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  1. Kidha


    HappyEnough is right .... its true if you don't apply you won't ever get in. Give it a shot. They are looking for many many things and that is one reason I love this school. Maybe you are super competitive everywhere else and you might be the few that do get in.
  2. Kidha


    Yah they do like rural applicants but not as much as they like those from Northern Ontario. Don't believe the hype just look at the stats on how many were accepted from the North last year compared to those from other parts of the country.
  3. Kidha


    Read previous posts on this....there are so many. I would think with that GPA you would at least get an interview....they interview 400 people so its not that difficult. As far as getting in...well that's a whole different story. U have lived in a rural community, good gpa, the ABS I can't comment on as I don't know.......With that GPA you are probably fine at a number of other medical schools in Ontario assuming you did well on your MCAT.
  4. Woods U r Right! Everyone is going to say they would love to live and practice in the North. I always hear how you need to convince them that is what you want and be better at convincing them than the next candidate...I don't that will work. You demonstrate your desire by showing that you have opted to work in these areas or study in these areas when you were given the choice (ABS and interview). Saying that you really really want to do this won't cut it...they want to see if you have already experienced it (willing to can be faked). If you are born there you are super lucky because that just happens automatically and u have the advantage by default. Okay so if you haven't lived in the North what do you do? The answer is you have to smoke everyone in grades, your interview, and ABS (pretty much the rest of the application). I would suspect you would have to be better than the average getting in on your interview score and ABS. GPA i would think you better be sitting around 3.7 if you are not from NOntario. If you are a big city kid (no rural living)...I wouldn't even bother unless you have very high 3.9 GPA and extensive work with underserviced communties........or bother to apply but don't expect much. GL
  5. Hey Nice to see you interested so early on in your life. Take my word for it! If you really want to do this just go overseas (ie Ireland). Unlike Canada they welcome people right from high school. If you lived in a country where you do med after high school your drive at this early age fits perfectly. If I could go back I would have done that.
  6. Kidha

    Waitlist movement???

    Although I said I have officialy retired from this site (people can't hear anything negative about NOSM) ! I had to put my 2 cents in here to help you deal with the waiting. I checked from my records from last year.....and they sent us a final email saying class was full. I also remember the days be shifted around here and there last year and thinking the same thing. Most likely the list is almost full and there have been no serious changes so they are probably waiting tomorrow. They will send an email saying. Our class is now full, no further updates will be made. Hope that helps.
  7. I'm so sick of this! some people look at the facts and have some good arguments whether positive or negative, the forum also filled with nonsense. Look at the facts and an issue that many interviewees had his year at NOSM (number of people being interviewed). From now on i care not to post, its almost not even worth it. The conversation always ends up with people having a fight or getting defensive or feeling a need to say how unprofessional one person is...back and forth back and forth. Like I said to NN earlier, lets not worry about why people are applying to what school, or critizing a person for bring up a point against or for a program. Let's just focus on the issue and make arguments against or for its validity. If we are blind to the facts, what kinda physicians are we going to be anyways? If whatever i say is perceived as a bash to the school what is the point of saying anything? I have a tremendous interest in this school and have applied and will continue to. Now i retire from the forum.....this time i mean it. Good luck to you all
  8. I have not read one post on the NOSM forum that disagrees with the fundamental structure of the school. Infact, its a wonderful building. An amazing program. There just seems to be some issues pertaining to admissions. Like I said before and will say again: If people have the right to praise the program and apply, then people have the right to be cut down aspects and still apply. Whether someone will be doing themselves a diservice by attending is their own personal matter that i will not touch. Frankly I think its no ones buisness either. Why not focus on issues that many applicants are having!
  9. NN you bring up some good points about "bashing" we should try to keep it constructive as possible. However, this does not mean that we should not state faults. We mention NOSM's strenghts we should also acknowledge its weakness. Or do we all thing NOSM is perfect? People that apply to this school or any other should be aware of the facts and have a right to voice their opinions "negative or positive". I would say a few uncalled for comments have been made in previous topics but all in all its a forum where people voice their opinions. If NOSM waitlisted 200 students and came close to finishing the waitlist then there would be no problem in interviewing 400 people. Infact, I would say throw in another 100. However, the facts are: Last year approx 400 ppl interviewed and 84 waitlisted. Total accepted was 56 and they did not even get close to going through half the waitlist. So NOSM NN is not in the danger of running out of people on the waitlist. Why do people apply to NOSM? Well the number one answer that most people will give you is that they want to become Doctors.
  10. I am glad this issue is being brought up. i have tried to bring this up but without much success. I would assume that the reason is that most of those interviewed at NOSM are still from the North. I guess if I was from there it would not be as big of a deal to interview every year, try flying from the Yukon, or British Columbia....yikes! However, there were Northern Ontario students that I talked to this year that said the number being interviewed was stupid and one person went as far as saying it was unethical. One way or another if I get in or not...I will bring this up to the admissions committee. Its not efficient and a waste of resources. Albt what you are saying about the whole reserved numbered seats is also very important. UBC says straight out that we accept 10 people from out of province and I believe they even tell you how many people are being interviewed for those spots, so people can check to see if the odds are acceptable. The admissions comittee should say. How many non northerners are interviewed and how many that got in that were not francophone or 1st nation. Bottom line they have all the info they should just publish it. Like I said in a previous post I have spent over $4000 dollars interviewing at NOSM.....if there are people that could possibly get a perfect interview score and not get in....THEN DO NOT interview them......
  11. Absolutely agree with U! There is no need to interview this many people for such few spots. I do not know their reasoning for this and I do not think any other school does this. Some will argue that the interview is 50% and the school does not want to base their decisions on gpa, context, and xtracurrics alone. Therefore, someone with relatively lower scores in this can shine in the interview and perhaps get in. There is not much difference in interview scores in the top hundred or so from what i was told. So what's the point? i think one could take it even further and say why are so many oops being interviewed when only a very few are getting in? I swear that more than half the people at my interview were not from NO. So are they interviewing 100 non northern ontario people for what .... 1-6 spots [6 was the number of non northern ontario people getting in last year, however, the school would not say how many of these 6 were francophone or first nation, hence 1-6] Bottom line they should eliminate 200 people off that interview list and even then they will have approx 120 rejections. Much better than 320 rejections.....ridiculous is right!
  12. Hey! I believe that is how they do it. You take your undergrad WGPA and then add o.2 to it. Look under FAQ's on their website. Cheers.
  13. Flood the system with IMG's. I think its time! No significant rural shortage will be met in Canada unless this is also done. Obviously some conditions need to be met before this is done (ie. not take drs from countries with shortages, preference for canadians citizens that studied abroad, crediting the schools, opening up post training etc). In my opinion, which ever way you cut it its the only way that Canada will solve their doctor shortage problem. Yes the extra 56 grads from NOSM will help, assuming they stay in the area (I know that not all r planning to). Being thousands of Drs short in Ontario, there is no way that the province can meet the need with opening a few hundred spots for undergrad......anyone disagree?
  14. There is much more than a "slight" advantage if you are from Northern Ontario, infact it is a significant advantage. This I speak from experience. I know of at least 3 students including myself that had higher than the average gpa of the classes getting in, furthermore, all of us were told that our interview scores were strong. My follow up interview - the person told me to do exactly what I had done that year next year and eventually told me that my score was very competitive and ranked top half. I know I might sound like I am whining but seriously I am not. I just hate it when people say that there is NOT an advantage. I do not want Non NO students to think that they are on equal footing or close to. In reality you are not and those that are not from NO that have gotten in are way above the average in gpa, xcurricular, and interview. This reflects the beliefs of at least a few NOSM students that I have talked to. Keep it real. NN I was wondering why you choose Mac over NOSM. I know you love NOSM and NO what were your deciding factors (answer only if not too personal).
  15. I must say that everyone is bringing up some interesting points here. However, I would hope that people do not start making assumptions on what others are saying or purposely attacking individuals. The whole issue of discrimination is interesting. According to some definitions I guess that discrimination may apply, if this is true and we find it to be true the bigger question is "Is intentional discrimination ever justified". However, the issue for many of us will be deciding if this is a case of discrimination. What if urban schools said that they favored urban applicants because they adjust better to urban communities than there rural counterparts, would this be acceptable? Imagine UofT saying that they are short of Doctors in Toronto (which is true) and that they will recruit people only from Toronto as it is most likely that they will remain in Toronto upon completion of their studies. I want to Know if you guys think this would be the same thing. If not how is it different? Keep it clean folks