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  1. You have all given me a lot to think about. To be honest slumdogpremed had a point. We have already crossed the bridge where I have been offered more money and a better position somewhere else, she refuses to leave her home town. I think the big thing that I have gotten from all of this though is that be a physician, pharmacist , engineer , or garbage man- they are all jobs and all come with their inherent positives and negatives. I do have a great job that I enjoy;moreover, in my current situation I have time to spend with my kids which is the most important thing in the world to me. If I decided med school was the way to go, I would certainly have to be away from my kids for up to 8 years. This is completely unacceptable to me. My relationship with my wife may not make it but I absolutely want to be 100% involved in my kids lives, and that unfortunately means that I need to put my wants on the back-burner. Thanks everyone for helping me realize this
  2. Shematoma, you hit the nail on the head perfectly. That itch is always there. I do think that counselling it the first place we should start. May bring us to a point where she either is okay with me going, or I can let it go.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! So I graduated from Pharmacy (BscPharm) in 2006. I moved to BC with my wife (no children) and worked in retail until 2010. During that entire time I was miserable. I had worked so hard and done well in Pharm, and felt like my skills were wasted. In 2009 finally couldn't do it anymore, I told my wife (pre-children) that I wanted to go back and do medicine. She said no, and it was a huge issue for quite a few months. I knew I couldn't stay in community, so I started looking at other avenues. I started PharmD in 2010 as a compromise-my wife refused(with our newborn) to go with me to Toronto. I spend 2 years doing my PharmD without my family. I graduated from PharmD and moved back to the same town I currently live in. A lot of comments have been geared towards the 10 year uncertainty... If I am going to be completely honest, things are not great at them moment. I am a very career driven person, she is the complete opposite. She wants to work to live, I live to work. I volunteer a lot of my time to my profession, and she is un-supportive of this. I want to be involved and challenged, therefore I seek out opportunities that stimulate me, I hear about it. To be honest it's not only about med, I feel unsupported in general. That's why I made that comment. I would likely apply to calgary as my first choice (3 years) and do internal or FMR+1. I'm actually 36 right now so I took into account the time it would take to write MCAT and apply etc. My kids are pretty young. One is 5 the other is 2. I'm so torn......
  4. Mathtomed- Amazing story, thanks for sharing. I think that this quote really resonated with me "People like me don't become doctors....they become good people and good parents.". You are going to be amazing in whatever you pursue.
  5. Wow, thanks for the responses everyone.... I really do appreciate all your thoughts and efforts. With respect to some of the questions...I wanted to go into med after I finished Pharm school, but my wife was unsupportive of that decision, so our compromise at the time was PharmD which was 2 years on top of my UG degree. As part of my PhamD I received training by physicians that would be very similar to what a medical resident would have. I went to radiology rounds, physical assessment rounds, etc. Over the 2 years I realized that, while Pharm was interesting, I was more interested in procedures, reading ekg's,CT's, and solving the puzzle of why people are ill, more than what to treat them with. I also really want to take responsibility for the patient.... While I have and do work with some amazing docs that truly value what I bring to the table there are a portion who dismiss me because "i'm just a pharmacist"...... This is something that I have a very hard time with because even if I think a patient is being mismanaged, I really have no power to stop or change anything..... My stats are part of what puts me in the conundrum... I almost wish my GPA was 2.5, then there would be no question of my choice. Alas it is not.... UG GPA 3.7 , my grad stuff was Honours,pass, fail and with the exception of 3 courses I received honors across the board. I am a clinical instructor for the faculty of med, have lots of extra curriculars, and have 3 docs that I work closely with that would write me very strong letters of reference. My big hurdle would be MCAT2015, which I have not written yet. Getting back to my wife..... She has multiple concerns, none of which I think are absolute no's. 1: I'm too old 2: PharmD + undergrad put us in a lot of debt that we are just recovering from...she doesn't want to be the sole earner. 3: She doesn't want to move. 4:She thinks it will take too much time away from the kids. My biggest concern is I worry that if I don't go and my marriage ends in 10 years , I will be kicking myself for not doing it....... I know this sounds like I am setting myself up for failure, that is not my intention, I just want to make sure I am considering everything. On the other hand, the posts so far have been amazing! You are all right, my kids are the most important thing to me in the world and I need to make sure I take care of them first. I would have to leave them to go to med as the closest school is 4 hrs away if my wife did not agree to support me. You have all given me a lot to think about.Thanks again
  6. Hey everyone, I am in a bit of a conundrum and was hoping that someone in a similar situation could give me some advice. I want to be a physician, and have felt this way my whole life, but I am struggling to decide what to do. First I am 36 years old(would not start until 38). I graduated from pharmacy school in 2006, then went on to do a doctor of pharmacy and am currently a clinical pharmacy specialist in critical care. I really do have a pretty cool job. I am able to see patients, discuss diagnosis and help come up with treatment plans with the staff doc. I also teach med students,get paid well, work M-F, but yet something inside me just won't let it die. I have thought about why, and I think it boils down to responsibility for the patient care and passion for diagnosis and treatment. Right now all of my thoughts on care are "suggestions", and my suggestions are all based on having a proper diagnosis which I have limited knowledge of. Based on this I should just go right? My problem is I have 2 young children and a wife that is extremely un-supportive of this dream. She has essentially said that if I decide to go, she is leaving with the kids. I have tried to discuss this with her for over 4 years, but she just won't budge. Now that you know my life story, I am wondering if any of you have words of wisdom? Has anyone been through something like this? I am worried that if I don't make this jump I will end up resenting her and the end product will be the same either way.
  7. Hi everyone, I have brand new (no marks) 2010 editions of The Berkeley Review's Gen Chem, Org chem, Physics, and Bio. Also included are all EK's 1001 questions and 101 Verbal questions. Finally, the complete EK 7th edition is included. I paid 550.00 for these books, and none have marks in them or have even been opened(except for the verbal EK book, which has some marks at the very beginning of the book). I would like 250.00 for all of them, and buyer pays shipping. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! Will also take offers...
  8. Thanks again guys and gals, you are giving an old guy like me hope. I likely will apply to all those mentioned, and hopefully I will get accepted to one or two. Good luck to all of you who posted, hopefully I may meet you next year for interviews!
  9. Thanks for the great input, you have all made me feel like it may actually be possible to accomplish this!!
  10. Awesome, thanks for the words of wisdom. UBC and U of C were my first choices, as i currently live in rural bc. Thanks again for the input, would you guys suggest applying to UBC, UofC, and american/international universities just in case?
  11. I would qualify for both Alberta and BC in province status.
  12. So,I do not know what to do and I need some advice from the non-trads. I graduated from Pharmacy in 06 now I am at a crossroads. My cGpa was 3.3 , 2 highest years 3.7, and my prereq gpa is 3.5. I have done a few practice MCATs and usually score between 33-35. I have lots of volunteering including diabetes educator, stroke educator;I have studies published, lots of community work etc. Seems like my chances of getting into a canadian school are slim to none(correct me if I am wrong), american schools may be a possibility, the last choice I am looking at are aussie schools. Just looking for some advice and some words of wisdom. With my Gpa am i pretty much limited to aussie schools? Thanks for any advice/wisdom!!
  13. Hey all , thinking about applying for the 2011/2012 year and was wondering about references. I know choosing the right references can make or break you, so if anyone has any advise it would be greatly appreciated. I currently have 1 professor , and 1 physician that I am volenteering with. My final choice is between a colleague(another pharmacist) , or a patient whose medications I currently manage. I am having a hard time deciding, so any input would help alot! Thanks
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