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  1. Was curious this morning. Seems like everything is shut down/put on pause to deal with COVID. For the R5s that still have to write their exams, do you have something lined up, or still hunting, or have prospects dried up?
  2. I’m pretty sure that if you check royal college policies, they accept USMLE Step 3 as a substitute for QE2. So those that are getting double hit can at least save that cost. If I had known that I would have done that back in the day. Saves an exam’s worth of stress too. Also doubling the price without any change in exam content/utility/format is absolutely enraging. That far exceeds inflation. What the eff people.
  3. What about family supports/distance at each location? That will also contribute to your ongoing success. I think it’s good though that you’ve taken a broad view with the focal point matching to your desired program, whatever it ends up being.
  4. Any of that would have been the go to solution. But now that they’ve announced the hiatus, people have stopped studying for the moment. Should have did that up front and kept the momentum. It’s been botched, and that should be on them.
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/resident-doctors-certification-covid-1.5510028
  6. As far as I understand they’re making their 4th years work until end of the year without compensation, and without the necessary health insurance either. If one get an ICU bill because they got infected without proper PPE, too bad. Students don’t really have a way to say no without compromising their degree.
  7. ...with the exception of Einstein university in NY. I feel so bad for those students. It’s unjust.
  8. Yeah, this is all assuming that people will be able to sit the September exams. People will have planned mat leave (although I do know one mom who delivered twins and passed the exam a month later), will want post pandemic vacations for wellness, or dealing with probate because their own family members passed (this is a pandemic, remember). Just because the royal college delayed things shouldn’t mean that the examiners have to do it on their timeline, either. 6 months is too short.
  9. I had absolutely no qualms about signing the petition. Doctors are about to face a COVID shitstorm, and I don’t think it is humane to indefinitely postpone certification and have this looming while dealing with the pandemic. We need these specialists to be able to go out and provide care to their communities now, and not half-assed. Their mental faculties will already be stretched to the limit as new staff and with COVID demands. The studying was basically done, but the opportunity is now lost for them to prove it with a local exam, written and/or OSCE. 6 months from now? Take their program director’s recommendation, pass them, and think about planning for virtual exams in the future.
  10. US just put a hold on expedited visa processing. So any students who had matched to US that still needed to apply for H-1Bs, etc may not be able to start.
  11. McGill just cancelled their clerkship. Off starting Monday. What on earth is happening I don’t even
  12. I’m in a weird spot in no man’s land. I’m after residency in a dept funded fellowship and not attendinghood. Not beholden to residency societies but just institutional policy. I’ve already spoken to one of my supervisors about converting (at least temporarily) my fellowship to 100% research for a month or two if I end up traveling I think. But things change quickly so who tf knows what’s going to happen.
  13. I had planned job interviews in the US in the next few weeks. And had some locally after as well. This is really getting out of hand and I have to make some decisions too. F this whole pandemic business
  14. You need to learn, and they’ll need the hands on deck for teaching wards to replace the graduating docs. I imagine the pgy1’s will simply have a trial by fire. Someone has to be on call July 1, that’s never changed.
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