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  1. I know match day was just yesterday but I was wondering if its possible and what the process may be for attempting to switch from one school to another within the same province in family medicine...
  2. Does anyone know roughly how many interview invites are sent out for the halifax site? It sounds like many interviews were handed out for 15 spots.
  3. After reading the emailed interview invitiation, it appears to me they have filled all of their time slots. However, if people decline they will send out additonal interveiw requests.to fill the new openings. Hope that helps.
  4. This is off topic from the original thread but I for one want to thank you for all of your invaluable posts over the years Ian. As a senior medical student going through the process of selecting a speciality you have done a great job relaying many important points to us up and coming students. I hope you find the time to keep sharing your wisdom in the future.
  5. OK, I will try that. Thanks theroadtorads and tooty!
  6. Hi all! I was hoping someone would be able to recommend a MSK or other great teaching preceptors for possible 4th year electives at McMaster, Ottawa, Western, Dal and Calgary. I know it may not be possible to request specific preceptors while on elective but I would still want to try. Any help is appreciated Furthermore, for radiology electives at McMaster, can anyone suggest the best hospitals to do the elective at? Thanks guys,
  7. The important point here is, traditionally there is very very very little waitlist movement for the French program compared to the English.
  8. I feel like students applying after their 4th year are at an advantage when they apply. Its probably because they have more time to build up the EC component vs a 3rd year student. However, no one on here really knows what the committee officially looks for. My advice, just make sure you are doing something meaningful with this upcoming year after your graduation. If you end up getting an interview, I would bet the question, "what have you been doing with your time?" will come up lol. Interview performances are huuuuge for people with lower wgpa's. Either way, assuming you are an in province out of Ottawa applicant you are above cut off so just do it and see what happens! My wgpa wasn't ridiculously high either.
  9. I totally agree. Ottawa does favour very high GPA's that is obvious. Its implicit in the selection criteria. Its also sooooo important to do activities that you are genuinely interested in and make yourself stand out! This will help you get past the EC cut off and boost your interview score! If you are talking about something that you are passionate about it really shows. I have seen this as a mock interviewer in the past. Very good points hs1. So far all of you future applicants take note of the bold. Its probably obvious but just in case it isn't there ya go I guess I will add some clarification to my original athletics post. Yes, the class isn't full of athletes, the majority aren't. However, if you were to compare Ottawa to any other medical school especially in Ontario (excluding Quebec schools) I would bet there are a higher proportion of athletes within the class.
  10. Yeah basically. He is also quoting specific course codes at u Ottawa and I didn't think he would know these codes so soon if he was just accepted.
  11. That isn't abnormal. Most years have many high level athletes in the classes. From what I have seen, I would have to say being an athlete is looked upon favorably at U Ottawa.
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