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  1. GrouchoMarx

    MCCQE Part 1 Thoughts

    The mcc part 1 is a mess of an exam. The usmle is a tightly crafted one. The difference is night and day. The mcc shouldn't exist. They serve no purpose.
  2. I must add that your story is an exception. It's not the rule. Failing to prepare=preparing to fail
  3. Carms is unforgiving and final. Maximize your chances for success. Smoke the USMLE. Ufap
  4. The surgical subspecialty fields all have the option of going to the USA, where they're in high demand. Pathology, and on that list hemepath and biochem,do not have that option due to the oversupply down there.
  5. An apprenticeship model after an internship would function far more effectively than a family medicine residency program. Work with a mentor and collect 50% of billings. I am against adding a third year, as it is unnecessary. Adding the second year was equally unnecessary. The main thing it accomplishes is providing the government with a few years of highly skilled doctor labor at a fraction of the cost. That's probably one of the reasons why the CFPC was successful in pushing the exclusivity of family medicine - it is overall a cheaper proposition for the government. I think residency programs overall are self-aggrandizing their importance in the grand scheme of producing competent physicians, as recruitment standards for unpopular fields are incredibly relaxed. Taking on better people would make better doctors. Most programs are too long to account for this discrepancy. Pathology is certainly too long and could be done in four, including an internship.
  6. The stamina argument is poor. Its easy to find the stamina to do medicine at any hour for as long as possible if you are the one responsible for the patient's outcome and you are paid appropriately for your services. Residency is as brutal as it is because of $$$. Residents are cheaper than attendings or even NPs and can't leave if the workplace is toxic. This is why i hate the match. It is anticompetitive. Once a resident is in a program they are the program's plaything without recourse. The program makes money off residents as half of the GME allowance goes directly to the program, and the government saves money by not having to pay attendings or NPs to cover call or wards. In the old days docs had a bit more power over this as they could just quit, or change programs, if the one they were at was not working out. This is why the rotating internship model was good. It was flexible. There is no argument against it now that nurses and pharmacists are practicing primary care independently.
  7. why not an apprenticeship model like dentistry does?
  8. Rotating internship with general license is the best answer and this is undeniable
  9. GrouchoMarx

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    The only major hurdle to overcome in the US match is the USMLE. Once that is done, an application rests on its own merits. Doing away rotations, which is the norm here in Canada, is not expected in the states. Beyond the USMLE, which is best prepared for in the preclerkship years, and some monetary costs, I can't see how preparing a US app would be detrimental to success in carms.
  10. GrouchoMarx

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    This is still not a good result. Carms is restrictive. it is a government run lottery that often forces you to take a career you dont want all while telling you to be grateful for them giving you the opportunity. screw that. USMLE
  11. Canada bank sucks. Uworld for step 2 is great
  12. This is bs If they're gonna list billings they should do it for all doctors, not just the top ones
  13. Making a residency two years when one was just fine gets the government a year of attending level practice for resident cost. It has nothing to do with practice readiness, or respect, and everything to do with money Ditto for the recent proliferation of rural family med residency programs. The govt is manipulating us, and we're fool enough to let them do it