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  1. Schools that have released their interviews. If you've heard, please list. I know of: Calgary Saskatchewan McMaster NOSM McGill Queens University of Alberta
  2. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Toronto, Western, Queens, UBC, McMaster Anesthesiology: McMaster, Saskatchewan, Calgary (phone interview), Queens, Sherbrooke, UBC, Ottawa, Alberta, Western, MUN, Toronto, McGill, Dal, NOSM, Calgary (in-person interview), Manitoba Cardiac Surgery: Dalhousie, Calgary, Alberta Dermatology: Calgary, Alberta, Toronto (last week), Ottawa Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, McGill,Ottawa, Queen's, Dalhousie, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Toronto, Manitoba, MUN, Alberta, Western, Montreal Emergency Medicine: McMaster, Manitoba, Queen's, UBC, Western, Saskatchewan, McGill, Ottawa, Laval, Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Dalhousie Family Medicine: McMaster, Laval, NOSM, University of Toronto, Sherbrooke, UWO (Schulich), Ontario (IMG), Montreal, McGill, Sask, Alberta (Edmonton), Manitoba, Manitoba (IMG), Rural Alberta North (Red Deer/Grande Prairie) Calgary (urban), Calgary (rural), UBC (IMG), UBC (CMG - Including second batch), Ottawa, Dalhousie (CMG), MUN, Queen's General Surgery: Sask, McGill, Ottawa, Alberta, Manitoba (CMG/IMG), UWO, Dalhousie, McMaster and Niagara, Calgary, UBC, NOSM, Queens Internal Medicine: Laval, NOSM, UdeM, Queen's Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Neurology: UBC, Calgary, Sask, Queens, UWO, Ottawa, McGill, Dal, MUN, Alberta, Manitoba, Toronto Neurology - Pediatric: McMaster, Alberta, Calgary, Toronto Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: McMaster, Sask, Calgary, UBC Obstetrics and Gynecology: Memorial (email), Manitoba, Calgary, McGill, Montreal ottawa, Alberta, McMaster Ophthalmology: Western, Manitoba, Alberta, Calgary, Queens, Montreal Orthopedic Surgery: Memorial, Manitoba, McGill, Sask, Alberta, Dal, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Queens, Ottawa, NOSM, Toronto Otolaryngology: Alberta, Toronto, Ottawa, Manitoba, Western, McMaster, Dal, McGill Pediatrics: MAC, UBC, Dalhousie, Sask, Manitoba, Alberta, NOSM, Toronto, Calgary, Queen's, Western, McGill, Sherbrooke Plastic Surgery: Manitoba, Western, Mcgill, Dalhousie, Ottawa, U of A, Toronto PM&R: Dal, Montreal, Ottawa, MacMaster, Queens, Manitoba, Sask, Calgary, Alberta Public Health: UBC, Alberta, Toronto, McMaster, McGill, Manitoba, Queen's, Calgary, Ottawa Psychiatry:Ottawa, Western, McMaster (Hamilton, KW), MUN, McGill, Queens, Calgary, Manitoba, UBC (Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Research Track) Dal, UofA, UofT Radiation Oncology: Dal, Calgary, McMaster, Alberta, Manitoba Urology: Manitoba, McMaster, McGill, Dal Vascular Surgery: Toronto, Calgary
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