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  1. http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58842
  2. I can't comment on MMI as I really have no idea how that works and I didn't do it myself. UBC used the CDA style.
  3. Definitely Dental Interview Plus. Practicing with the question bank helped out tremendously, both in my confidence and just presentation abilities. I was fortunate enough that I had practiced all the questions that were thrown at me on interview day.
  4. Both Dental Interview Plus and Top Star are electronic, so you'll get them pretty darn quick. Speaking from experience, I'd definitely recommend Dental Interview Plus and not Top Star. They both overlap each other but Dental Interview Plus was more comprehensive and the question bank was amazing.
  5. Yes. As long as you finished all the prereqs before school starts at UBC you're fine. They'll give you a conditional offer. You just have to provide your transcript when it's done and you have to maintain your average. Although I'm sure you'll be pretty motivated to do well in that class after you've been accepted!
  6. I think I got in because I completely dominated the PBL session, didn't let anyone else talk and torpedoed my adversaries.
  7. I wouldn't look too deep into that. It's pretty apparent that, at least for the class of 2015 (83% in stats), everyone is pretty darn smart, works hard and knows how to present themselves. Marks might have got them in the door but the interview/PBL session is what got them accepted.
  8. Unless they changed it from last year, they don't use a "PBL format" for the interviews. There are 2 parts to the open house selection weekend. They are separate things. 1) CDA structured interview - You can definitely prepare for this stuff using good prep resources. 2) PBL session - You can't prepare for this at all. Just be yourself and enjoy the ride.
  9. Just fill in what you just wrote in the box and you'll be fine.
  10. It's very hard but it also prepares you extremely well. I used it as my primary resource and I did great. Esp not coming from a biology or science background (Engineering)
  11. Yeah, I think that's just because the stuff dries out over time and you might get a shipment from a different batch. When I did the DAT in Nov 2010, the soap from the actual test was really soft (which messed me up). Just be prepared to have any sort of consistency come test day.
  12. Oh, I just looked and they now have the CFAOs (CF administration orders) on the internet. Obligatory Service Turns out we are sorta both right. Since I am already in the military I am under the MDTP (Military Dental Training Plan) program which is: - two months service for each month of training to a maximum of 60 months A civilian entering off the street would likely be enrolled in the DOTP (Dental Officer Training Plan) program which is: 36 months, if subsidized for three academic years or less; and 48 months, if subsidized for more than three academic years
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