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  1. Track leaders are first year med students and they are instructed to report any unprofessional behaviors and yup, swearing in the hospital while you're here for a professional interview is considered unprofessional
  2. dmleo

    Interview Appearance

    Ok with beards but nice and tidy If I'm more distracted by your beard than what you say, its a problem
  3. Professional abbreviation is fine as long as reasonable 6hr/wk
  4. dmleo

    Making Friends

    Try to be social but dont force it. You'll definitely make few close friends eventually
  5. I found during my pre-clerkship the bigger the size of screen that I'm studying off of, easier it was on my eyes. Still, I only had 13' mac because I was too cheap to go for 15'. Regardless, either is fine. In clerkship though, I found carrying a 15' would have been more difficult whereas my 13' was perfect since I started carrying a messenger bag instead of a backpack
  6. dmleo

    Personal Activities

    My problem is one of my strongest employment experiences is also my best leadership experience (and i have very few leadership experiences). So would it better to opt to include a less attractive employment experience and include the better experience under leadership? Do you already have all 5 in the employment? If not, just put it there and also in the leadership too and make sure you describe them in context of each section and make it clear its the exact same activity and not misleading
  7. dmleo

    Personal Activities

    Can a paid employment experience be listed under leadership experiences ? (not sure if "This applies to scholastic, sports, volunteerism, arts and community activities. Include in your description the time commitment of each activity." is trying to say that it can apply to or it can only apply to those types of activities.) Yes A couple of my experiences can be considered leadership, volunteer, and diversity of experience. Can the same experience be listed in different sections? (ie are the sections seperate and unrelated or are the entries to each section viewed as a whole? ) Yes, but unless its really significant, you should use different items. My advice How exact do the hours need to be?? Some of my experiences were extremely variable and all I can do is estimate... Pretty close i.e. if you think you have 292 hours, just put 290 to be safe rather than putting 300
  8. dmleo

    Alberta Student Loan

    I don't think so as I have applied for it later than that
  9. dmleo

    Elective Time

    wow a first year so keen haha
  10. dmleo

    Uofa Pm101 Crew

    Is this actually happening?
  11. You won't fully appreciate anything about a speciality unless you have done clinical rotations as a clerk. You literally don't do anything even shadowing in pre-clerkship. My advice for you is get into med school first then worry about what speciality when you approach and are on clerkship. It is really foolish to make up your mind about a speciality by reading about other people's experiences, because yeah you can get a sense of it, but their experience will never be the same as yours.
  12. Very well said. I don't know if we went to same med school, but I recall a dean at my school telling us about the firehose or something too. In med school, you're learning. No one ever expects a med student to independently investigate,diagnose,manage and follow up with a patient without supervision.
  13. There can't be two different types of billing for a same medical procedure. I don't know where you heard that, but I assume you are talking about certain things that fam docs can't do because only specialists can do. Otherwise, for cosmetic and private things, there really isn't uniform billing to the patient as I understand.