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  1. brady23

    Income and Lifestyle

    So is it easy to join FHOs in suburbs away from Downtown Toronto? (Like Scarborough, Markham, North York, Ajax, Pickering, etc.)
  2. brady23

    Income and Lifestyle

    Well i didnt say it was impossible to join (but you do need to wait for someone to retire or do it in a high need service area), but there are heavier restrictions on them
  3. brady23

    Income and Lifestyle

    Agreed - it's so unfortunate because I do think it's a superior patient care model to the one we have now. There's a part of me that hope the Consevatives will reverse the decision of the Liberals, but not sure if that'll happen.
  4. brady23

    Income and Lifestyle

    The government has imposed restrictions on new grads joining FHTs/FHOs unfortunately
  5. I see - so you're making 50k post tax.
  6. Thank you for this! Regarding the $65k for 48 weeks of work, does that money get taxed? Or is it tax-free because you're considered a trainee? Also, is there tuition for residency, and if so how much is it? (sorry if that's a dumb question!)
  7. brady23

    Income and Lifestyle

    Is this 325-350k pre-tax and pre-overhead?
  8. brady23

    Cap in number of Electives

    Interesting. I wonder if competitive programs are aware of this when they have a hidden expectation of someone doing almost 100% of their electives in their specialty. But 12 weeks is still about 85% of your electives - so not sure it does much if your elective distribution is 12 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks
  9. brady23

    Cap in number of Electives

    I think it's a great change. Unfortunately, the reality is that some competitive programs will not consider unless you go all-in to their specialty because the candidates are just that good. With more and more unmatched students per year, it becomes more riskier applying to these competitive programs. With this elective cap, programs can't fault you for not doing 100% of your electives in their rotation and you're able to back-up with another specialty (so not putting all your eggs in one basket). It's not perfect - because you can look not dedicated if you do your electives in 2 completely different specialties, but it's a step in the right direction imo.
  10. UofT started an anonymous blog about the ups and downs of clerkship: https://failstrong.wordpress.com/ Some really good stories - nice to know that despite feelings of inadequacy, breakdowns, making mistakes, not meeting expectations, and having harsh clinical supervisors - everything turns out well at the end.
  11. brady23

    OSAP/NSLSC frustration

    And Line of Credits have interest once you take out the money. Poor of OSAP to do this.
  12. brady23

    ABS Long Term Activity

    I think its fair game to include hours since you started the activity.
  13. Depends on who's reading your essay tbh. I don't think the odds would be in your favor though - there's a continuum of how unconventional your answer can be, but you don't want to be too unconventional by saying privillege doesn't exist imo, but it may be appropriate to state what you think privillege is and maybe that it doesnt fit with what common people view privillehe as and relate it to your life stories. Just my two cents
  14. Yes, you still have a month, and just based on your GPA, your stats look good for UofT!
  15. brady23

    OHIP Billing

    this is probably a more accurate (but conservative) estimate: A007 (Intermediate Assessment $33.70) codes are the main code of FM docs for 15min appointments. If you work 9-5, and spend 7 hours seeing patients, you'll probably see around 28 patients per day. 28 x 33.70 = 943.60 per day 943.60 x 5 = 4718 per week 4718 x 52 = 245000 (pre-tax) With 30% overhead, 172000 is your pre-tax income After taxes, that's $112,000. Again this is a conservative estimate. You get to bill 30% more for the hours you see patients after 5pm (minimum 3 hours) and hours worked on weekends. There's also bonuses I think for chronic condition patients (not sure how much that will add to income)