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  1. Procedural skills are a component, and depending on what you do for a career they can be a larger component than not if someone’s practice. But everyone gets through it. You’ll have good instruction and a chance to practice
  2. ChemPetE

    Money during med school?

    What school is this if you don't mind me asking? I've been out of the game for a while now, but even still the people I knew still actively doing MCAT tutoring/nursing shifts/pt shifts was the minority, I would estimate around 5-10%. My recommendation is still to use your time for wellness and get ahead on some research projects that will help you standout for the residency match. Doing some serious research while trying to learn and succeed in med school with a side hustle is like doing it with an extra ball and chain. Don't get me wrong, it is doable. But not something I personally would recommend.
  3. ChemPetE

    Money during med school?

    Line of credit dawg, you'll be too busy and stressed to work. You won't want to compromise your success with the residency match.
  4. ChemPetE

    Subletting during clerkship

    There’s a medical housing Facebook group that seems pretty active for all of this. Not sure how successful others have been for subletting, though. I stayed a home for clerkship, and my three travel electives I stayed with family, stayed with a friend, or split an Airbnb (when it was first just getting off the ground) with a classmate. Also this is back in the day before that awful electives portal I keep hearing about - how much do you folks end up spending on that thing anyways?
  5. ChemPetE

    Dr. Walker is leaving :(

    Big shoutout to Dr Walker over the years. I’m an alumni and he’s always commanded respect in both his admissions and clinical work. Dr Walker has definitely left big shoes to fill. With his announced successor, if it’s the same Dr Panaccione that I’m thinking of (pre-test probability is quite high), I recall he was a very engaging lecturer for his portion of the UME pre-clerkship curriculum. Certainly I’ve been out of the loop for a while and haven’t really interacted with Dr Panaccione since UME days (no big overlap with my current clinical practice), but I suspect that he will do a great job of continuing Calgary’s progress and leadership in MD admissions. Best of luck to him with his new role!
  6. I mean physiology is physiology right? There’s critical care options after both
  7. ChemPetE

    Laptop/technology recommendations

    I think research has shown that handwriting notes may portend better recall. But as to the strength and difference of that correlation (causation?). Agree with the organization of notes, but there are OCR solutions available too, so would really just go with your personal preference above all.
  8. ChemPetE

    Laptop/technology recommendations

    Depends on what you want for your lifecycle for your iPad. iPad is handy for one note and notes, but any serious excel work and/or research project it will help to have a full computer available, either laptop or desktop. My current workflow at the end of residency uses a mix of a first gen iPad Pro 12.9" + pencil and smart keyboard, and a 2018 MacBook. Simple things the iPad is nicer to use, but anything more serious the MacBook gets taken out.
  9. ChemPetE

    Speciality Choices

    In addition to the above, I would try and Tyhink about what kind of practice you want to have(location, academic vs community, into/output, etc), and what specialties have projected employment difficulties and other large barriers to that kind of practice. I suspect that will eliminate 3/4 off the bat at least. Save yourself some heartache - go into a field where you’re sought over. This can include competitive specialties, and can exclude others for what it’s worth.
  10. ChemPetE

    RC waiting game

    Hey LL, I hope you're doing well. I figure I'll share my story here. I was one of the first groups to go through this year, 2 days written, 2 days oral, and found out about a month ago now. That waiting period for me was the worst 2 weeks of the year, and that’s saying a lot. I spent my time vacationing with family, and then back at work seeing some friends I had neglected during the study break, which helped. The night before I needed a serious distraction – I went to go see Avengers last minute, but my girlfriend didn’t want to sit in the front row (which was all that was left). So I got up and drove straight across the city to another theatre – I really wanted to see it before the plot was spoiled to me, and REALLY needed a serious distraction that night. I was up at like 3am sending emails and personal commentaries on the recently released RC specialty employment report. I wasn’t expecting results 10am ET, but rolled out of bed to see a message from a colleague and saw they were out early. In my morning stupor I just clicked the link before I could talk myself out of it, and there was the good news. Since then, it’s been a huge relief and just preparation for next year’s fellowship, wrapping up projects, and sending out bunch of job applications. So the post news is great, but the lead up when it’s all of your control at that point is excruciating. Definitely my colleagues and I were double guessing everything, and even coming out of the orals day 2 some people were in near tears. But it went well for them in the end, (although still ~ 5% failure rate held true for others…), I found it really difficult to have self-insight on that exam. Talking to jr attendings, it was the same for them as well, in that you come out of it feeling like crap, but it should work out in the end. I know we’re in different specialties, but I imagine it’s a similar feeling across medicine. It’s tough now, but the results will come out at some point, and then it will be the biggest relief and celebrations ahead for you. I know you’re going to be an amazing attending, and I wish you all the best success happiness for your future. JS
  11. ChemPetE

    McMaster or Western?

    Calgary grad chiming in. Downsides of 3 year program above are true. But they’re not insurmountable. Just get a head start on exploring specialties EARLY. And then work but off to get a solid research project off the ground and DONE. Benefits are huge - 1 year of opportunity cost less, which means an extra year at full senior attending lifetime earnings (see white cost investor on this topic) or retiring one year early. One has to balance out whether 300-500k+ is worth that stress/arguably slightly higher risk in the match for you. Don’t forget there are successful applicants from all programs.
  12. ChemPetE

    UAlberta vs UofT vs Queen's

    carms.ca and hunt for match reports. Go nuts. Nationwide trends are most important, with very few exceptions. Most falls down to individuals and not schools, although something could potentially be said in 3 vs 4 yr programs and timing of electives. Knowing what I know now being done residency, I still wouldn’t place any part of choosing a med school on class match results, with the exception of if a school doesn’t have a home program in a residency I was gunning for, of which there are very few specific instances of that for rarer specialties, and some internal med sub specialties in sask/Manitoba.
  13. ChemPetE

    U of A vs U of T

    Where do you want to end up? Both are great schools. Being close to your family while studying in Edmonton will make your quality of life much better, and lessen stress. That would take the highest priority for me.
  14. More often than not. But depends on the specialty and province and funding arrangement, of which there are many in this day and age. In general it’s ‘easier’ to game the ffs system, which can’t be said as much for academia.
  15. ChemPetE


    1 - all Canadian schools are good 5 - doesn’t mean squat in Canada. See 1 My understanding is that 3 is pretty much self driven everywhere. Someone else will have to chime in for 2 and 4. What makes the most sense is going to where you will personally succeed most, which usually means proximity to social supports. Barring that, going where you have an idea where you might want to end up and have good networking opportunities helps. Ottawa will be the bigger city/less college town-y so depends what you’re striving for.