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  1. You're right that you should try to get as much out of student loans as possible. But it really doesn't hurt setting up a line of credit anyway. A perk many bank LOCs come with is a no annual fee credit card. If I were you, I would set up a line of credit so that you have it in place in case you need it. There aren't any consequences to never using your LOC.
  2. Hi. This is not the right forum to be asking about dental services. This forum is intended for discussions about dental school admissions.
  3. >91 units of scaling/root planing ~100 number of fillings ~50 number of extractions 8 number of dentures (F/F, P/- etc) 13 number of crowns/bridge (G/PFM/etc) 10 number of endo cases (ant/post)
  4. https://www.medelita.com/ Nicely fitted
  5. It really depends. You can take home anywhere from 5k to 50k per month depending on where and how much you work. Usually closer to 5-10k as a new grad.
  6. No. They are all situational. Some might be more open ended than others (e.g. If you had the chance to have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why).
  7. No. All stations have a situation described on a paper posted on the door and a question at the end. A copy of the same page posted on the door is inside the room. You get 2 minutes to read about the situation, someone blows a whistle, then you enter the room, and begin answering the question. There are prompt questions your interviewer may ask you. The interviewers must ask these prompt questions in the exact order given to them. Your interviewer may choose to ask a prompt question if you are getting off track. You can also ask your interviewer to ask these prompt questions. There is nothing wrong with asking for all prompt questions. You are not penalized at all. You are marked only on your response. If you're familiar with CDA style situational questions, the MMI questions are quite similar. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get some practice with situational questions. Good luck.
  8. 1) No specific questions regarding the school. School does make up their own questions but the questions follow the standard MMI style. 2) Exactly as you described.
  9. If I were you, I wouldn't stress too much about making it sound too creative or dazzling. I think the most annoying thing someone could read is a personal statement that sounds pompous, fluffy and shallow. Chances are, they're probably going to go through a lot of personal statements like that. Just be down to earth. Be concise and efficient in getting your points across.
  10. Think of it like an essay. You need to make strong arguments about why you've chosen dentistry as your future career. Use specific and engaging examples from your life to show how you were lead to this decision. You can talk about why you're involved in certain ECs, what you've learned from them and what you hope to do with the knowledge you've gained. Be passionate but humble. Hope this helps.
  11. You need to pick a program that will #1 give you high grades and #2 allow you to take the prerequisites for dental school. Mac's Health Sci program isn't the only one that will do this for you. Do your research to see which programs, typically science programs, will allow you to fulfil the prereqs for the dental schools you're interested in. I'm not sure if many nursing programs include the basic bio, chem, physics, organic chem, and biochem courses which most dental schools look for. Talk to people to determine how fair the programs are. I know it sounds bad to pick an easy program, but that is really what is practical and the safest bet if your focus is dental school. For instance, U of T life sci is not the best choice. Many people have gotten in after attending smaller universities because there was less competition. I did Western Med Sci because I knew it was a fair system I could get high grades in. Also don't be too bummed out if your high school marks aren't amazing. You get a fresh start in university. My high school grades were in the 80s but I was also extensively involved in extracurriculars. One of my future biochem profs also doubted my success when he saw my science grades in the low 80s. Don't let people do that to you, it's rude and judgemental. Just focus, work hard and play fair. That's the main requirement. (@ Contach: I didn't say that Mac doesn't allow lots of electives...? Whatever.)
  12. You can easily calculate your GPA with this conversion scale: http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/c_omsas_b.pdf Make sure you convert each grade individually then average them while taking to account whether or not they're half courses or full courses. Hope this helps.
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