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  1. there are two international students in our class this year
  2. the cost of living in london will most likely be cheaper than the cost of living in downtown toronto
  3. how much on average do associates make in Ontario? 120k seems a bit much
  4. DAT Kaplan Textbook (80$) IQ Publications: Biology&Chemistry + Perceptual Ability + Reading Comprehension $20 Barron's DAT $30 Cliff's Biology $10 Princeton Review Sample Exam 5 Full-length Biology Tests with answers 5 Full-length Chemistry Tests with answers Natural Sciences Integration Workshop A & B with answers 19 PAT Review Tests with answers 1 RC Test (all for $30) can meet up in Waterloo or Toronto
  5. willing to meet up in the waterloo region or downtown Toronto
  6. Kaplan MCAT bio Kaplan MCAT chem (inorganic) Kaplan MCAT physics Kaplan MCAT chem (organic) Kaplan MCAT verbal reasoning (they all cost $50 each) but im willing to sell all of them as a package for like $120. i also have Barron's MCAT which has a bit of everything which ill prolly sell for $20 prices are negotiable!
  7. did you start orientation on Aug 17th? or did classes start then? thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I'm currently in my 4th year and I applied to McGill dental school. However, I won't be finishing the requirements for my bachelor's degree until the end of the summer ( I have to take two more summer courses ). So I will probably get my final transcript around the end of August/beginning of September. Do you think that McGill will penalize me for this and take their offer back - if I do get interviewed/accepted? I let them know my situation and the admissions lady just told me that it would be added in my file. I'm hoping that I still stand a chance? Has anyone had this problem before?
  9. you're in the 94th percentile with your AA, and UofT looks at AA and PAT
  10. I'm from Waterloo and I received mine 2 days ago
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