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  1. Theres a lot of psychology evidence to show that passion is developed and cultivated, and not just born.
  2. Soon as job opportunities for sub specialists are limited, then the hustle becomes nonstop. That still applies to a generous amount of specialties.
  3. I think board certification in the US is a bit trickier, and would likely become a barrier to getting malpractice coverage with an incomplete residency. However, I do recall that after I passed my USMLE STEP 3 that I received an email saying at that point I was free to apply for state licenses. You may get better responses on either **DELETED** or on SDN where the userbase is US predominant, and they might be able to point you in the right direction. I speculate that it may be limited to moonlighting type coverage, or more insurance peer to peer coverage type roles, which may not reimburse as well as a FP would, but I have no direct experience or knowledge in this. Doing the USMLEs should open up US residency programs though, and probably would be your best option. The border during COVID is a barrier, but I think it is surmountable. I also would advise taking STEP 2 CK the same time as LMCC 2 - the format is different, material is similar/harder in LMCC 2. STEP 3 is probably more aligned with LMCC 2, but you usually need STEP 1 and both 2 CS and CK to take STEP 3. However, with the pandemic CS is not required so if you can get 1 and 2 CK done, that is easier. STEP 3 needs to be written in the US though, and also will present challenges to go to the US at the present time, unless you can verify that you will be allowed across the border, and know that you'll be subjected to a 14 day quarantine in Canada afterwards. If you have a month of research you can take in combined with a week of vacation for the test that might be your best bet. Good luck.
  4. Definitely not happy with CMA’s latest moves. Also think AMA might have stopped the bundling? Not sure what the latest is.
  5. Be careful - med school is not guaranteed to be in the same city as residency, and the market is of questionable volatility depending on who you ask. But it is possible, sorta I think
  6. Man, this situation keeps getting more messed up. The AMA held a non confidence vote with a 67% response rate having 98% of the votes having no confidence in the health minister. And now there are twitter posts stating that Pincher Creek docs are basically forced to cover the gaps in the Aug schedule under threat of reporting to the CPSA. Absolutely bonkers. This really has to get resolved soon for everyone’s sanity, although I don’t see that happening.
  7. Tuition costs, parking, royal college (probably 5k by the time you write it). CMPA, disability insurance, etc
  8. I would suggest using it with your own decks, not US material. was great for Royal college studying though.
  9. I had a brz for residency I leased in my second year. Put a smile on my face every day I saw it and drove it. Was it responsible? Not the most responsible car, but also good on gas. Med school I knew a few people that bought beaters, one that had a bmw. I would not get something extravagant, but if you’re in the market, probably would focus on something to last you through to the end of residency at least. Which means that should be reliable and good in the snow for when you’re on call (the dodges now have awd I think? Mind you I say this coming from a rwd car. Lol). 20k dodge isn’t going to break the bank; it’s not a Lexus. Two points - as I understand, with the pandemic, dealer inventory is low and used car prices are at a market high, so unless you can find some dealer incentives on a new purchase, then it may make sense to wait out the current shortage. Maybe. Also be aware that there are often 500-1000 off offers to new grads through the manufacturer that you could take advantage of. Second point - keep in mind future income is not guaranteed at all. You may decide to pursue primary care and have a take home after tax/overhead income of 150k, in which case you may want to be more choosy or practical with your purchase. But you gotta live your life. I helped an out of province friend find a cheap Yaris in M1. Reliable, cheap cost of ownership, great shape, financially prudent and responsible. I don’t think he preferred the bare bones econobox nature of the car in time though. Give it some thought, don’t rush into things, and good luck.
  10. I’m sorry to hear that. I have no knowledge of how best to proceed in this circumstance, but you may also increase your audience and chance of someone having a thoughtful solution by posting on SDN or r/medicalschool or r/premed as well, which tend to have a much more US focused audience.
  11. None of them I would say. Or at least, none of them which come to mind.
  12. This really is r/wallstreetbets material https://**DELETED**.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/ggeg3n/destroyed_by_margin_call/
  13. You’ll be fine. No one knows everything going in. Work hard and enjoy the ride
  14. Keep in mind there is a lot of uncertainty with how covid will affect real estate markets. Someone who is risk adverse might be more inclined to just rent for now.
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