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    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    You're correct about the lack of utility of the LMcc exams. A solution would be to use USMLE instead of LMCC but that'd leave out the socialist bent of the ethical section of the LMCC and we can't have that
  2. GrouchoMarx

    Voice your opinion about the LMCCII

    I wish it were like this in Canada. At least the USA has a standardized measurement of medical knowledge that can be used to stratify applicants which makes it more difficult for programs to be corrupt
  3. They would not. Besides something like derm which is super competitive on both sides of the border, away rotations are seldom done in the USA as they place more emphasis on step scores, letters, and research. The US match would be the backup option in my suggestion, instead of the anemic second round of carms where CMGs are competing with FMGs from everywhere on earth for undesirable spots that they might not even get.
  4. USMLE is the best backup option. Things wont change for the better unless canadian medical students utilize superior alternate options in the USA. When a bunch of CMGs start matching to the states, you can be assured that it will have political effects up here.
  5. Its relative. Path seems well compensated until you see radiologists doing similar work but taking home 3x.
  6. Path has a bad job market on both sides of the border.
  7. GrouchoMarx

    How to do well on clerkship?

    Try to align with evaluators that like you. It helps if you're attractive. If nobody likes you don't take it personally. Medicine has a lot of meanies. Just put in the required hours and study for step 2 ck at any opportunity.
  8. GrouchoMarx

    Realignment of Doctor's Income

    the oma is worthless. they basically threw pathology under the bus 30 years ago and we havent recovered since. theyre trying the same with radiology and ophtho but at least those two fields are putting up a huge fight against it. props to them.
  9. i made mine erroneously and pretty late. find out if the staff are happy and feel respected. thats what i failed to do. its important if you value the respect of others highly
  10. The bastards that run carms make you choose. Fuck them tbh
  11. Reputable in what way? I would not consider the Caribbean schools particularly reputable as they are first and foremost for profit institutions. Same with the European schools that profit exceptionally from accepting foreigners. I am not saying that students who matriculate from those schools couldn't make fine doctors, but the bar must be set exceptionally high for them. Those students could also apply to the USA where there are loads more residency spots. This requires decent USMLE scores. If someone didn't get the scores for it, then that's on them.
  12. GrouchoMarx

    Applying to FM last minute

    A bit late now but for students just starting medical school, this right here is a reminder to smash the USMLE exams
  13. GrouchoMarx

    Transferring residency programs

    Five letters USMLE
  14. GrouchoMarx

    Income and Lifestyle

    intraoperative consults and stupid autopsies. i dont blame people not wanting to pay for autopsies. im sad to say that staff feel compelled to do them on weekends for free because if they dont the admin will tarnish their names and replace them with foreign trained insourced labor. the intraoperative consults however are very important and can have major implications. these are high stakes, high pressure situations, and do happen at odd hours. yet pathologists are not paid for it. in some hospitals theyre expected to perform the technical work required to obtain the slide for the frozen section. this is like asking a radiologist to position the patients on call. fat fucking chance they will. pathologists though, theyll cut a slide. theyll do anything. the call burdens are even bigger if in general path as weird results can get you woken up at night.
  15. GrouchoMarx

    Income and Lifestyle

    being forced to work for free is a bigger source of burnout than working more and getting paid for that work. in ontario pathologists dont even get paid to be on call. residents in pathology get more pay for their call work than the staff do! the job markets bad enough in ontario that the only place thats consistently advertising positions is thunder bay, and i cant imagine being stuck there on a weekend without being able to drink myself into a coma, let alone not being paid for it! the paradigm that pathologists lead idyllic lives is one of times past. government and admin pressures coupled with an overabundance of insourced cheap labor from india/pakistan/other has made the field one where you are looking over your shoulder constantly as your replacement may be just around the corner.
  16. I wonder if its more for service coverage
  17. GrouchoMarx

    US Residencies and CaRMS

    You can. This isn't carms. You have used no American funding. You can apply pgy1 if you want.
  18. GrouchoMarx

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    its not a clinical discipline so there isnt any overlap in the daily work style. as with most pathology its high volume 40-50 cases a day
  19. GrouchoMarx

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    derm is exceptionally high volume thats why the pay is good 40-50 patients a day at specialist rates.