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    Clerkship resources

    I'm looking for something that goes from a symptoms -> diagnosis approach Ex: patient presents with hemoptysis - what's the most common on the differential diagnosis and how will you work up to differentiate b/w them (ex: hemoptysis - bronchiectasis, bronchitis, lung cancer, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, tuberculosis = most common, what are the distinguishing features b/w them, then you'd do a Chest X-ray as your first line and maybe spirometry; a sputum culture, CBC test for infections, etc.) Is there any textbooks that anyone found helpful for this?
  2. Not saying it'd be an automatic go to ER, but even if in my assessment, the patient doesn't have cardiac symptoms, they could still possibly be having or about to have a heart attack, and most FPs don't have access to ECGs or other diagnostic equipment. 85% of chest pain cases in the ER are not threatening, but they are still better equipped to investigate further with the technology they have. And re: headaches - I agree that maybe a scan isn't appropriate but a referral to a neurologist is warranted after an adequate history of symptoms and methods attempted.
  3. I mean a lot of the time you do have to give the benefit of the doubt to the patient. But if someone is coming in with on/off night sweats for 2 weeks with no fever, or weight loss - does it hurt to get a chest X-ray and some blood work? Or if they've had on/off headaches for the past month that has only short term relieve with Advil - does it hurt to get a brain imaging/refer to a neurologist? Sure, 90% of the time maybe it will come back normal but that can still put them at ease, but I would think it's worth it for those 10% who it leads to something Also, a physical exam isn't perfect, I'd use it to complement your findings but wouldn't dismiss anything if the physical exam was normal I'd love to hear other people's thoughts if you agree or disagree! Every family doc is different
  4. If they come in with chest pain, shouldn't they be referred to an ER room?
  5. Thank you for this! So if someone ranked derm 1st and FM 2nd, but didn't receive derm interviews and only received FM interviews, is there 1st choice considered Derm or FM for these CARM stats?
  6. My advisor also said that we wouldn't get the points, but I saw the bonus points 3 months later!
  7. brady23


    Thank you so much! It definitely makes sense considering geriatricians are doing an IM residency haha, it's probably unlikely that a hospital would hire you without agreeing to any sort of inpatient service!
  8. brady23


    Hi! Just had a question about geriatrics. I'm assuming you have to be tied to a hospital to do geriatrics, and because of the small number of geriatricians, most hospitals would only hire you if you agreed to do inpatient geriatric service for a certain number of weeks per year (i.e. mandatory inpatient geriatric service) Would a hospital hire you for solely doing outpatient geriatrics? From who I've talked to, the answer is no (I mean after all, you did do an internal medicine residency), but wondering if anyone has other opinions! Thanks!
  9. Scotia is the only bank that waives credit card/banking fees for residency correct? I think RBC only does it for 4 years
  10. So funny because I saw someone with a dark red backpack as well (probably a student from 10+ years ago!) The red looks awesome - very Canadian! Does anyone think it would've made more sense to make red last year's colour though? (because of Canada's 150th anniversary)
  11. Aw I'm so sorry! I hope there is a way the faculty can help students in these types of situations, it doesn't seem right to abandon you in a time like this!
  12. brady23

    Physician political orientation

    Thank you! I definitely respect a lot of Liberal policy, but not when it means taking almost half of physician pay and not finding alternate ways to recoup this money that can support the social programs Liberals support (i.e. Hydro One employees don't need to be making 500k+, and if they want to keep it limited to physicians, they shouldn't be targeting FM specifically when you have professions that benefit from technology advancements like ophthalmology who can do 20 cataract surgeries and bill 2x as regular doctors in the same time)
  13. brady23

    Physician political orientation

    Yes, I've heard about that! Are physician taxes also higher with Trudeau? (I know there have been limitations imposed on incorporation, income splitting, and ability to join FHTs for new FM grads), but are there any other issues?
  14. brady23

    Physician political orientation

    In what way has Harper been more fair to doctors than Trudeau? Salary wise?
  15. brady23

    Family Medicine Salary

    Chronic care billing codes - I'm not sure if we have them in Ontario? I think seeing more than 25 patients per day would burn me out haha but finishing early is a bonus