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  1. GrouchoMarx

    Dermatology as IMG

    probably knew someone
  2. GrouchoMarx

    Dermatology as IMG

    not a chance unless youre well connected
  3. Once a sociopath always a sociopath. Just do better than them in school and in your career.
  4. GrouchoMarx

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Carms is worse. Soap sucks but carms shuts you out forever if you fuck it up once
  5. GrouchoMarx

    Failed an elective - what next?

    Electives are such bullshit
  6. GrouchoMarx

    Preparing meals in med school

    Eat out. Saves time
  7. The Carms match list is out and it is brutal. My condolences to those who matched poorly, or not at all. I do not envy your position and hope that you find peace where you are or persist in trying to get what you want. Please do not give up. Everyone else, especially the first and second year medical students, should acknowledge a bad match as a realistic possibility, no matter the desired field, and start preparations for the USMLEs. It requires a ton of work. Start now. Essential prep materials include pathoma, the current year first aid, uworld, and the proper nbme prep exams. Avoid kaplan and other prep courses, and especially avoid GIT and firecracker. anki and sketchy seem popular but i did not use them. If anyone requires individual assistance or advice, PM me. I scored well enough so that you can trust my opinion., Consider frequenting SDN and r/medicalschool for additional resource recommendations.
  8. GrouchoMarx

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Some of those path programs would take a blind monkey. If you're desperate, try pathology. Desperate FMGs are the norm. That's why pathology is by and large the only medical field that's primary filled with salaried employees. Desperate people take shitty deals.
  9. If your illness doesn't pose a risk to your patients, you don't have to say squat.
  10. Rural areas are hard to live in for most. Highly educated types like doctors usually want to live in urban places because the schools are better for their kids. IMGs despite the xenophobia stay in rural areas because they're forced to. Once they can leave they do. I think it is a similarly egregious abuse of foreigners the same way the tfw program is
  11. SK having 60% imgs means the fees aren't high enough. Pathology has a huge problem with IMGs being recruited cheaply, rather than fees being revisited.
  12. GrouchoMarx

    How to be a a competitive applicant

    Pick one
  13. Apply to ophthal and IM in the USA concurrently. Things may not work out for you if you don't. You're in second year which means it is the perfect time to study for USMLE. You should start now. Pathoma, First Aid, and Uworld were what I used. These resources are mandatory. New resources include Anki and Sketchy but I did not use them. Lots of people swear by them, however. You may think it is a lot of work, but going unmatched closes the doors to medicine. You don't need that.
  14. Medical school is for the well-off. If you're from middle class means or below, the debt forces you to do whatever the government wants you to do. This means doing family medicine in remote places, being paid less than your nurse administrator or middle-manager government stooge. All this talk of socioeconomic diversity in medicine is bullshit. It only serves the government to admit more po' folk. They can't just back away or take more time to work on applications, re-applications etc. Take it or leave it are their only options. that's why every medical student has to strongly entertain the USA option. At this point I would say it is mandatory. Triply so if you're not from a rich family.
  15. I hope things work out for you. You worked way too hard to tolerate your situation. Have you considered the USA? I am all for Canadian doctors leaving for our southern neighbors as a method of protest. To the new medical students and the unhappy residents: Medical students and residents, and doctors, are being used as political pawns. Maintain your sovereignty: take the USMLEs and apply to the USA.