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  1. ChemPetE

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    Oh totally see that’s how we’ve gotten into this. I didn’t say the health minister would love it :p Having looked at the data, I would hate to be the person doing up 101 applications to match 25 down. But that might be success for them. Ooph. not positive trends here. But rad onc is getting more in demand. All filled, somewhat competitive, and there are more and more jobs opening up. Good for that field at least. And holy hell are people applying to emerge in droves still. I didnt look look specifically at this but looks DI apps were down, and vascular too.
  2. ChemPetE

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    Really medical school spots need to decrease... the government has proven time and time again there is no appetite to fund extra residency spots. And if there are unemployed specialists, just decrease then medical students that they train. Premeds will freak, but that is the solution to this...
  3. ChemPetE

    Prepare for the USMLEs from day one

    Fwiw step 2 and 3 are hella straight forward. It’s just time to write and cost. Step 1 is the ugly one (and unfortunately the one with most misalignment with Canadian curriculum and the one that matters most for residencies)
  4. I still feel for the students that have not matched, and the dearth of options left for them. This will cool off some incentives to increase the ratio of spots to students somewhat, which is regrettable. I’m happy with some progress, but I think it’s clear that there is still a problem at heart, and the system should still strive to do better for Canadian graduates, both in terms of rates and options. More flexibility in the system also will help facilitate program transfers, which at present had gotten even more difficult.
  5. Talk to the other residents in the field. Job market and future opportunities does play a large role for morale while in training. Consider that your present needs and priorities may be different come 5 years once you may be more settled down, want to start a family, have a partner with geographical constraints, etc. I think it's something that bears due consideration and shouldn't be overlooked. Everything is placed into context though and shouldn't be considered in isolation and only you can say to how much that should bear on your priorities.
  6. #1 - go to where you will have the most success. This doesn’t mean most renowned dept, but where you have the supports to lean on when things get tough #2 - cheapest. All schools are great. Cost of living is important, and the 3 year vs 4 year debate while valid, also imparts a full year’s tuition and opportunity cost. Imo
  7. ChemPetE

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    Acquire a magic bullet/ninja/blender of choice, get in the habit of making a lot of protein shakes. Learn where the hospital gym and shower is, great for pre clinic exercise and workouts. Soylent was a nutritional godsend before health Canada banned it sadly... I used to see surgeons and internists stock their white coats with that stuff. Our resident fridge was packed with it two, with boxes on the side as well, ha! Made it really easy to hit nutritional targets. Other things that help: meal prep veggie bags on your off day ~1/week. Grab that, your smoothie, and a Greek yogurt cup and you’ve got a nutritious meal. Meal prep other meals if you can. Stock protein/meal bars/other things in your locker/desk so you can grab something quick with reasonable nutritional content as well. Regarding the stairs comment - that’s been shown to save time in the hospital. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3255141/
  8. ChemPetE


    Who knows on rads, it’s wavered up and down. Best is to ask one of them. Pubs never hurt though.
  9. ChemPetE

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    Dental school you can totally make it happen. In residency I went in the morning to the hospital gym as I found it would be inconsistent if I was dealing with work issues (call, extra paperwork from clinic, etc etc) so I was more consistent with just waking up early, bringing my protein shake along, and doing things then. Much happier and energized, too.
  10. ChemPetE


    For competitive specialties, yes to both. Intermediate and non competitive specialties, not really.
  11. Pre-CARS MCAT in 2010. Did it during the summer between 3rd and 4th year undergrad. Engineering background. Took entry bio course spring semester with another option, June/July studied full time. Wrote end of July, felt it went so-so, so paid late registration fee and wrote second time two weeks later without receiving first score (I figured I would study once, write twice, and leave it at that.) First writing got 14/11/11/Q (97th percentile), then 14/10/14/Q (99th) on the retake.
  12. Huge issue. A colleague in my cohort has passed away, as well as suspected to be attending although impossible to prove given the circumstances. And I’m not even done residency yet. Tragic all around
  13. ChemPetE

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Except for this year when the pressure was ramped up yet again in Carms. It's a known disadvantage for U of C, and I don't expect it to change anytime soon. It hasn't stopped people from matching top, competitive programs though. It's something I counselled the students I was mentoring many times before, that low stake electives are best scheduled first ,and high stakes right up until carms if possible. And with the possibility of many students having electives post carms, it also makes the clerkship track lottery high stakes, and even moreso in recent years. Best any student entering the track can communicate with their coordinator and evaluator early on to adjust any expectations. Definitely worth bringing it up with the UME and talking options with them. I would try hard to get that adjusted through any means, don't use that site for a letter, and make sure to kick ass in any subsequent electives and have it made known in your dean's letter that you both showed improvement and excelled. If in this case it were something like emerge/plastics/optho/derm etc etc and you are still gunning for it, and presumably you have more electives in the same specialty immediately lined up, you should gun hard and eat/breath/sleep that clinical material to make up the clinical difference, perceive or real.
  14. Should be. Of note, this year Canada filled all of its RO spots. US had 26 left this time before SOAP, first time in millenia. Yup, US is going to be in for a rough ride. Not every US RO is on board with that interpretation, but I think they’re going to go through what Canada went through with its oversupply.
  15. ChemPetE

    residency without match

    Ehhhhh... stuff happens. Know of people who got interviews to programs who allegedly missed the application deadlines, another person who needed emergency surgery on the tour who allegedly didn’t match and then room was found at amtheir top of the list program (they also wanted them too) so they was the best case outcome in the end for a horrifying scenario. Don’t know if any of these breaks carms contracts but truly I’m happy it worked out for them.