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  1. I am surprised ICU, ENT and Cardiology did not make that list. I know many pursuing these specialties who kept doing fellowships to boost their chances of landing permanent employment.
  2. If you really cannot spend 2 years at Western University, then why did you rank it in the first place?
  3. hamham

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Ortho, ENT or Uro?
  4. hamham

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    They are very selective in who they interview and rank. Not every applicant gets an interview at Ottawa, and they don't rank every candidate. Same for Calgary.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I haven't heard of any success stories, but there is no harm trying. Just tell your friend to be prepared for a re-write. I have no clue how scores are calculated, but I have heard many who had scores just barely above the passing mark. 4 points may seem "little" on the surface, but it may actually be quite far away from the passing mark in reality.
  6. hamham

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Personally, I never believe in intoxication defense in cases of rape. While substances may diminish your senses and perception of the world around you, there is absolutely no reason for anyone to sexually assault another even under substance influence. In this case, the perpetrator should never be allowed to practice medicine again.
  7. hamham

    Quality of Family Med programs

    This is not true. As a Calgary FM R2 in urban program, I have completed 6 months of Emergency Medicine, 1 month of ICU, and 6 weeks of OBS. I feel more than ready to work in any setting (rural or urban) without any additional training. If you want to find out more about the program, feel free to ask any of the ambassadors when you show up for your interview. Don't listen to people like JohnGrisham saying nonsensical things about a program that he has no clue about.
  8. Not staff, but these numbers really seem like outliers from my experience talking to people in these fields. If they indeed true, then BCH and Trillium are excellent places for work (in terms of income) for IM specialists.
  9. Missisaugga's population is greater than that of the city of Vancouver, dude.
  10. hamham

    CaRMS 2019

    I am no surgeon, but I have worked with general surgeons in both rural and urban settings in 4 different provinces (BC, AB, ON, and NB), and I have never seen an IMG who is able to practice as surgeon without repeating surgical residency and clearing the MCCQEs (parts 1 and 2). It is highly unlikely that your Indian qualifications will allow you to practise as a surgeon here. You will need to do MCCQE 1 and 2, apply to CaRMS as an IMG candidate and pray hard that you get a spot in surgery. Once you have completed your Canadian surgical residency, you will likely need to apply for a fellowship. Then, after your fellowship, you pray hard again that someone somewhere in Canada will hire you. In short, you are better off staying in India.
  11. hamham

    What do you think about this blog?

    The type of work and work hours a family doctor does is so varied, and hence the pay. Most do exclusively office-based work in an urban setting. Some do extra shifts in urgent cares and ED. Some do obstetrics and hospitalist work. Some prefer to do rural where pay is higher. Some work only 3-4 days per week. Others are willing to work up to 6 days per week. Some take up to 3 months of vacation per year. Others don't take more than 2 weeks vacation annually. There are some who make >1 million per annum, while there are also some who make less than $60k per year. There are definitely ways to increase income as family doctor, but most chose to prioritize other things in life (family, leisure, quality of life etc). The biggest advantage of being a family doctor is that you get to choose the type of work and schedule you like.
  12. If you apply that logic in life, everything is debatable man. Get real. Everything is relative and FM is doing relatively well compared to the others.
  13. If you don't see yourself doing any other specialty in medicine other than EM, I won't even bother applying. There are only 2 ways to become an EM doc (5-yr FRCPC or FM+1 in EM), both of which are very competitive. In your case, getting into medical school is already a challenge and there is no guarantee that you can become an EM doc even if you do get in.
  14. I assume you want to get into a Canadian medical school. - GPA is way too low at present. 2nd degree is essential. - No point doing Masters or post-bacc when your undergrad GPA is so low. - I don't know much about para-med - Expect min 3 years, assuming you ace your GPA in your 2nd undergrad As an aside, if I were you, I won't even bother with MCAT at this time with that GPA. Start your 2nd undergrad, and see how well you do for the next 2 years. Consider writing the MCAT only if your GPA > 3.7.
  15. Believe it or not. There are ppl who applied only to 2 schools (like UBC FM and Toronto FM), and then ultimately went unmatched (even though they interviewed at both). Apply to as many schools as you can. Programs are more flexible in terms of electives (they need not be done in every program you apply to).