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  1. Hey there, and first off, good luck! I'm a non-trad, but did lots of physics and chem for many years, so I can't comment on just the HS sciences. I still think that you can easily master the material in each section if you closely pander to the style of learning you are the best at. If you set aside 10 hours per week, (again personality dependent), I think it would give you a good balance of work-life. Don't study every day perhaps, but set aside a few times per week where you work hard, and then take it easy. I really liked the ExamKrackers Audio Osmosis stuff because I could listen to it in the car, and use the ipod to 'star' the tracks which I knew least about, and I could quickly refresh my thinking on the tracks/topics that were really easy or obvious. I think the biggest thing for me was to recognize that I over-dramatize the amount of material and prep needed, and sometimes just needed to get to work and do the best I could. I personally had to let go of 'perfect understanding' of all the sections, instead opting for a good generalist knowledge. You can do this with HS sciences if you are very self-taught. Ochem, maybe not so much, you will definitely need guidance/courses on that. If you are writing next year, you have a bit of a wait for new prep material since social science material is not totally known yet. Maybe start reading psychology journals once in a while to start to get the 'language and tone' of their discipline as well as understanding the methods of experiments they use. Does this help or fit in with your plans?
  2. To add to the other side, I think buying can make sense for non-trads who are coasting off of income from their previous career and are doing a program that they are certain they will be able to stay at/around their current city. I put down 25% like rmorelan mentioned to get around CMHC insurance, and that was 4 years ago at the start of my BSc. Payments have been less than rentals in the same city and/or area, and my net worth looks better because of principal payments. It's also great to be able to do renos whenever you want and to have the stability of knowing you really have a "home" to go back to when working out of town during summers or between semesters. There's also the advantage of rental income if you can pick truly trustworthy tenants. I have rented before when working out of town, and if I do rural residencies, I will have no issues renting out and making money off the property. I don't think a 10-year horizon is neccessary to consider ownership - you don't HAVE to make money on the appreciation of the place; the reduced cost of living is worth it alone even if you place never appreciates in value over the few years you own it. However, there is a lot more paperwork and credit responsibility involved!
  3. I have never hired an appraiser, although I have seen their workflow through insurance agencies. Usually independent appraisers for vehicles are hired by private owners for more complicated and specialized things (RVs, choppers, antiques), so they will not be putting much work in on your car unless you have a lot of mods. I probably wouldn't pay for much over an hour's worth of work, which may run you $100-150, so shop around. Check the rules and find out what certifications are needed. Good luck!
  4. You would still need to use the vehicle's make year since that's part of the title. I'm not from ON, so maybe there are rules by which you can get around this (ex. form indicates "date purchased"). If I buy a 2014 right now, I can still buy it up to december or later, or I can opt for the slightly more expensive one which might start rolling around onto shop floors by september to Novemberish. So really, the model year rule is fair because it is valuing the worth of the car, not the technicality of when it was purchased.
  5. Found this 1-10 childbirth male reaction chart on imgur today. Bahaha!
  6. I usually used synctoy to sync my onenote and documents between desktop and laptops each day. Can I easily set that up on the onedrive, or is it expected that one just use 'the cloud' all the time??
  7. Yep, just yesterday my SO and I were walking around and talking about the "meh, I don't really want to do this now" effect. Thankfully, she's a psychologist, so I talked back to reality My suggestion, since I share your feelings, is to do the best you can to chill, relax, enjoy your summer, do no work whatsoever, and "zone out" until the end of August. We're going to be working our butts off for well over a solid school year. Good lucking zoning out and being 'normal'! It's really tough!
  8. Hmm, latent sexism? As a male, I've never heard those, and I think they would piss me off if I was female. The 'worst' for me is family who are already asking me about every rash, chest pain, or cough that they have, as though I could magically give them a diagnosis with just a BSc under my belt.
  9. Thanks! I was reading up on them and someone mentioned a maxim about not taking in more information than is relevant to diagnosis. I was kind of interested in if physicians can open themselves up to legal trouble by 'doing too much'.
  10. As a GP or EM-Doc, does using POCUS need to go in the radiology section of a pt's chart, or does it go in only if relevant to the diagnosis? Do you download the videos and keep them? Does using POCUS open a practitioner to liability if they chose to use it as a one-off in addition to physical exam, and they missed something semi-nuanced that a radiologist would have caught?
  11. A different bank told me on Friday that I would essentially be reapplying each year for an additional amount (up to the total LOC limit by the end of school), and so I would have to estimate income for the year in order to send off the application to the underwriters for assessment.
  12. You never know - there are many reasons why a "nice med applicant" may have some history with the police. A scary thought, too - I have a friend whose name matched someone with a long past. He had to do a lot of legwork signing affidavits and meeting with the RCMP to clear his name.
  13. I thought choline only helped in cases of low dietary intake, and that it was more for general brain and liver function... I couldn't find any studies of it purely on short-term memory in healthy adults. One of the most interesting was one that found adults whose mothers supplemented choline during gestation had greater choline intake needs, and would suffer the greatest spatial memory decline during times of adult dietary deficiency. This was an experiment with 70 rats: DOI: 10.1016/j.brainres.2008.08.074 Spatial memory and hippocampal plasticity are differentially sensitive to the availability of choline in adulthood as a function of choline supply in utero "One developmental mechanism for the enduring actions of prenatal choline availability on brain function is through an epigenetic process. Choline is the precursor to the methyl donor betaine and nutritional methyl status may influence the availability of methyl groups necessary for the methylation of CpG sites in DNA, and thus regulation of gene expression. For example, when pregnant rodents are fed a choline deficient diet, methylation of the CDKN3 gene promoter is decreased in fetal brain, which results in over expression of this gene, leading to decreased cell proliferation (Niculescu et al., 2004). Thus, a developmental change in gene promoter methylation by prenatal choline supplementation or deficiency could lead to the long-term alterations in hippocampal cell proliferation reported here. Epigenetic modifications of the brain can also continue to occur throughout life. For example, Pogribny and colleagues (2008) report that feeding a folate/methyl-deficient diet to adult rats resulted in global DNA and gene-specific hypermethylation and by an increase of methylation within unmethylated DNA domains. Thus, it seems possible that developmental and adult epigenetic mechanisms might interact to cause the patterns of change in hippocampal plasticity and cognitive function reported here after changes in fetal and adult choline availability."
  14. Out of interest, why would it have taken 4 years to do her postgrad training? Is it common for GPs? I thought 2 years was kind of standard unless doing an frcp or something...
  15. It didn't from what I could see. The NatPo article found a religious statement from her from years ago, but there was no firm link made and she did not give a statement, so it is not a certainty that it's for religious reasons. Edit: Just saw the Global News statement that the receptionist confirms it was due to the Dr's 'beliefs'. Frustrating.
  16. So I was working a 2-month contract and haven't been checking my Visa statements. Someone skimmed my number and charged over $3000 to it. Only $700 is within the last 30 days and is recoverable. Argh! I think I'll not have a credit card anymore. It was a good idea when I was getting dividends and paying it off monthly, but now it doesn't really make sense as a financial tool anymore.
  17. So true! I think there's also the reflexivity effect of what kind of community/communities you have surrounded yourself with. I know I am personally hugely affected by who my social/work group is and how they behave. "true self" is a really autonomous and western-idolized concept.
  18. I was just talking with a friend of mine about this today, and it's interesting that you take such an optimistic view of change in humans. I know many who are very static throughout their lives, and some who seem to flow like water. I wonder if there are some aspects of people that can only be changed through discipline, habit changes, and imperative motivations. Do you think some people are more plastic than others, or if everyone has the ability to be changed and only some choose to exercise the option?
  19. Sister unit introduced me to RAC (Rap Artist Collective) a few months ago, and have been really using them for running songs lately. They're basically mash ups of popular songs and riffs. Good stuff! Cheap sunglasses - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHe6lVOTFEU Sail into the Sun - Ello Ello -
  20. I have never watched frozen, and with the huge number of parodies out there, I will never watch it now. I'd probably get sucked in to all the hype and lose any productivity.
  21. Yeah, they did seem to suggest there were moralistic reasons, but I was hoping against hope that there was some other 'good' reason why she doesn't prescribe. I'd be interested to hear her side of it, but she's probably quite wary of how the media would cut her sound bytes if she gave an interview. I really hope this is overblown and there' s some therapeutic reason why she doesn't prescribe.
  22. You're ignoring other factors surrounding bike use. I agree with your stats and personally think that people should wear helmets, and that we should enforce it for under 18s, especially given our unsafe-for-bikes roads we have in most Canadian cites. However, adults are more likely to take short trips when helmet use is not enforced, so we are deriving public health benefits from less regulation. Drivers are also more cautious around non-helmet-users, possibly due to perceived 'non-professionalism' of those riders. We should also be focusing on integrating cyclists safely into our streets as in other northern countries in europe (Germany, Denmark, Netherlands) using raised-curb separation of bike tracks, safer intersections, and an overall shift in culture towards promotion of cycling.
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