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  1. Axolotl

    laptop program

    I'll sell my 2005 Toronto notes for cheap...make me an offer
  2. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    No problem, all of the threads have been put back onto the forum. Cleaning up the forum was done in an attempt to ensure that accurate, current information was being brought to the current applicants. I understand that deleting multiple threads is not a practice of this board, however, having a medical school without a moderator for 3 years is also unique, especially for a new school where policy change is more frequent. I have had a few friends this year be misinformed by reading old posts in this forum. I will simply caution the users to check the dates on the post, since many from 2 years ago have become intertwined with more recent posts by current applicants.
  3. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    Well, the "hot topics" have been put back. As I said, we will go through many of the other old threads and find out which are relevant and are helpful for applicants. Some of the old threads contain information for applicants that simply does not apply anymore. Criticisms of the program are all good unless the comments that are made are directly offensive to other users. There is absolutely no need for some of the comments that have been posted on this forum lately.
  4. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    Interesting comment, thanks for the suggestion (about the locking)
  5. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    Read the first post I made in this thread, your question will be answered.
  6. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    Yes, the two "hot topics" threads were deleted. There were some great points brought up in those threads, unfortunately, in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others), both had degraded into mean-spirited bickering. I wasn't about to specifically pick which points merited being deleted. Criticisms of the school (curriculum, admissions process, etc.) are fair game in this forum...but please keep the comments civil.
  7. Axolotl

    Deleted Threads

    Agreed, I've tried to keep the relevant ones around. Opiedog is sorting back through the ones that were deleted and will try to put back any of the threads that she thinks may be of help to future applicants. There were many posts however from 04/05 that were getting confused by current applicants as being posted recently. This is why some of the posts actually may be harmful to future applicants. Alot has changed in 2 years, but then again, there are many things that haven't!
  8. Hello all, Ian Wong has made myself and two other charter class members moderators of the NOSM forum. I took the initiative of deleting a lot of the old posts dating back to early 2004/2005. I figured you would not want to read about how the waitlist was moving in 2005! If there are any threads that were deleted that you would like to see returned, please let me know. Also, if there is any way that the forum can possibly be made better...just drop me a message. Axo
  9. Axolotl

    GTA = automatic rejection?

    Wow, that last post was entertaining! Just a short response to a few of your statements dialntin: 1. "this whole concept of rural person staying in rural environment is such complete bollocks" - Unfortunately, studies done on the backgrounds of current docs working in rural areas do not agree with you. 2. "this does a disservice to the rural communities by enlisting and graduating candidates that are on the average of lesser caliber than the more conventional medschools" - I think there were over 2500 applicants this year to NOSM. From meeting and talking with many of them, I think its safe to say that at least 50% of them would make absolutely wonderful physicians. Unfortunately, most won't get the opportunity. But I'm pretty sure that of the 2500, the school will be able to find 56 who won't do a "disservice to rural communities".
  10. I remember that at my interview I wore khakis along with a green dress shirt. No tie. No suit jacket/blazer. I looked around and the majority were wearing black suits...it felt like I stuck out bigtime. But then again, I got in. So...wear whatever you feel comfortable in!
  11. Axolotl

    Number of Apps

    Hey there Kidha, I have heard that there are 2700 applicants this year, but don't hold me to that. Apparently the double cohort is making its presence felt.
  12. Axolotl

    News from Quebec

    To be honest, I don't venture into the premed forum. I would be more interested in hearing the opinions from the regulars who post in this forum anyways.
  13. Hey Guys, I read an interesting article today about the troubles that the students are having in Quebec during their clerkship (3rd & 4th years). I thought I'd post it to try to stir up some discussion, looks like the board has been stale for awhile. I'm glad that the specialists in northern Ontario are willing to go out of their way to ensure that the students at NOSM have access to quality clinical experiences. http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/montreal/story.html?id=6804c5e8-51f4-423b-83f3-a1aba3257396&k=7903
  14. Hello, A person who was actually involved in calling the verifiers told me that after the interview process, each of the potentially successful applicants will have one of their verifiers contacted. Nobody gets in without having at least one verifier checked.