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  1. I agree with the job market being quite good at the moment. You can PM me your questions if you want.
  2. Je recois mes pages sur mon cell par messages texte. La sonnerie de mes textos est moins aggressante que celle de ma pagette.
  3. Feels good to add a few letters to my name Congrats to all !
  4. Results should be out this Monday AM. Fingers crossed.
  5. We are moving more and more away from Medical Microbiology alone as a medical specialty. It is still quite a valuable specialty, but it should really be integrated into clinical medicine (ID).
  6. Just curious, how has the format changed and how is it harder ?
  7. I don't think this is possible in residency.
  8. I stand corrected, some schools seem to allow it as PGY3. Makes no sense to me to do moonlighting before Royal College.
  9. How can you moonlight as an R3? RC Oral exam is in May of R3...
  10. While on the Internal Medicine CTU, I usually send my medical students home early. On week end day calls, I send them home by 4 pm if nothing is scheduled to happen (no admission, no deteriorating patient...) while I stay until 8pm for the sign over. I usually get a positive answer and the student leaves with a smile. Who wants to stay to work if nothing happens ?
  11. Most of the physical examination is garbage. Still, some manoeuvres are well validated and can help you a lot. The JAMA rational of clinical examination is a great resource to know what to look for and how findings and symptoms can help rule in or rule out things. Plus, we get extremely bad physical examination teaching. It is an art that is being lost. I don`t buy the JVP assessment for volume status in most of the hospitalized patients. I think the money is the US guided IVC assessment. If you haven't seen any JVP yet, I am sure you will. Acute heart failure is a common presentation to ER and the ones who get NIPPV will have their neck veins are bulging out.
  12. Meme après 3 ans de résidence en médecine interne, je m'en suis servi que très peu. C'est très lourd à lire.
  13. Non, R1 Salary goes to 48k. Plus the call & teaching stipends, you get close to 55k for R1.
  14. Tu te présentes un peu avant l'heure indiquée de ta convocation. Ils vont vous mettre dans une salle en groupe et t'expliquer le déroulement des entrevues. Ensuite, ils vont tamener à ta première station et tu vas commencer le circuit à cet endroit. Il y a 2 stations (je pense?) de repos dans le circuit. Je crois que tu as 1 ou 2 minutes entre les stations pour te déplacer et lire le scénario. Ils vont surement te donner des bouteilles d'eau et de la bouffe.
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