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  1. Why wouldn't they be? State schools maybe. But Case Western is a private school.
  2. Case gave me a large scholarship and even then it was still more than going to U of T, where I ended up, both numerically and due to the exchange rate which only got worse over the 4 years I was in school. A lot of people have been telling me lately the associateship/job market has been pretty shit for the past year as well; the worst they've seen. It will only be worse in 4 years when you graduate. I'm always one to play devil's advocate, but I don't think you quite realize the gravity of spending a decade after school paying off student loans, and how greatly that affects your life.
  3. Doesn't it include your first half year membership after you graduate as well? I forgot, but it's a no brainer really.
  4. cleanup

    Help! Dal vs UofT

    I did two crown lengthening procedures while at U of T. You just have to know who to talk to. There's opportunity to do whatever you like, you just have to seize it, really.
  5. cleanup

    Help! Dal vs UofT

    I'd say you're likely to get a great education at both. No dental school is free of its issues. Overall, dental school is super tough and I would imagine the experience is a grandiose exercise in frustration across the board, new clinics or otherwise! If you would prefer to live in Toronto, I think I would go with U of T. Its issues aside, you'll certainly have plenty of opportunities here. Realize what I didn't realize when i was in school: it is what you make it. Yes there are hurdles and annoyances and bureaucracies and etc., but your experience is however much you decide to invest in it. The main reason I'm recommending you go to U of T though is because it's a chance for you to get away from home, experience something new, and have a lot of fun. Then, go back home when you're ready to begin practice. Or... who knows, maybe you'll stay.
  6. cleanup

    Denture kit

    Making dentures with real teeth is not helpful at all. Where are you going to get a set of 28 matching teeth other than from the same person? Plus extracted teeth have living tissues that decay and rot and do gross things. There's also zero need for roots in denture teeth. Denture teeth are literally just little pieces of acrylic that are only the crown itself. Maybe we're misunderstanding your question.
  7. cleanup

    Denture kit

    "Asking for a friend" No need to hide your weird fetishes, man. In all honesty though, what do you mean 'real denture teeth practice kit'? Denture teeth are by definition fake, and 'practicing' what? Making dentures? Identifying teeth? Waxing up teeth? I'm so confused.
  8. Not entirely true. Specialists in dentistry still on average earn more than the average GP (assuming similar hours worked) but outlier GPs earn more than anyone. And income generally increases gradually with time until people decide they don't want to do anymore. Like with MDs, it's all dependent on how much you work and what procedures you do, and what forms of ownership you have. I have classmates who paid off their loans (admittedly, frugal ones, say in the high 5 to low 6 figures) within a year or two. They busted their asses though.
  9. Pretty sure "lab component" would necessitate a non-online course.
  10. Dental moderator passing through. Looking for a place to rent in Hamilton with parking as I am a private practice dentist in Hamilton and Brantford and am tired of commuting! I'd really only be there during the week (3-4 days a week), leave in the morning and generally just chill at night unless I'm meeting some friends out. I know some residents at Mac but they are like, super married. Completely okay with sharing a place and may even prefer it to avoid boredom. I am friendly and outgoing but can be chill and leave you be as well if necessary since I'm mostly just there for work. 28 year old male, non smoker, not dragging any pethair around. If anyone would like to discuss details please send me a PM!
  11. The debt seems like a lot now but in the grand scheme of things it is little. Go where you will feel comfortable and enjoy yourself, as that, above all, is more important than a year here, there, or a few tens of thousands of dollars. I know that thought seems strange but in your long, storied career you will make more money than you know what to do with, so go with your gut for now.
  12. cleanup

    Venting about GPA conversion

    I don't know if you'll see this as solace or stressful but I promise you if med school is the goal, they strive to care a lot more about your ability to form meaningful relationships than they do about minute differences in GPA. A 0.01 GPA difference is an extra mark or two in a course. Maybe attributable to blind luck even. The ability to form meaningful relationships means you're a well-rounded, conscientious person. Pick which one you'd rather have.
  13. cleanup

    Venting about GPA conversion

    It's a long road with plenty of hurdles. It's okay to trip over some of them. Also, the idea of 'what I thought I had earned' is understandable, but you also have to think about what keeps your mind healthy, and what's a productive mindset before, during, and after the fact. Work your butt off. But always be prepared, and be okay with, a result that's less than ideal. I went into third year of undergrad with a 3.96 like you. My third year GPA was 3.52. Let's just say I'm lucky I didn't let it affect me as much as I could have.
  14. cleanup

    Venting about GPA conversion

  15. cleanup

    What's On Your Mind?

    Sounds like something that has to be accepted as part of the purchase. Though really your ongoing costs with a Tesla, even with the door being keyed, should be minimal compared to my dinosaur-bone-burning-bygone-era-fart-mobile. I spend $500 a month on gas alone.