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  1. C'est le parcours de beaucoup de gens ici, partout sur le forum des gens appliquent après avoir fait un 2e bacc. Pour plus d'infos je te suggère de voir les posts dans la catégorie ''Non-Traditionnal Students''.Bonne chance!
  2. Y-a t-il quelqu'un qui a déjà été admis en med avec un bac par cumul (3 certificats totalisant 90crédits)? Ou quelqun qui est en train d'emprunter cette voie au lieu de faire un bac conventionnel? Merci
  3. What is considered a full course load?
  4. I wouldnt risk it. It can send the message that you are not able to follow instructions.
  5. I was under 3.5 and I got in(second time applicant-from the waitlist)...I got rejected by Queen's though (out province).
  6. You have a good shot at Mcgill if you have a solid resume !
  7. I did include it in my résumé and was asked some general questions about it during the interview.
  8. 2 more years is plenty of enough to boost your grades, don't worry!
  9. Hey guys! Students in the PTOT programs at McGill received this email today, asking for volunteers to help a man with locked-in syndrome in his rehabilitation program. I am sharing it on the forum because I think it could be a good opportunity for prospective QY students to gain some valuable experience on the field (also good to add on your résumé/personal statement). Dear friends, TedTalks featured a hit video last year – over 1 million views – about Beth El's Rabbi Cahana's locked-in syndrome (video here: goo.gl/y4gzT9). I work on his recovery team, and since this video he can stand (with support), speak (quietly) and make other subtle movements. I am privileged to visit him every week and take part in his transformation, but his condition has begun to regress. We need your help. Despite the hundreds of thousands of people that viewed the video above, we are only 5 people that work on his rehabilitation. We need to be 20. This man trained with the Israeli Olympic team and was selected for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Montreal doctors said he would never be mobile enough to swim again – an example of an activity he does every week. If his situation speaks to you, there are many ways to get involved. Here is the breakdown of what we are looking for in terms of specialized and non-specialized volunteers: Specialized Volunteers: Time commitment: 1.5 hours / week Tasks: Range of motion exercises / Assistance with standing / Training muscles to follow commands (i.e. flex, relax) / Other (i.e. voice therapy) Skills required: Can work at whatever level that is comfortable to you or that your are capable of doing Non-Specialized Volunteers: Time commitment: 1.5 hours / week Tasks: Range of motion exercises Skills required: Enough strength to assist the Rabbi in moving his limbs The team would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach me here, at gjacobfrank@gmail.com, or the Cahana family directly at cahanas@gmail.com.
  10. yes. During the QY you are actually doing the third year of the undergrad pt program. You start the master's in the summer. https://www.mcgill.ca/spot/programs/pt/curriculum
  11. http://www.telequebec.tv/de-garde-247/nouvelle-garde Épisode très intéressant sur le quotidien des jeunes résidents!
  12. Annnnd back to square 1! The landlord decided to pick another tenant. I'm kinda disappointed that I still have to look for a place but at least I might find something that suits me better, like other members mentionned. I will be visiting another apartment,but I'm not too impressed with the landlord so far.He bluntly asked me (on the phone) for my age, income and ethnic origin...is this a common thing to do?
  13. Has anyone tried to make their fall 2015 schedule through Minerva? The curriculum for U3/QY is available online but the individual schedule for each section is not specified (times per week we have labs,workshop,seminars,lectures).
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