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  1. Does anybody know of a decent online flashcard platform that can be used for group studying? I;m looking for a program that can be used such that multiple students can contribute to a single deck of cards, and the cards would be available for everyone to use for studying. It would be necessary for the deck to be updated in real time as soon as a person adds a new card so that everything is synced. Does such a program exist? I really like Anki but I don't think you can use it to do sharing like this, where each student contributes say 5 cards, so with 10 people, there would be a total of 50 cards. I think Anki only allows you to share your own deck with others, which is not what I want - I want to create a deck with others and have it be available for us all to study. If anyone knows of such a program please post - I just thought it would be handy for rote memorization courses like Pharmacology (and it's too time consuming to be making them all myself). Thanks!
  2. I actually really enjoyed Phys 2 and nutrition, thought they were interesting and helpful! A+'s are doable in both (well, I had Roger Kelton and Adegoke for nutrition and Tara Haas and Michael Connor for phys 2 for what its worth) Anatomy courses with Nikki Richardson is also good, she explains things really well
  3. Yeah, abnormal is an option (& interesting!), so is cognition. Take abnormal with Joel Goldberg. Health psych I think you can also take without any other prereqs. Neural basis of behaviour is interesting, but more work, and if you're in bio you can probably get permission to take it without the 2nd year prereq (I did it without the prereq and it was totally fine).
  4. Bumping up an old thread here...I'm currently in the GTA but will be moving to Guelph soon. I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good driving instructor (not school) either here in the GTA or in Guelph (for the G2 exit road test). Thanks.
  5. haha, no I actually did not apply to med this year. But I got into a different program instead!
  6. +1. For an easy to read, comprehensive review of Physics, get TPR. Their general chem is also in the same book ("Physical Sciences") so that might be a worthwhile investment to get. Their science workbook is also pretty good! (that'll give you some organic chem practice too!) For bio, I've heard Kaplan is pretty decent, but since you've done all that human phys/anatomy (human phys being >50% of MCAT biology), then I think a more concise book should do - I'd recommend EK biology. Verbal - get EK verbal (their 101 passages book) and AAMC materials (best resource out there is AAMC!!). good luck!
  7. Like others have mentioned, it depends on your study skills and personality. If you give yourself too big of a gap, you'll feel like you have more time than you really do. Too little and you might burn out. I personally think 3 weeks is ideal; you can use this time to do the AAMC exams and to go back to your weaker areas.
  8. Aw man that sucks so much. I am graduating from york this summer (just finished my second degree), and I can tell you that enrollments do NOT start in May; they start in early June. However, they will block your enrollment until you have gone to an enrollment appointment with an advisor. I can't remember anymore when I applied, but I remember the wait was not that long. York's registrar office is a really hit and miss when you call them. Once I called and a (rather rude) person told me one answer, and then I called again to double check the next day and a (much nicer) person gave me a totally different answer. Maybe try to call (again, I know) and try to see why they rejected you - did you miss a certain deadline? Or it might be possible that your grades from your first degree were not high enough, as they have like a C+ requirement I think (I may be mistaken on this though). Hope things pull together for you!
  9. Ah ok, thanks. I didn't see that anywhere on their website til now.
  10. I've been trying to access QUEST, but the page never seems to load. I've been trying last night and today but it still doesn't work. I believe I need to activate my Waterloo ID first (since I've never used it) but when I click the link for that too, it also does not load. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you both!! And congrats to you NutritionRunner on getting accepted to your dietetic internship program! Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Wait, where exactly do you clerks/residents sleep while on-call in the hospital? Do hospitals have reserved rooms for clerks/residents?
  13. They are probably all booked unfortunately. The good news, however, is that people drop their spots all the time, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting a spot in Mississauga if you keep checking. I wrote in Mississauga and later in the summer there were lots of spots open (I registered for it just a few weeks before my MCAT because I kept checking). I wrote there last summer! It;s a decent place. Admin people weren't super friendly but they got the job done.
  14. Update for anyone following this thread: I got accepted into the Optometry program, so my journey as a premed/pre-optom is finally over Optometry was my backup plan but after job-shadowing a few optometrists, I felt like it was a good career choice for me. I'm going to take it that I just wasn't meant to be in Medicine. There is a light at the end of the tunnel - whether that be in med/optometry/dentistry/nursing/physio/whatever
  15. aw man that sucks. Can't you do the orgo and/or english next year instead of this summer? I'm sorry to hear about your group projects too - I hate when that happens. I wish the best of luck for you if you retake the MCAT.
  16. Hey! I can recommend a full year English course at York: GL/EN 3636 6.00 Children's Literature. It's offered Monday/Wednesdays 9am-noon, but at Glendon (not the main Keele campus). My friend took this last summer and said it was amazing, he took it with Richardine Woodall (and got an A). (I actually took Children's lit too, but it was a 3 credit version with a different prof. It was an easy A for me as well). Unfortunately the instructor is not listed yet, but if its with Richardine Woodall, I'd recommend it because I've heard she is a great prof. I tried googling her name for her ratemyprof review for you but I can't seem to find it anymore :S I did find this though: http://yorkulife.tumblr.com/post/56669376669/hey-tc-just-wanted-to-ask-how-you-found-your-english Hope that helps!!
  17. Agreed. In my MMI, most of the interviewers asked me further questions related to the prompt (or to follow up on what I had said) since I usually did not use the full time allotted (in my case it was 6 min). At one station, the interviwer and I just sat silently (which was a bit awkward...) while in another one, the interviewer just chatted with me casually (asking about the weather and such, lol). The other few I was asked follow up questions. There's no right or wrong way to answer them, just don't ramble endlessly for the sake of filling up time. But use it if you have something worthwhile to say.
  18. I think it's just as worthwhile to simply find some people here on PM101 and practice skyping some MMI questions with them. No need to waste your money. I did that and I felt like I was prepared by doing this
  19. I took it at York last summer, and if its with Michael Gadsden (who normally teaches the course) be warned that its a ton of work (lab or some assignment due every week). The lab component is quite intensive.
  20. aww that sucks. I haven't had much work to do the past 2 weeks and I've been watching as much Olympics as I want
  21. More like 2 more months! I'm just counting down the days til my life as an undergrad is finally over I can definitely see the light!
  22. Hey, upper year York psych major here. 1) Upper year psych courses are great (this is biased of course, since I'm a psych major). Lots of cool things to take and lots of variety. Fourth year seminar courses are the best out of them all. Very fair marking and lots of areas to go into (Clinical, Clinical-Developmental, Social, Developmental, etc). The psych profs are amazing, met lots of great people here. Personally, I think the psych dept at York is the best at York. They are extremely helpful/polite/respectful. 2) No, admins do not care what your major was, as long as you've taken all the prereqs. I think only Calgary (and one other school, can't remember right now) cares about the subjective difficulty of your major. No one else cares. 3) I've taken a few Kine courses (phys 1, phys 2, and nutrition) and I think Kine is a good program. Actually, most of the programs in the Faculty of Health, in my opinion, are very good. Phys 1 is harder than Phys 2 in the sense that there is less leeway to pull up a bad grade (one midterm worth 35%, one final- 65%). Phys 2 I found to be more interesting (and exams were more fair). Nutrition was really interesting as well. You can get A+ in both Kine and psych courses (most of them). For me, though, I think its easier to get A+ in psychs. If you really enjoy psych more than Kine, then you should go ahead and switch. But they are both great programs. Most people in Kine that I know enjoy it (unlike York's bio program...) Hope that helps!
  23. Haha, I used to say that back in my third year of undergrad. Funny how things have changed. Ever since I moved to my new uni, I never really found a good group of friends. I feel quite alone. I feel that has contributed greatly to my sense of just being sick of school. you're lucky that you have such a supportive spouse and profs who commend you on doing a second degree.
  24. I totally feel your pain. I did 4 summers worth of MCAT as well, plus other course work (plus volunteering). I didn't have a full time job but I can imagine how difficult it must've been studying for that beast while working 40+ hours/week (especially for research positions). It sucked the life out of me. I hated it so much. What's worse was that I felt alone in this endeavor too. My premed friends were more successful then me - they've all gotten into med, either right after 4th year or the year after, and they didn't write the MCAT more than 2X. You have an amazing MCAT score. How important is Western to you? It's only them (and Calgary if you're not from Alberta) that require an 11 in verbal. You can get into most med schools with a 10 in VR, granted the other parts of your app are competitive. And I hear you - all my friends are moving on with their lives, getting married, doing their masters/PhDs, whatever and we're still stuck in undergrad. It sucks but like I always say to myself, good things don't come easy. You have to work for it. I also agree with how feeling like you're the only one who cares about your grades, especially when you're in a class filled with first years. I feel alone in the sense that I have no one to rely on when I miss class, since my classmates don't bother taking as detailed notes as I do. But, I have found support and online friends here on this forum thankfully. Hang in there - we'll make it there eventually!
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