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  1. Hi all, Saw the notice of intent to withdraw on the U of A CaRMS page for this year....does anyone know what that is about? Thinking about applying, but not sure how open they would be to discussing during interviews, would really appreciate some info Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Can anyone switch a Calgary FM interview? I have Feb 1st at 2pm, looking for anything on Jan 18th... Let me know, thanks in advance
  3. jO-M

    Anesthesia Interview

    Hey guys, Sorry to get a little off topic (can't help you out with those dates anyways Does anyone have a memorial interview before 10:30am on Thursday feb 5 they could trade for an 11 am spot? Someone kindly offered a 10:30 spot, but I need to make a 12 pm flight... Would be immensely appreciative, PM me if you can help, thanks!
  4. jO-M

    Western Anesthesia

    Still nothing from Mac?
  5. jO-M


    Can anyone confirm U of A sent out invites?
  6. jO-M


    Is it true no other schools besides Queen's and Calgary have released. At least some of the EM programs said they would send regrets - did these come post Christmas last year? That won't make interview planning difficult at all....
  7. jO-M

    Western Anesthesia

    Has anyone got any regrets letters for UBC so far?
  8. jO-M

    Western Anesthesia

    I got a reject from Queen's this am so not sure what to tell you.... The thread also said Manitoba is out, but I haven't heard anything good or bad from them.... Fingers crossed that these emails are actually being sent by hand, meaning there might still be hope....
  9. Anatomical Pathology: MUN, QU, UofO, Western, McGill, Dal, Manitoba, TO, McMaster Anesthesiology: NOSM, UofO, Saskatchewan, Sherbrooke, Western, Queen's Cardiac Surgery: UofC Manitoba Dermatology: TO, Uof, UofC Diagnostic Radiology: QU, McGill, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, UofC, UofO, MUN Emergency Medicine: Laval, Queen's Family Medicine: Mac, MUN, Sherbrooke, TO, Western, McGill, Sask (Prince Albert), Manitoba, UofA, Laval, Sask (Regina), Sask (Regina - IMG), NOSM, Ontario (IMG), Sask (North Battleford) General Pathology: UofC, Dal, Montreal General Surgery: Mac (Niagara), TO, McGill Hematological Pathology: UofA Internal Medicine: Laval Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: UofC Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Manitoba, Dal, UofO, Western, McGill, Sask, UBC Neurology - Pediatric: TO, UBC, UofA Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Western, UBC, USask, Manitoba, Toronto Nuclear Medicine: McGill Obstetrics & Gynecology: Montreal, TO, UofO, UBC Ophthalmology: Western, McGill, Manitoba Orthopedic Surgery: MUN, USask, Manitoba, UofA, Dal, Calgary Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery: UofA, Western Pediatrics: Mac, Manitoba, USask, Dal, UofA, UBC (Vancouver) Toronto Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: QU, UofA, Mac, UofO, USask, UofC, Western, UBC, Manitoba, Dal Plastic Surgery: TO, Dal Psychiatry: Mac (Waterloo/Hamilton), NOSM, Western (London/Windsor), Cal, Man, QU, McGill, UofO (Montfort), Laval, Montréal, Dal, UBC (Van/Fraser), UofA, Sherbrooke Public Health & Preventive Medicine: UofA, Mac, McGill, Ottawa Radiation Oncology: Mac, UofO Urology: Vascular Surgery: UofC
  10. To whomever posted UWO Anes....are you from Western? Has anyone OOP gotten an invite yet? (as Western is one of the annoying programs that doesn't send regrets) According to last year, Western was one of the schools on the tour that interviewed most/all applicants, and I already got an invitiation from a school which I'm pretty sure is competitive....somewhat confused/potentialy disappointed Thoughts?
  11. Anatomical Pathology: MUN, Queen's, Ottawa, Western Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, U of Sask Cardiac Surgery: Calgary Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Queen's, McGill, USask, Dal, UofC Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: McMaster, MUN, Sherbrooke, U of T, Western, McGill, USask (Prince Albert), Manitoba General Pathology: Calgary, Dalhousie General Surgery: Hematological Pathology: Edmonton Internal Medicine: Laval Laboratory Medicine: Medical Biochemistry: Medical Genetics: Calgary Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Manitoba, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Western, McGill Neurology - Pediatric: Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Western, UBC, Saskatchewan Nuclear Medicine: Obstetrics & Gynecology: Montreal Ophthalmology: Orthopedic Surgery: Memorial, USask, Manitoba Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery: Pediatrics: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: Queen's, U OF A, McMaster, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Western Plastic Surgery: Toronto Psychiatry: Mac (Waterloo/Hamilton), NOSM, Western (London/Windsor), Calgary, Manitoba, Queen's, McGill Public Health & Preventive Medicine: Alberta Radiation Oncology: McMaster, Ottawa Urology: Vascular Surgery:
  12. Pretty sure that was a mistake - prior to yesterday, I was pretty sure UBC had not wanted a CV (and I was kind of vascillating about whether or not to send one becuase they didn't want extra documents). At the least I would have noticed something like that.....(because notarization/certification is about creating valid COPY of a document - you can't do it for something you wrote yourself, imo) And then then the program requirments were magically updated yesterday.... Not nerve wracking at all! Out of curioristy, did anyone actually get their CV notarized?
  13. jO-M

    Carms Down

    You are awesome! Happy to see that type of atitutde amongst anesthesia keeners PM me if I can ever do anything in return.
  14. Hi all, Looks like CaRMS has been down for several hours, including access to the program descriptions.... Anyone have any info on wtf is going on? Also, If anyone happened to save a copy of the personal letter prompts for either emerg or anesthesia, instead of going off the web like me, I (and my friends) would be amazingly grateful if you could post them.... So not impressed right now....
  15. Hi all, Long story short I'm thinking about switching banks (from RBC to something else) and was wondering if any one knew what happened to my RBC Avion card? Obviouslly I won't qualify on my own because my yearly income is too low/0, but will they cancel it? It needs to be renewed in July...will they just not renew it? It's more so the points I'm attached to....there's a lot, at least for a nice trip or two Somewhat urgent, so if anyone has any insight, would love to hear it! Thanks!!!!