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  1. yes it is Technically there is nothing wrong with it. But there is also technically nothing wrong with this analogous pic on 50 cent's twitter page lol
  2. Many premeds know what it means, especially the ones that are doing their undergrad in a university that has a med school. It also says OMA/CMA on it so if someone's walking behind you they'd know what it is.
  3. agree 100%, it's a status symbol. I cannot accept anyone's argument that they wear it because it is "high quality"/"spacious" or any other excuse after seeing how excited people were to receive them. Like this backpack was seriously more spacious and high quality than 95% of people's old backpacks? Because almost everyone ditched their old packs and immediately started wearing the them around campus. Not buying it Nobody gets that excited for a spacious, quality backpack. stop lying to yourselves lmao
  4. lol at my school profs used to threaten to tar and feather you with academic dishonesty if you asked them for free marks
  5. Rootin for ya buddy. With 4 interviews I'm sure at least one will come through
  6. I went to york, in the first month of med school we wrote a test that is basically the licensing exam to see how much medical knowledge we had before coming in to medical school- I scored in the 99th percentile. Feel free to go to york
  7. Lol it's true, you run into the occasional poor person like myself here and there though.
  8. Yeah I think there are personality sub-types, most people have some form of type A in them but it's not really a bad thing, I think it helps those people stay organized and plan ahead. Really helps with getting into medical school and keeping up with clinical work.
  9. The canmed roles literally cover everything under the sun,chances are by answering the question itself you'll touch upon whatever it is they're looking for if you're doing it right. Just answer honestly and don't try to skew your answer to show what a leader you are (or whatever canmed you think the question is probing), it's pretty obvious when people answer disingenuously.
  10. I think casper's more about your thought process, even if the rater disagrees with you they shouldn't give you a low score just because they don't agree with you as long as you've adequately justified your position. There's also a different rater for each question you answer to make it more objective.
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