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  1. Keep it up and don't be afraid to let you standards slip a bit. Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together. On another note... a few weeks to GRAD! WHOO!
  2. I don't think you can transfer that experience if you've had a break... I think I would probably be super-enjoying things in school right now if I had spent at least a semester or so travelling or working I'm feeling pretty burnt out in 4th year, but that's actually a pretty normal thing to happen. Shifting gears to med is likely to change the focus and style, and learning IS awesome! Sometimes one just has to slog through a few things that are less than ideal in coursework.
  3. Well, 'perceived' on the part of expert judgement, I can agree with. But public outcry and focusing events can often overestimate perceived risk. Holmolka was a terrible case (and a bad example) because of the nature of the plea deal. Breivik's 21 year release is conditional on careful risk reassessment near the end of his term.
  4. I don't want to wade too far into a discussion of the merits of restorative justice at this time, but it wounds like Matt de Grood was charged while in hospital due to pretty severe mental health issues. I really hope that he is able to get a grip on reality again and have a treatment plan that lets him salvage his life. I am suspicious as to whether multi-multi-decade sentences really provide a good balance of restoration, and whether the retributive aspect really makes families feel better.
  5. Calgary purely based on my desire to go into family. However, the rural residency program at the U of A is very attractive. They almost had me swayed the other way in the U of A interviews.
  6. Yeah, and Antarcticans. I'm feeling oppressed by OP.
  7. Not a book, but you should really try to watch "Bevel Up", a doco about BC & AB public health nurses doing needle exchange, prenatal counselling, addictions/mental health counseling, etc. Great film.
  8. Second House of God. learn the history of GOMERs and other derogatory medical 'terms'. very funny in a Carl Hiassen sort of way. I really love Foucault's "Birth of the Clinic", although it is a bit of crazy language/thought process to get onto if you have not read much sociology or philosophy.
  9. While this may be true for most employment, it is not true of contract work. I work in an industry (usually in Alberta) that is primarily contract-based. I have mandatory pre-work urine tests and breath tests by medical labs up to 5 times per year (start of each contract), and am subject to on-site random testing which can be difficult for someone with a shy bladder. If there is an accident or 'incident', all workers associated with the incident are immediately sent for urine sample/breathalyzer on-site. They will be terminated immediately for etoh or drug content. The state of this industry only took a few years of agreement between employers to make it de facto such that very few people are employable without complying. I wonder if, in the absence of law changes, some 'creative' solution like this could be imposed on medical industries?
  10. Lol! ...something about significance tests.
  11. The article also stated that the first responder was aware of the sensitivity of sudden-hypothermia casualties, and so may have modified compression while waiting for EMS, especially given the extremely long time they were performing CPR for.
  12. This doesn't seem right, nor is it what we were told in the welcome session, nor is it what is listed in the documents. Every single interviewer went through prompts 1 &2 even though I had fully covered their content. As I understand it, and as I experienced it, they are instructed to say something like "You may already have covered this, but..." and then read the prompt. You then quickly recap and move on to the next prompts. My goal was to get to prompt 3 & 4 in each station if possible so that I could demonstrate nuance and complexity to the issue I may have missed. Again, I have heard time and time again (Calgary & Alberta) that interviewers cannot change the order of prompts, nor can they skip them. So, given that they all read prompts 1 & 2, and they intimated that I should elect to skip those prompts, why do you think it is bad that they read these out? Is this perhaps a new policy for next year, or were you told that this is how they were to operate in this current selection year? Thanks for any clarification you might be able to bring...
  13. Interesting. Similar shenanigans in Alberta recently. I wonder if there are think-tanks advising on new policy silliness that can be tested for public outrage. Tricksy hobbitses.
  14. MRW when UC sent an email today... (Even though it was just administerial stuff)
  15. Interesting interview with a pediatrician who recommends a heavily modified vaccine schedule in addition to skipping some vaccines... Similarly, Donald Trump is banging off today on twitter about the autism/vaccine/big pharma conspiracy. http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/03/pediatrician-believes-vaccines-are-messing-nature Sigh.
  16. As others have said above. The education dean of Med stated pretty explicitly that he had already been given a number by the gov't. I wonder, then, if Calgary hasn't already also got an explicit number at this point. No blog posts/tweets lately.
  17. Agree 100%. I was heavily leaning to U of C until having some good solid chats with U of A students yesterday. Now I'm totally up in the air. I love how heavily they leaned on the social aspects in upselling the U - one would have almost thought that we were going there to party/sport instead of do med.
  18. I feel like you're just going to mug us and keep up in a dark room until March 4. Taking out the competition. Sounds shady. Heh, just kidding.
  19. Agree 100% We did a ton of practice this year, and I've had several instances of having the same question from session to session. I honestly don't think I did any better the second go-around on them. If anything I was worse because I didn't feel the need to work so hard at showing my thought process. Just my 0.02p in case anecdotal counts in anyone's book.
  20. Work hard and go to class, and you should do well. I went to a small university (took some courses at U of A as pre-reqs) and found U of A to be very easy in comparison except for the labs where TAs don't care or don't want to be there. The disembodiment of both Universities (due to class size/population alone) is likely to be fairly standard, so I would say the life there is going to be what you make it to be. As for the cities themselves, I have lived long bouts in both cities and they are both wonderful in their own ways. The following is all highly IMO and YMMV, so please don;t take offense! Edmonton has great nightlife on whyte ave and lots of varied interesting events happening there. A great coffee/beer/gourmet culture close to the school if you're into off-campus stuff and like to chill with the hip crowd. Jasper is 3 hours away which isn't too much a of a bummer since weekends are often really busy anyways. There are a ton of festivals and I've had many many opportunities to volunteer and be community-centred. The river valley is incredible, long, well-developed, and highly used. Attitudes vary, but it's generally a little more chill since downtown/south areas are the meeting places. Calgary is first and foremost an hour away from Banff and a little more to Lake louise. Calgary is every bit as sporty, if not a bit more, than Edmonton. (Nose hill is near the university and is a great park for running/biking) These are the two biggest features that would make me want to move back. I dislike the slightly higher amount of suburbia there and the more prissy/priveleged attitude of people downtown and about certain places, but we're talking subtle differences between cities here that take years to notice for many. Food culture is known as slightly better in Calgary, although Edmonton is catching up and doing edgy stuff. I have more difficulty getting around Calgary and feeling like I am "centred" in a major area with many services. The festivals are pretty equally as good especially if you factor in the stampede. I did not volunteer much in Calgary, but I suspect the infrastructure to do so is very much the same. So... the question is: what do you look for in a city/campus? What do you want to do? How will you give back/interact/etc?
  21. Crikey that's expensive! HI hostel is quite close as well, and you guys can take the #7, #4, and #94 westbound buses which take 5-10 mins to get campus (about ten blocks away)
  22. Followed this this AM. Really interesting concept! I think it was to raise awareness of heart disease. They must have dedicated a circulating to run the tweets haha, I wonder if we will see this as a task for future med students on their surg rotations.
  23. I listened to the podcast *somewhat* closely (though I skipped a couple of parts), and my understanding of the context is that they announced introduction of 1 acting station and 1 picture station. The way they stated these things, one would also have expected them to announce if using a video station. Therefore my conclusion is that the is *not* a video station.
  24. Oh yeah, engineers for sure :) But power engineering is a bit of a misnomer. It's a two-year tech certificate with some basic certification exams and on-the-job training... Pretty easy and appealing route if you like physics! Basically, they operate industrial plants and stuff like that, so it can be a cushy job.
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