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  1. It usually means that they failed their licensing exam (CCFP exam in this case) and are practicing under someone else's license until they pass the exam.
  2. sp1nz

    Female advice needed, thank you

    I generally don't think it's a good idea to try and ask her out, however when I was pre-med volunteering there was a couple that met and dated. They are now married Anything is possible, good luck!
  3. sp1nz

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    Dalhousie interviews just got sent out
  4. sp1nz

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    Western and Memorial interviews just came out
  5. sp1nz

    Ccfp Em Pgy3 Interview List

    Interviews from NOSM went out today.
  6. Sorry to hear that the exam did not go well! Don't worry, it is not the end of the world. I *think* that these are the consequences of failing: 1) You are not able to practice outside of your residency (i.e. if you are in a province that allows Moonlighting, you will not be able to do so). 2) You must pass the MCCQE Parts 1 and 2 before finishing residency As far as I know, the whole not being able to write your own scripts without a co-sign is a myth. The downside of all of this is that you will need to pay for another sitting (~$1000), not to mention the time commitment of re-studying and then taking time off residency to rewrite. Don't worry, everybody gets tripped up once and a while. Best of luck on the rewrite.
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    (uOttawa symbol) uOttawa Faculte de medecine Faculty of Medicine MD (whichever year you graduate)
  8. sp1nz

    1st year difficulty

    What did you find difficult about it?
  9. sp1nz

    Interview Prep

    [DELETED], I have it available. I'll also throw in my own personal stories (some that I used during my interviews) that conform to the characteristics the interviewers are looking for. These items are all I needed to prep for the interviews, and I got in at both locations that I applied (Western & UToronto). Just send me a PM.
  10. I believe you are referring to The Dialogue magazine
  11. sp1nz

    Quit NSERC halfway?

    Just chill... relax, collect your paycheque, hit the gym, enjoy the summer, help out a few of the grad students with their projects and make friends with them (if applicable). This last point is KEY: During my last NSERC, I did that and the summer was amazing, I basically went into work to play Monopoly with the grad students everyday. The PI even let me take a month off to travel Europe (I made sure to get her something from Italy!) Point is: You can still enjoy your summer whilst completing your NSERC URSA.
  12. I would recommend staying home, if possible. You don't realize how much time you spend on mundane chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, etc.) until you live on your own. It really is a significant amount of time that can be spent studying/ doing something productive. I kind of wish I could be living at home for med school (but I guess living alone forces you to 'grow up', which at this stage is a good thing). Also, and this is just a personal thing which may or may not apply to you, but I don't think I would have survived (academically) had I lived on res. The temptation to go out is always there, and I definitely would have caved in. Obviously I still went out and had a lot of fun (probably more than I should have), but had I lived on campus I seriously think I would have failed. In an almost parallel example, my cousin lived on residence for his first year of undergrad, and did so poorly that he was put on academic probation. Subsequently, he moved back home, where he picked up his grades big-time (he went to law school). Note that this is just an observation on my behalf, which may be confounded. The amount of money you save really is astronomical as well.