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    With FM, you just got to do a lot of preparation on your own while in residency in addition to the core training. This continues on into the first 5 years out into practice. You want to be in a busy FM program that gives you a lot of variety in core areas of FM. A relaxed program is great but if it's too chill you're going to become complacent. Residency ain't supposed to be easy, and the harder you work during it, the more you'll feel ready. That's how I feel halfway through R1.
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    Valkyrie reacted to schmitty in Custom CV   
    I included most activities since starting undergraduate (while weeding out insignficant ones).
    For custom CV, I tailored mine to a specific discipline by having a "Relevant XXXX specialty experience" section right up front after electives. I also gave a a 2-3 sentence explanation of what I learned and got out of each of my XXXX specialty electives and shadowing experiences. Under research and employement details, I expanded quite a lot on those related to to the discipline I was applying to while being very curt with those that were not related. Essentially this made it so that if I gave my CV to somebody that didn't know me, it was clear that I had a keen interest in, and was applying to, radiology. 
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    Didn't apply to Columbia. I went 3/4 on Interviews. I was accepted at UDM (Dec 2nd) and BU. NYU waitlisted, but didn't really bother after other offers to get in.
    I think shadowing over an extended period of time is good as it shows your commitment. It's more about how you describe your experiences and what you got out of it.
    I would say that GPA/DAT are important, but the Ivy Leagues are different in the sense that they look for well-rounded and unique candidates that are interesting. Athletics, volunteering, music, unique experiences, travel etc. I found that other schools didn't emphasize this as much, especially during the interview.
    I think the UPenn secondary app is really important, it is where you can tell them all about yourself and your passions for dentistry and outside of dentistry.
    Oh and Corky (Admissions) phones you personally to give you your offer, it's super awesome. I was writing a midterm and I missed the call for obvious reasons. Checked the area code, was from Pennsylvania, and was elated. Phoned back, and boom, she gave the acceptance. Will remember that day for the rest of my life haha, not the crappy midterm that I had bombed
    P.S. There were 2 Canadians interviewing my day, and we both got in  We're just super awesome that way.
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    Valkyrie got a reaction from dentalhopeful1 in Upenn Canadian Applicants Experience   
    I got in last year, but declined.
    Opportunities, facilities, and teaching are all good. It's top notch. The facilities for first years was a little old though.
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