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  1. cleanup

    What's On Your Mind?

    Dental schools do not want students to fail out. It is very difficult to do so unless there is some catastrophic issue or the student decides to leave. There's certainly more to the story, and I think you might want to get those details as part of helping your friend deal with it.
  2. cleanup

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Honestly I've only been practicing about 2.5 years and I already feel like I've aged at least twice that. Some mild eye, neck & joint issues creeping in that I have to nip in the bud before they get worse. That along with the long hours & commutes and trust me, if someone offered me a less physically taxing way of making a 6-figure income, I would happily take it. I certainly don't plan on doing this forever. Once again it's only one part of my life and I have to find aspects of it that I enjoy and love and hold onto those things, but I am actively making sure it is not the primary part of my life because I think I'd shoot myself from the exhaustion & stress. People doing this for the money thinking it's an easy paycheque (or even a stable one) are going to be sorely disappointed. And people investing half a million dollars before even seeing a dime of it? That is the most mind-boggling part to me. Because even if you had ZERO debt from school itself, dentistry is still a massive delay-of-gratification type investment, since the avenue to both income and work-life balance is practice ownership, but the first 5-10 years of that is brutal, simultaneously trying to pay your business loan, build a patient base, manage your staff, raise a family/buy a home, etc. etc. There are many avenues in dentistry but I think the folks who think "Oh, I go to school, I come out and work a 9-5 job and I feel fine and I make good money and I'm set!" couldn't be more wrong.
  3. studentdoctornetwork.net
  4. There's only one frat house, that's the Xi Psi Phi (ZIP) house. There are two fraternities, one of which is ZIP and the other Alpha Omega. AO is generally regarded as the Jewish fraternity. The grand majority of people are in ZIP. ZIP events tend to have AO folks at them too. Unless something has wildly changed in the past few years. Also isn't there a Facebook group you can post about this on? Or the student society FB group?
  5. cleanup

    The slow decay of dentistry

    It wouldn't be out of the norm for an associateship though. The one I was talking about was 1.5 hours from Toronto, still got 80 apps in the first day. That was a couple weeks ago, so I don't even want to know how many we've received now.
  6. cleanup

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Yes, in the GTA. Yes, internationally-trained dentists. There are a LOT of them. The issue is that there's no real way to weed through people applying for associate positions for a 'good fit' outside of meeting them. And associateship positions receive metric shit tons of applications these days. If people are looking for homegrown grads, people they know, etc., that's great; for the most part the best associateships are just through word of mouth--friends and colleagues helping each other out, but otherwise the market has been flooded with a lot of people who are more and more desperate for work. Clinic owners are becoming far, far more business-oriented as well, so more and more often the best candidate for a position isn't the one who's necessarily the best fit socially or clinically, but the one who's most flexible with respect to hours and most willing to do a variety of procedures; basically, who's hungriest? That's a quick race to the bottom.
  7. Right, but the OP isn't asking about those schools.
  8. Shouldn't. I got an 11 on my MDT because I didn't give a shit, broke my soap, and then stopped halfway through while I stared at my glob of a soap carving and chilled before the rest of the test. I had a 23AA and U of T didn't care. The MDT is pointless and has absolutely zero bearing on how you perform in dental school or in dentistry in general.
  9. cleanup

    Need Help/Advice

    You can still get involved in academics, radiology & pathology, some other non-surgical niches. If you're still interested in dentistry in general there are absolutely avenues through which you can stay in the field. Your time in dental school doesn't have to be a waste. And sure, stick with it. Even if you graduate, practice for a bit, and just find you can't muster or don't enjoy clinical dentistry, that's okay, you can still figure something out within the field.
  10. cleanup

    The slow decay of dentistry

    The associate market has gotten noticeably worse in the past few years. There's a reason I am very cautious to leave my associateships (despite driving 45000km a year) and I have personally had very little trouble landing jobs. But most people I know seeking jobs right now are having more trouble than I did a few short years ago. My office put up an ad recently for a new associate and they received 80 applications in the first day. Many of those are ITDs but plenty are just newer grads who are struggling to find an appropriate job.
  11. cleanup


    If he really wants to f*** around with eyes he should go to med school and become an ophthalmologist. Someone's gotta poke eyeballs all day long *shudders*... I couldn't do it, would give me the heebie-jeebies all day. To answer your questions though, I'd say yes by and large dentists make more than optos. And I do think dentistry (at least the dentist role) is far more resistant to automation than optometry is, since from what I understand at least in Canada (and Ontario) optometry is pretty limited to examination & diagnosis. Actual treatment, management, and certainly operative procedures is usually relegated to ophthos. The scope of practice of optometry is quite narrow.
  12. I can't remember my AADSAS GPA exactly but it was around 3.9. I had a 23AA, 26RC, 26PAT. The scholarship was $15k USD a year. It may have gone up since then due to rising costs.
  13. Why wouldn't they be? State schools maybe. But Case Western is a private school.