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  1. Just found out one of my closest friends died this weekend. It strikes me hard since he was such a good man - the type like Mr. Rogers that knew/expected much of 'who you could be'. It stands in stark contrast to this, at times, frenzied and neurotic path we are on, and it reminds me of the need to shed light on the true value of our communities and the 'things' in our lives. Right now I'm taking a breather and being reminded of how privileged we are; our clock runs too quickly and we miss much.
  2. It will not save us as quickly as we want - it's the fallacy so many rely on when confronted by environmental change. As regards this and the other issues: Ours is a culture problem, not a technology problem. My $0.02
  3. Incorrect. First date with a girl who has never done (indoor) rock climbing: genius. Get to "show her the ropes", relaxed environment, mostly one-on-one with plenty of opportunity for distraction or exits if things go badly... Also there may have been spandex involved. Just sayin'. And yes, this has become my recommended go-to "first date". To be fair, I only go for sporty, outdoorsy types, so I am biased.
  4. Yikes! I'm glad we compensate our EMTs better than that!
  5. Not to amp up the stress, but I had an issue with my letter in the mail - it did not arrive. I drove up to Edmonton today to hand in the items personally, and got a confirmation email (dependent on sending in my crim check as I only had a receipt for it) shortly thereafter. I think jojef is right, though - they are processing around 100 letters, so it probably takes a while. Look forward to meeting you this coming semester!
  6. Wow, congratulations! Very jealous, as I love Montreal, always wanted McGill MD (but sadly cannot as I am OOP), and have need of ameliorer mon francais. My primary concern would be language, personally - I think that not being an absolute master of the language of instruction might discourage me, especially with the different roots, suffixes, etymology, etc which can be sometimes quite subtle. On the other hand, so much of medicine is latin-based and very scientific, so I suspect that no shortage of dual-language resources would be easy to find & use. I'd almost want to take UdeM and practice english in other contexts. Do you think there are disadvantages to coming from a french university when applying for jobs elsewhere? i tend to think not, but you are right that McGill is really well-recognized globally. I also really liked McGill's program apporach when I looked at it a few years ago - holisitic, steeped in scottish history/tradition, and very well recognized. Either way, you have a difficult choice ahead! Good luck in deciding, and well done!
  7. Oh man, that sucks. I had mine done in Thailand an was basically given 2500mg of acetaminophen plus a local. I didn't feel anything and it took only 15 mins per side even when they had to grind down my jawbone a bit. :S With other dental stuff, I'm usually really sensitive and respond badly to N2O, so the Thai surgeon was pretty surprising. That was 2006 when House had been out for a few seasons, so I 'recovered' with a delightfully cynical Hugh Laurie in the hostel Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Looking forward to finally knowing my trajectory in this next phase in life, as I'm sure everyone else is! Hope we're all part of 2017!!
  8. Reminds me of this Mitchell and Webb clip "That's hardly BRAIN SURGERY isn't it?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNnzi4NcKKY
  9. This 1000x. You are only noticing arrogant doctors because they are on your radar. I know of arrogant people in nearly every field that self aggrandize to an intolerable degree. I can think of: Chefs/cooks Industrial tradespeople Profs Baristas Nurses Engineers As a few recent examples just off the top of my head where I have encountered both very humble awesome people but also tremendously arrogant people.
  10. Classified - Inner Ninja Utah Saints - Something Good RJD2 - Final Frontier Timo maas - help me Boogie Pimps - Somebody to love (saltshaker remix) Ellie goulding - Lights (bassnectar remix) Make a move on me Mark mothersbaugh - ping island Dragonette - Hello Tegan and Sara - Northshore muse - supermassive black hole Numero - vodka caramel chewingum fraise Thanks for the picks, I will have to add some of yours and shuffle out the old...
  11. Are there not some minor surgeries that can be done by FM? I'm thinking rural areas - I had my tonsils out in a rural hospital many years ago, and don't remember a surgical team being there at all. I imagine there would maybe be some extra rotations or something for that to work?
  12. Haha, I was thinking 'differential' as in differential diagnosis/comparison/best fit... Thanks Hyperalgesia - you're very right, I was blown away by some of the prices around the hospital. Those University place condos look very nice, but they are starting at $1400 for a 1 BR. Craziness!
  13. With mental health issues can sometimes come very special amounts of strength. Also possible that others tried to intervene and got hurt as well. Also, it was 1-2AM, so I have heard it implied that maybe some people were sleeping or otherwise subdued.
  14. They phoned mine. Asked very specific questions, so not much time for chit chat.
  15. Man, really reaching to the bottom of the barrel on this one, eh? Haha, I was worried for you having time to book viewing appointments, but I think the hope seems to be that the decision should be out a little bit earlier in the week rather than later. Did you interview at Edmonton as well? I'm interested in the differential "place looking" in Calgary too, so looking forward to hearing your findings...
  16. What the hell was that about anyways? I just don't understand. Even grapes was pissy about it, and I generally disagree with him anytime he opens his mouth.
  17. Isn't this like the "consistent happiness" social bias where most people will tend to keep a consistent ratio of happy:bad experiences no matter the social-cultural factors? Pretty awesome - we're such interesting beings:) Great advice all 'round. You're like a furry little buddha, rmorelan.
  18. Renoir

    Quote of the day

    People nowadays think that scientists exist to instruct them, poets, musicians, etc. to give them pleasure. The idea that these have something to teach them - that does not occur to them. -Wittgenstein
  19. Renoir

    Quote of the day

    School is most definitely that. Or the girlfriend. Not sure if that's what the crazy old guy meant.
  20. There's a good conversation happening here: showthread.php?t=80123 I'm no resident, but my $0.02 is that if you really want to, you'll make it work. Seems like there are significant challenges, but they can be overcome with patience, understanding, and some good disciplines of "making time".
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