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  1. brady23

    Type of Research to do for Carms...

    Which specialties would you say research is important?
  2. brady23

    Feeling alone in med school

    Really sorry you're feeling like this OP. Med school can sometimes be a very isolating environment, and it can definitely be hard to connect with your classmates especially if their upbringing and personalities are different than yours. But just realize this is temporary what you are feeling and keep focusing on you.
  3. For example, with the new 8 week cap on electives coming up: one may do 8 weeks in a desired specialty (ex: Emergency Medicine) But what about the other 8 weeks? Let's say you want to back up with Internal or Family Medicine. If you do the other 8 weeks in Family Medicine, does that make you look "undecided" to both Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine? If you did 6 weeks in Family, and 2 weeks in a random specialty, wouldn't FM know you are "backing up"? Or would they just be happy you did 6 weeks with them?
  4. brady23

    too late to even consider derm?

    How do derm applicants back up? Ex: do they do 12 weeks of electives in derm, and then 4 weeks in FM or 4 weeks in IM? Do IM or FM programs care that you are "backing up" with them?
  5. brady23

    Funded Studentship vs. NSERC

    I am not applying for an NSERC, I was using it as an example of an award with an explicit dollar amount
  6. brady23

    Funded Studentship vs. NSERC

    Thank you both - yeah I was just wondering for the purposes of CARMS and listing it on the CARMS CV! I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to list a $ amount even though the studentship funds you for the summer.
  7. brady23

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    Even in clerkship you found it easy to exercise regularly?
  8. Is there a difference between a research award (ex: NSERC) which explicitly lists the $ amount of the award vs. a studentship? A studentship I am interested in applying for is competitive and is funded. However, I know NSERC explicitly lists the $ amount of the award, while a studentship doesn't (even though you will be paid full time for 12 weeks - which is $6750). I know when listing awards, sometimes it requires you to list a $ value to them - so I am not sure how to go about this.
  9. I picture FM being the new "EM" in 20 years (EM wasn't competitive 20 years ago but now it's a totally different story) The flexibility and lifestyle of FM is so underrated
  10. Wow that's so unfortunate. I do think they should've given you a heads up and even a check in if they were "so concerned", so this is pretty unprofessional behaviour from them. And extremely unfair to place that much emphasis on knowledge, I get it's an elective, but soft skills should be way more important. I'd take it up with your faculty office, hopefully there's a hidden flag to never do an elective there for future clerks.
  11. brady23

    Preparing meals in med school

    Do you mean in clerkship and residency? Like having a 4 day week instead of 5 day week clerkship? Or lower frequency call?
  12. brady23

    Preparing meals in med school

    How do you think they could improve this? I agree - the resillience and self-care lectures are practically useless (ex: Get in a group of 3 and talk to each other about what you do when you're stressed for 10 minutes lol)
  13. brady23


    "Female trainees receive feedback that focuses on personality traits rather than demonstrable skills." Isn't this a good thing? Most program directors and residents I've talked to mention being a good person is more important than being skilled because you can teach anyone. Also, what about racial minorities? I don't think stats related to that get collected, but I'm sure there could be eye opening information related to that as well.
  14. brady23

    Preparing meals in med school

    Anybody have any favourite websites for recipes? I'm trying to improve my cooking skills.
  15. brady23

    Cap in number of Electives

    Good points. I do think the elective cap is a good idea though - there's so many specialties where there's this hidden expectation that you do almost all your electives in that specialty to show interest, which closes you off to other specialties. Now it's possible to target your top 2 specialties, and not be scrutinized for it. I see the flaws in this as well, for example if your top 2 specialties are unrelated, splitting your electives may do more harm than good. However, I do think it's a step in the right direction, because it's just too risky to go all in for a specialty.