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  1. For those who were rejected, is following the standard wordings in their email? Thanks! Occasionally, vacancies occur during the interview process, Should this happen, you may be contacted (by telephone or by email) for an interview. We thus encourage you to continue with your education program to ensure that you fulfil all prerequisites.
  2. There's this guy too http://www.fortmcmurraytoday.com/2014/03/25/former-mcmurrayite-finishes-med-school-at-20
  3. Very bright & spacious 1 bedroom condo with separate entrance for rent , HARDWOOD FLOORING Prime location: 143 Collingwood Drive Steps to Queen’s University/Medical school , Princess Street and amenities 4 Pc Bathroom with bathtub, ceramic floor kitchen with convention oven Laundry machine on site MUST SEE! Ideal for only 1 mature, clean and responsible people Non smokers only, No pets $ 650 all utilities inclusive (I am paying $ 745 + utilities) Good references must Available: 1 May- 31August 2016 OR 1 July- 31 August 2016 Please contact 647-237-6209
  4. 1. Is there an updated list of Canadian friendly US medical schools? 2. Also, how do Canadian students meet reference letter requirements especially from 2-3 professors of Science faculty or pre-med commitee. Canadian Universities typically don't have pre-med committee and professors have 100s of students, if not thousand, they don't know student personally, so it is very difficult to get reference letters. Even if students do research, it will be under one professor but some US medical schools are asking for reference letters from 2-3 science professors or pre-med committee. Thanks!
  5. My daughter is studying at Queen's and it is very difficult to get letter from Science/Non-Science professors as there are hundreds in each class and profs. don't know the student personally. How do students manage to meet these specific requirements in such situation.
  6. I am planning to take Organic Chem this summer; 1. Does any know one which University other than Carleton and Ryerson offer Organic Chem over summer? 2. If anyone did take it at Carleton, how diffcult was it? Thanks!
  7. How is this program in terms of getting high GPA? I have been offered major scholarship by Queen's, Guelph and York. So confused:). I have heard horror stories about chemistry average. Also,I am concerned about safety at York. Thanks in advance:)
  8. Can someone please explain what med school orientation week at Ottawa is like? Is it similar to undergrad frosh week which has activities like scavenger hunts, making cheers, games etc. or more academic? Thanks!
  9. Anyone? Also, what bank's ATM is found in or around RGN?
  10. How many final exams do you have at the end of each semester? Do May exams test material from the whole year or just the 2nd half?
  11. Thank you so much MilSarah. You are in the French stream, is it same for English?
  12. Can someone please comment on what happens if you are struggling academically. What happens if you fail a unit? Do you repeat classes? a year? I know you guys have exams so no rush in answering this and good luck!
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