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    Renoir got a reaction from yonas in Guide to choosing a residency   
    Oh yeah, engineers for sure :)
    But power engineering is a bit of a misnomer. It's a two-year tech certificate with some basic certification exams and on-the-job training... Pretty easy and appealing route if you like physics! Basically, they operate industrial plants and stuff like that, so it can be a cushy job.
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    Renoir reacted to BernieMac in Income and Lifestyle   
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    Renoir reacted to rmorelan in Income and Lifestyle   
    At current mortgage rates that is 4K (because to own that house you need a down payment - ideally 20%. More of course if you are just jumping into at crazy low amount down. 
    1500 a month on food? Guess there is a lot of eating out there?
    Leasing two cars - I mean convenient but leasing is always going to be more expensive. Particularly short term leasing (2-3 years). 
    effectively 36K saved a year not nothing I would say. 
    Where is your spouse in all of this? Obviously a second income, even a modest one would solve most of the problems you mention above. If not working, why is child care needed? 
    (one thing not talked about is loan repayment if required - as much as I am saying things are reasonable here, that is an expense that cannot be ignored of course if present)
    You are absolutely right that it is a very expensive city, and probably in a housing bubble on top of that or close to it. I would agree that if wealth is your primary goal then living there isn't the most logical thing to do. Still In TO the vast majority of people are not earning anything even remotely close to 250K a year. There lives are not terrible deprived wastelands. 
    Some of this is philosophy and those no right or wrong answer. I still say with your model above you will need up retiring earlier than most, and having no loss of income in retirement. That isn't horrible to say the least. Also the mortgage payment will likely fall relative to your income over time (it will always be 4K a month, your income will not stay at 12.5).  Over time things will get easier.  
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    Renoir reacted to MDwannabe02 in N.S. adds 15 new specialist residency seats to Dalhousie medical school   
    Anyone know if the emerg seats are CCFP or royal college programs?
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    Renoir reacted to Intrepid86 in When a resident tells you to go home?   
    The 2 questions that should be in the back of your mind each day are, "Can the patient go home?", and/if not  "Can I go home?". A yes to either is almost invariably a good thing.
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    Renoir reacted to rmorelan in When a resident tells you to go home?   
    again to add - not a trap. 
    Residents know clerks are unpaid trainees often in a stressful overwhelming situation. We just went through that experience very recently ourselves. We shield clerks in a ton of ways that are both obvious and not. If someone tells you to go - go.
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    Renoir reacted to NLengr in When a resident tells you to go home?   
    GTFO asap before someone changes thier mind. 
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    Renoir got a reaction from gottawannit in May 15Th Support Group   
    As a current med student: I don't think you can possibly underestimate amount of disorganization and lack of execution in a med school office...
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    Renoir got a reaction from Premed23 in May 15Th Support Group   
    As a current med student: I don't think you can possibly underestimate amount of disorganization and lack of execution in a med school office...
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    Renoir got a reaction from photato in May 15Th Support Group   
    As a current med student: I don't think you can possibly underestimate amount of disorganization and lack of execution in a med school office...
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    Renoir reacted to ACHQ in Must-Do Clerkship Rotations   
    100% agreed.
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    Renoir reacted to ploughboy in Must-Do Clerkship Rotations   
    If you're going to be practicing rural family med, from time-to-time you'll find yourself dealing with a ridiculously unstable patient without any back-up.  You'll be the most qualified medical practitioner available, at least until the helicopter gets there.
    So ya, doing some ICU would be a good place to experience the basics of resuscitation.  As the med student on ICU, you'll often get stuck with the really stable, going-to-the-ward-but-there's-no-bed patients.  Don't settle for that!  Ask to be assigned to the fresh, unstable patients with one of the residents or the fellow backing you up.  And be keen about going to emerg consults, rapid response calls etc.  That's probably the best way for you to get the most out of that sort of rotation.
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    Renoir reacted to ACHQ in Must-Do Clerkship Rotations   
    Note: I am not someone doing family medicine (let alone rural family) I am doing internal medicine but have worked with rural family docs getting extra training
    I would say that list looks fine, and consider adding ICU and ER for sure. A trauma elective would be good but only during the primary survey not trauma surgery. Cardiology/CCU would probably be helpful too. Peds (peds ER would probably be best) would also be good for you.
    That being said you probably have limited number of electives so you won't be able to do all of them.
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    Renoir got a reaction from cedarvideo in U Of Alberta –– Is It Possible I Got Flagged.   
    Absolutely no 'multi-red-flags'. The person asked if THEY would get a red flag for someone else's behavior. Even if the wrong person was identified, it would be handled with the weight and context of it being a large group of people. I.e. it would get thrown out as a red flag unless the applicant had other serious red flags during interviews.
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    Renoir reacted to rmorelan in Is It Possible To Finish Med School Without Becoming Too Salty Or Cynical?   
    well for some fields I would say it is. I mean it is for me eyes on images. I need to see thousands of images, thousands and thousands of images. That just takes time.
    for surgeons that is hands on patients. I guess there point is it isn't proficiency - they don't just want to be proficient, they want to master it. It isn't binary.
    Don't get me wrong there are definitely ways to make this shorter, less stressful and easier. We need to do those things.  There are however still limits. 
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    Renoir reacted to amichel in Is It Possible To Finish Med School Without Becoming Too Salty Or Cynical?   
    There's a way to redirect without being rude though. That doesn't take more time.
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    Renoir reacted to rmorelan in Is It Possible To Finish Med School Without Becoming Too Salty Or Cynical?   
    sleep deprivation is not a good thing - I am one of those residents now at the two year mark of heavy call (1:4 rad call for the past year). It is hard to function well when you are permanently tired.
    you can see good people just be functionally so tired they are really not themselves. No time to recharge
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    Renoir reacted to ieatpremeds in Med Students - How Do You Study?   
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    Renoir reacted to ralk in Med Students - How Do You Study?   
    Just keep reading. It almost doesn't matter what you read or really how you read, as long as you're sticking with relevant material. Ideally this reading will involve some sort of application to test your recall and contextualize information. I studied a lot off of practice questions.
    This isn't undergrad and so for the most part, you don't need to have every single detail memorized. It's probably counterproductive to try to be that complete anyway. Learn the big facts, learn the ones that are important for your future practice, as well as the ones that you find interesting. Basically, make your studying productive and enjoyable, it makes it a lot easier to do. If you miss a question or two because of that, it's really not a big deal anymore and not worth stress out about. If you're an MS1 and presumably still doing well enough in school to keep going, you're probably doing just fine.
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    Renoir reacted to ralk in Family Medicine Popularity   
    FM salaries are lower overall and workload is only slightly lower when compared to royal college specialties, but there's a lot of variation. If you're willing to work in a rural or remote place, especially in a town that has FPs (without +1s) covering long Emerg shifts in rural hospitals, FPs can gross over 500k while working a very reasonable set of hours. That's a job most people don't want, but these positions do exist. Most will make ~200-225k gross while working around 50 hours a week though.
    As for the bigger question as to why FM is so popular, as someone who's very well set up to match to one of those higher-paying specialties, but is leaning heavily towards FM at this time, I'll give you my perspective as to why I'm likely choosing not to go into a higher-paying specialty.
    First, jobs. Aside from Derm, most high-paying specialties have pretty poor job markets. More importantly, jobs exist only in specific locations or in specific settings that are not always that desirable. FM has plentiful job opportunities and they're everywhere. Of equal importance, as Commons mentions, FM docs have far more latitude to tailor their practices, especially in the early stages. Specialists have some control over their schedule as well, but there are limits on that flexibility, and it can take some time to gain some flexibility, depending on the specialty. I'd like a job at the end of this. I'd also like some control over where that job is located and what my schedule looks like. FM fits the bill a lot more than most other specialties.
    Second, time. As LittleDaisy pointed out, it's not a 3 year difference, it's generally 4-5 years of difference before you can start full practice. Those 4-5 years additional aren't just a little bit of extra hard work, they're quite life-disrupting if you have any ambitions outside of medicine. I've got a lot of non-career life goals and the next 10 years or so are going to be critical in achieving some of them. Having a short residency that gives me some flexibility in life earlier on helps me do what I want to in life far more than a high salary that I won't realize for at least 8 years.
    Third, having tons of money just isn't that important to a lot of people, myself included. There's not much I could do with a household income of ~700k that I couldn't do with ~200k, at least not anything I consider overly meaningful. I certainly wouldn't say no to some extra cash, but the extra time, effort, or stress needed to achieve those higher incomes isn't a worthwhile trade-off for me. Money's a means to an end and I see some pretty steep diminishing returns from a higher income beyond the salary of a typical FM doc. You say money is an important factor so I presume you have some goals in life that require a higher income, but that's just not the case for me.
    Enjoying the job is also a major factor for many people - a lot of medical students simply don't want to spend their days looking at images, eyes, or skin lesions. But, even for someone looking at aspects of a specialty beyond the work itself, there are still some rather compelling reasons to go into FM instead of a traditionally high-earning specialty.
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    Renoir reacted to hking03 in Family Medicine Popularity   
    Couple quick points...
    If you have any intention of getting into the 5 year Emerg residency you will need to make that your focus. It's become so competitive that people gunning for it only got one or no interviews despite a number of Emerg electives and strong evals/letters.
    Also, the extra year of Emerg isn't a guarantee in family... It's quite competitive.
    Finally, migrating from Emerg to Family later on in your career isn't a simple feat. You'll be out of practice with respect to the guidelines and standard of care so it'll take some adjustment on your end of things.
    Anyways, good luck. I'm sure you are already aware of these points, but thought I'd reiterate them for you and for others who might not be aware.
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    Renoir reacted to maradona in Is Anyone Else Lonely?   
    lol I've been kind of lonely lately, probably because I had a relapse with a mental health issue recently. A+++ timing considering I'll be going to med school next month.   
    I don't think your experience is uncommon. I had a gap year after I graduated and that was sorta lonely sometimes because I don't have any close friends nearby. Plus I suck at staying in touch. If it bothers you, try changing things up? Someone I know has been having similar issues since he moved to a different city where he doesn't know anyone. So he goes out with his coworkers when they plan things and he's exploring new hobbies to spice things up.
    Anyway, you're definitely not alone. Plus, even people who seem to be  on the up and up might be dealing with issues. When I used to look at my fb feed (which was full of people in med school), I would feel kinda down because these people looked so happy and social and successful. But I imagine they had their own struggles that I wasn't privy to. Same as when I was talking to someone recently about what I was doing next year, I didn't tell them about the problems I've been having... maybe they think I've got everything sorted out but tbh that couldn't be further from the truth! 
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    Renoir got a reaction from jfdes in Mmi Interview Video   
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    Renoir got a reaction from chronicconic in Mmi Interview Video   
    Have faith! I didn't think I had a steamin' poop's chance last year Hope to see you in September - until then, forget about all this stressful mess and enjoy the beginning of your summer!

    As for the 480 - have to have overbooking to the nines to cover all the people who turn down spots (and red flagged folks, etc). Dr. Walker talked about this issue a lot with Calgary's policy of interview spots/invites/waitlist... good reading if you have the chance!
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