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  1. http://youtu.be/hR-NXv5Tma0?t=1m4s Deep lyrics, man. Stuck in my head allllll week. Bubble butt
  2. I would echo this. I did an intro physics class in a large uni with 200+ students in class. My final mark showed B- even though I had calculated for A+. I emailed the prof, and he told me that all the marks were on a spreadsheet, and some people's names/lines got mixed up. It was corrected immediately. Sometimes one gets lost in the electronics/database worlds easily with many students.
  3. Too much honesty! Too much! Thanks though, I will try to take a healthy skepticism with me. Any topics/areas specifically that you are thinking of, or is it more or an issue of scale where one starts MS1/2 with basic gospel that is "too basic" to encapsulate the complexity of the systems studied?
  4. Yeah, my understanding is that there's actually a secret code they use on the requisition form for your HBV titres at the testing lab so they test both titres and historical drug use from the one blood draw. Very controversial, but in the race for med schools to identify the most homogeneous candidates, it's an edge that they can't afford to give up.
  5. Because they're awesome! Lange Pathophys was what got me to actually commit to going back for med in the first place. Textbooks can be a good generalising tool, and as you've seen, different strokes for different folks in each of the replies here.
  6. Haha, I don't think everyone's really chimed in. Even if we all wanted to be more candid about the topic, PM101 might be perceived as a little risky as a forum to discuss. Good luck in first year!
  7. Someone pronouncing judgement on whether or not you are 'acceptable' for medicine is ridiculous. I took such advice many years ago from someone who I thought would lead me on the right path and I ended up in a career that wasn't really that fulfilling. As the saying goes, "It takes all kinds". So long as you are ethical, perform well academically, are interpersonally intuitive, and can handle a certain amount of stress, you are trainable and should do well. Just because you are goofy or otherwise simply may mean that you don't take yourself too seriously - something that I think many people (including physicians) need an injection of some days. The things that must be taken seriously will be obvious when they arise and you will learn along the way. Pursue your desired path, but reflect long and hard on why you can't see yourself doing anything else. Have a backup plan, especially if you're competing in Canada. I had a great backup degree, and honestly could have seen myself in many of the fields that I studied along the way. Don't change who you are for the sake of others' opinions (although you will have to have somewhat of a reserved and careful tongue when doing interviews), and be careful not to lie to yourself about your motivations. If you are humble along the way, you should come out just fine and well pleased, med school or no.
  8. Isn't it effectively the same deal, though? "Residents of Quebec aren't eligible for a free trial of Amazon Student. However, when you sign up as a new member of Amazon Student you will receive an 18-month membership with the first 6 months at no charge. Your credit card will not be charged until your free 6 months have completed, and you may cancel at any time" Just sign up and cancel after 5.9 months. It seems like they're playing with some legal interpretation semantics to get around QC laws?
  9. I like your thinking... Basically my attitude going in. We'll see what exposure to the"cool" specialties does to such a prejudice.
  10. Hi Lauren, what page of the manual do you see this on? I only see that you pick one sitting of the MCAT for UCAN, and it is later verfied... I see no mention of other MCAT sittings being visible.
  11. In the words of Mitch Hedberg, Whoa whoa whoa. Purple people? I say down with purple people.
  12. For certain models, yes, quality was an issue. But remember that some higher end models are comparable to BMW engineering - overdone, quite nice, but therefore prone to more expense. As for the other comments, I don't think it's fair to call VWs poorly engineered. Audi and VW had electrical issues in the early 00s, and the Jettas/Golfs occasionally have transmission issues because they are undersized. You get what you pay for, and those are the lower end models. This is no different than many other makes with spot-year issues. Honda/Toyota have been excellent engineers for several decades now. Remember, the plural of anecdote is data. To the OP, I would suggest looking at actual stats and reports from somewhere like lemon-aid/edmunds.
  13. Sounds like this strategy from 3rd rock from the sun.... http://youtu.be/3zek6DKXfRM?t=1m28s Or you can just repeatedly do your favorite band name: ACDC ACDC ACDC
  14. It may depend on the school, but I think I would generally opt for the second referee.
  15. Nope, only if you release it from the AAMC website. Even if you did, UCalg wouldn't have a spot in their eval system for multiple scores, so it would get corrected likely.
  16. No, I think for Calgary the quality of their response is the most important. It sounds like you have a good referee here. I asked mine to first review section two (the likert scale questions), and to let me know if there were any questions where they would rate me below a "5", just to see if they had reservations about speaking highly to my overall qualities. As for the essay section, I think it's good to indicate the CanMEDS roles to the referee so they are aware of what they are writing to, even though they will focus on the specific question at hand (leadership, advocate, etc)
  17. Do we have a list/collection of reviewers for this year?? I am also willing to review UAlberta and UCalgary applications this year as I have some spare time. (Ualberta 2018, Accepted both Alberta Schools 1st application cycle)
  18. Agreed. I've never liked the handling of cheaper mazdas, J-bodies (sunfire, cobalt), etc, but jettas always feel solid. The seats, steering, tactile components, shifting, are all super-solid and I think that adds a lot to their curb appeal. Agree with NLengr though, that VWs are horribly expensive to repair and ironically need repair to little things more often because they are "over-engineered". Lemon-Aid had a good statistical discussion of the number of average repairs in german cars being slightly higher than average for a make, but that consumer satisfaction (subjective but standardized surveys) was still higher. Biases FTW!
  19. I used OneNote throughout my undergrad. I honestly did not spend more than 5 hours per class reviewing audio, however it was a huge advantage to have it on OneNote. All audio is linked to your writing and notes, so if you need clarification, you click your note and it plays back what the lecturer said. This is highly useful if you missed some nuance to what they were saying, or you wanted to get the verbatim quote. tl;dr: Very useful for reviewing quickly at midterm and finals, not useful as regular review because it's a time-waster.
  20. Really?? I thought that they were doing ok with the latest design, but I really haven't lusted after them for a few years. so haven't been paying attention. the RX7s were a beast to repair though. :S
  21. I try to avoid talking about politics on such a forum as PM101, but I must admit that the colour choice really is the best one possible. I hope stating this publicly doesn't lose me any friends. Good job on the strategic voting, but the true party won this round.
  22. Dr. Ian Walker echoed this in the MMI speech. He basically started out by praising the high quality of all Canadian med schools, and said that he would be confident sending his kids to any of them. He also talked about how match rates (CARMS) are not hugely indicative since most schools match at such a high rate that yearly variances are probably statistically insignificant. In the end, I bet the yearly cohorts probably make their own environment in many ways, too.
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