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  1. My experience is with Alberta schools. Surprisingly, they asked VERY specific questions like "how many hours did John spend at your company X?", "How many years and months have you known John?", "How did John assist you with report/research X?" I think that there is not much time to evaluate the candidate based on telephone conversations, so it is more likely a very specific check for factual details, possibly also to suss out fake references.
  2. Just worked on my sister's '02 protege this weekend. I had to weld in about 2 sqft of rust holes, ugh. As for handling and the manual stick handling and clutch, I can only conclude that they were very cheaply made. Which is nice because they are decently cheap to repair these days. But yeah, the rust problem was rampant with older (early 00s) mazdas. I think a med student should live in style with the RX-8
  3. Fuel economy is also another huge issue that never seems to crop up until you add your bills together at the end of the year. Fuelly.com has self-reported "real world" results for makes, years, and trim lines (engine/options) and displays economies on a histogram. Generally a single-mode peak is going to give you a very accurate representation of your fuel costs. I highly recommend adding this into your decision!
  4. I've had excellent luck with cars in the ~4-5K range at 9 years old. I'm starting to lean away from imports since repairs can be more expensive, but if you have a friend who is quite knowledgeable in mechanics, you can save a lot of money and stress by getting an older car. I personally can't afford an outlay for a 3-4 year old car, and so I pay a little bit extra for those repairs that come up as general maintenance and save a lot on initial investment. Sometimes with vehicles it turns into the devil you know vs. the devil you don't know.
  5. If it's based on ideology, of course it sucks and I disagree. However, I have met GPs who categorically refuse to ever prescribe certain meds simply because they think that the therapeutic benefit is outweighed by risks. Instead of going case-by-case, they are always prepared to say 'no'. In your case, they would be wrong to not prescribe, but they don't seem to mind being wrong. I feel that maybe that's how Dr. Barry is justifying this policy?
  6. As a patient, I would probably be glad she was up-front in not wasting my time, though discouraged and possibly shamed. However, I would far rather see the sign and go elsewhere to a doctor who can have a healthy and meaningful discussion about my sexual health rather than feel bad vibes off a doctor forced to prescribe BCPs. As an aside, I often wonder if there is any movement to have "safe space" stickers in the same vein as public health clinics and university campuses where LGBTQ people can go to. I wonder how many people get poor advice or are stigmatized by health care providers who are uncomfortable serving them. Would probably lead to poor health outcomes and avoidable outbreaks just as it might with the women who can't go see Dr.Barry because she can't discuss sexual health issues. Having a clear sign in clinics or attached to physician registry entries might make the process of searching out a GP much easier.
  7. They've been deleting a TON of legitimate threads. I've had 3 of mine deleted so far. But it is quite nice not to have too much spam on here any more. Thanks for the idea, I think I'll sign up just before school begins. I had a one-month trial before and loved it! Very fast shipping!
  8. As far as I understand, 40% is based on gpa/mcat (academic), and the other 60 are based on your ref letters, top 10, and other sections. The file reviewers look for each of the elements in the way your referees speak about you and speak to the questions posed, and also look for you speaking to these skills throughout your top 10. That's why it's important not to overly-obviously state that you have these skills, but instead craft them subtly into your top 10 writing. That's why it's also a good idea to give a CV or 'achievements resume" to your referees so they might be prompted to think about these skills as they write their responses.
  9. Says you. Pure S&M.... hmm, not sure how on earth I would ever make a pun out of THAT!
  10. Same here; I'm open to critiquing Top Tens. I loved that section of the applications last year :) Calgary does it right.
  11. An RCMP officer, obviously.
  12. Totally not "financial advice", but, I suggest building your own furninture!! I love getting random stuff and putting it together to make cheap and useful furniture. Ikea as-is section has some cheapish tabletops and other items that can help in designing your own stuff as well as Habitat for Humanity restores (used/extra materials). That is, if you have time
  13. I'm looking for good fiction, philosophy, poetry, or interesting non-fic to read this summer so I feel like I actually read something for myself this year! Please help! What are the most important/awesome book you have on your shelf?
  14. That's legit. I have a small amount of RRSP in mutuals doing the same. I remember the World Financial Group people trying to convince me to "reinvest" my LOC debt into medium-risk stuff. I hope noone here gets suckered into that...
  15. That's why I always suggest people wrap their cellphone carefully (the more wraps the better) in aluminium foil before heading out of buildings, as well as the antenna section of their laptops. It looks weird, but for the peace of mind, it's totally worth it!
  16. That being said (and not trying to be contradictory here because it's such a true statement), there IS something to the idea of amortization (long term payments) being easier to pay off in the end if inflation is steady over the years. But that's a pretty academic thing to mention given today's marketplace.
  17. Not a movie, but I loved the series "911: Bronx ER", which was a legit doco of St. Barnabas Hostpital ED - they had tons of release forms to fill, but gives you a good picture of what an ED is like
  18. Sitch: "Second-floor living without a yard" - Condo box in the sky near university; own, pay condo fees, have a car for work Rent:$800-1000 (condo fees plus home debt payment) Utilities:$100 (cellular-bannanular-phone & interwebs) Food:$300/mo Clothing:30/mo (I'm a guy) Cars are complicated. I have an ownership cost calculator excel sheet I made - if you're interested, PM me.
  19. Being a "convenience" vegetarian helps! I like Birdy's estimate - if you don't eat lots of meat, $250 - $300 is pretty reasonable. My 5 year budget has $300 as the monthly food budget, though I do cheat by having another category for "eating out" and beer, especially during finals!
  20. you must pay your monthly interest. That is all that's required of you. Heck, you can even do some creative bankwork to pay your interest payment out of your principal. However, paying off principal is always a good idea, and it should be a habit while working. Whatever accounts you have, pay off those that have the highest interest rate first (ex. always pay off credit cards before LOC principal, even if it means withdrawing from your LOC) I met far too many students financing school via credit card -scary! Remember, the basic thing to think about is: where will I lose the lowest amount of money possible depending on which account I put it in? Generally, you are making very little interest in your savings account (far lower than the 3% your LOC principal is charging you), so you're better off shifting it back to the LOC.
  21. I'm trying one out right now, and it seems just slightly more unwieldy due to size and weight. However, the flip panel at back actually makes it far easier to shift around positions and securely hold the tablet one-handed. I can hold it one handed on the couch upside down for quite a while, use my hand resting on the flip-panel while lying down, hold on one-handed while the panel is perpendicular making it like an artist's palette, etc. More comfortable than the wide-spread palm holding of the ipad for long periods.
  22. Selfies ARE very popular these days haha
  23. That's why I said "non-trad". I'm not willing to guess how many people (trad students, too, with very supportive parents maybe) think they can afford a condo, so I gave the advice for balance. Being in Edmonton and/or Calgary on the housing bubble also helps to make the 10+ year horizon negligible as well. There have been many periods where 2-4 years of ownership have increased property values over 10%. I just think land is always a good idea if you can swing it, and thought I'd throw that out there. Land ownership is all there is in the real scheme of things
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