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  1. TBH, residency is more like hell on earth. It is the worst psychological torture you can imagine and it's everyday for years. It's so bad I'm relieved when Fridays roll around and dread Mondays.
  2. I've always wanted to be a doctor since I was very young. But residency is not what is cracked up to be. Medicine is more like a calling, not just a job.
  3. I am wondering if you can get kicked out of residency if you fail the maximum number of attempts on the QE2 since it would prevent you from writing the Royal College exams.
  4. My concern isn't ridiculous. Some people feel the same way. Obviously, that's a legitimate reason for a discussion forum.
  5. This is a forum. I think anything that's possible to be true is a valid discussion here.
  6. Rejection here too. Oh well. Not too upset. Hoping for U of A. I think the weighting for the GPA changed this year to favor those with high GPA.
  7. I applied to UBC a couple of years ago. Honestly, I think their grading system is a joke. And they don't even look at the MCATs. When the grading is subjective, it gives greater leeway to fudge your application process. Transparency is very important IMO. Do you guys think it has something to do with controlling the number of Asians in the med school? I'm not trying to pull the racism card but in the 1960s, discrimination against the Jewish people was well known in institutions in the USA. Jewish students had to get higher scores to get in. Human nature doesn't change. I personally suffered quite a bit of racism in junior high and senior high school. There was a huge outcry from the Asian community in California a few years ago after the University of California school systems (UCLA, Berkley, Santa Barbara) considered not looking at the SATs to get into their undergrads because it was considered a step to prevent Asian students from getting in. Just something to think about.
  8. No. I think IP is my best bet for interviews. I never got interview invites OOP ever so it's kinda pointless.
  9. Oh yes, I got rejected before. I've always been interviewed but never accepted. Hoping it's my year now hehehe.
  10. If I remember correctly, Dalhousie & U of M changed their interview invite dates the week they were supposed to announce it. However, the interview dates itself weren't changed. It happens I doubt the ad com is thinking about other people's inconveniences at the time. But then Dal passes out its invites like 6 weeks before the interview so it's more time than Calgary. I'm glad U of Calgary's invites will be handed out earlier than U of A's. I *believe* I will get in this year.
  11. last year, the OOP rejection letters for people who didn't pass the algorithm was handed out really early, around X-mas time. Not sure if it's still the same this year. If you pass the algorithm, you have a good chance, just as much as if you were IP.
  12. I'm thinking is going to be late this week because the process was delayed 2 weeks (you know they gave us 2 extra weeks to re-do the application b/c of the formating issues). Of course the invites can get delayed too. That's what happened at several schools last year b/c the ad committee was behind I'm really hoping for interviews from 2 schools to broaden my chances. I *believe* I'll get one from U of C. Just not sure about the other school. Waiting for interviews isn't so bad. It's really waiting for the May 15th announcement that kills.
  13. Same here. I think I'm pretty well experienced with medical school interviews by now
  14. I've been to two medical school interviews in the past. I'm hoping to improve on my interviewing skills so I can get in!
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