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  1. The whole risk for human beings...
  2. Everyone you know, someday, will die.
  3. Hahaha, Mike, are you the guy at a political rally holding up a large sign that says "[Citation Needed]" while someone is at the podium speaking?
  4. Yes, I love having SAD lighting, or really bright flourescents, but sometimes need to transition to dim 'yellow' lighting if I've been studying too long. How do you adjust your light levels? Do you have multiple types??
  5. Did you watch that British movie "cashback"? There's a scene in there where they put tape over every clock visible to the cashiers on night shifts... That's how I feel about clocks! Good advice though - I definitely understand your addiction to pens. I never plan to spend just ten minutes in staples in the pen aisle. And hey, why are clipboards so important??
  6. Heh, that's what I was planning on... Futile probably. I was thinking about getting a laptop with no frills on it, so that I was in the mindset that I could only visit "research" related sites... Ban facecrack perhaps
  7. Hey guys, I've just found a 2BR basement suite with two enormous rooms. (The kitchen has suffered for it.) I'm planning my study "den" for the absolute ideal of few distractions, ultimate comfort, blah blah blah, as I'm actually going to focus this time and spend lots of hours there. And I'm building a massive ash desk! So, what have you/do you find to be the things that are incredibly important in helping you succeed in studying effectively, and actually encourage you to do so? And has anyone bought/made a custom desk before? Advice? For me: 1. Huge desk with lots of arm space / leg space 2. Tea! 3. An endless loop of Pat Metheny and Sigur Ros 4. A large shelf of books 5. A computer without flash installed on it... Cheers!
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