.
  3. This really is r/wallstreetbets material https://**DELETED**.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/ggeg3n/destroyed_by_margin_call/
  4. You’ll be fine. No one knows everything going in. Work hard and enjoy the ride
  5. Keep in mind there is a lot of uncertainty with how covid will affect real estate markets. Someone who is risk adverse might be more inclined to just rent for now.
  6. If it’s anything like my school they’ll just give you some once you start. You’ll have plenty of time to practice in school - enjoy the sun for now
  7. Sit back and enjoy your last days of freedom! Consider investing in some nice noise cancelling headphones and ensure your IT equipment is up to snuff for remote lecturing. That would about it really. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of healthcare worker discounts about now so it’s ok to window shop until you get to class and see what’s up.
  8. I’ve already changed my side bag to a waterproof outdoorsy bag for wipe downs lol
  9. To clarify though, as the OP is registered in Alberta with APEGA, is allowed to state they are an engineer as it is in the term 'engineer in training' as they have phrased it.
  10. There are some combined heme-onc fellows in Canada, but it’s rare. Adds a third year, so isn’t popular. But to delay job search for a partner is one reason I’ve seen it done.
  11. Not to mention incomes not keeping up with inflation...
  12. The curriculums are very divergent. To get a competitive score imo you would essentially need the 6-8 week ‘dedicated’ block of time like US students get. Unless you’re dead set on matching the US it’s not worth it. And then then if only going for family reasons, residency QoL is better in Canada I think. But I have a biased opinion.
  13. I thought it would revert previous scores to P/F, no? edit: I thought that was the case, but I guess it hasn’t been decided. Still would only write to pass imo
  14. Grade won’t matter when everything goes pass/fail!
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